Another Congressional “Sit-In”

Closing Thought–24Oct19

I have calling the Congress, both parties, a pack of spineless clowns that would rather perform for the camera than to do the hard work of governing.

I recall a couple of years ago when the Dems lead a sit-in in the House …..and I remember that the Repubs went batcrap crazy….calling this protest a stunt”, it was childish and did nothing to further the cause of liberty.

The year was 2016……(for those that have dementia or just plain ignorant)

Dozens of House Democrats staged a sit-in on the House floor Wednesday in protest of the GOP leadership’s refusal to allow a vote on a gun control measure following the Orlando massacre.

Led by Reps. John Lewis (D-Ga.), the civil rights icon, and John Larson (D-Conn.), more than 40 Democrats walked into the chamber just before noon and pledged to “occupy” the House floor until GOP leadership allowed a vote. In one hour, their numbers more than tripled — even as Republicans recessed the House, turning off C-SPAN cameras and the video feed to the public.

Well guess what?

It is the GOP’s turn to act up and perform for the cameras.

The Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility sits in the basement of the Capitol, and it’s been the site of more than a little drama on Wednesday. More than two dozen House Republicans who had been giving a news conference outside the room stormed into it as Laura Cooper—deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia—was due to give testimony in a closed-door hearing. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said some who entered were “literally … just screaming … saying that the process is wrong.” House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff reportedly exited the room with Cooper, essentially postponing the hearing.

Politico reports the “standoff” was unresolved “by mid-morning,” with Republicans who had barged in refusing to leave. The Hill reports GOP lawmakers are reportedly upset that only members of the three House panels overseeing the impeachment inquiry are permitted to attend the closed-door hearings and say the interview transcripts should be publicly available to the American people. Politico’s sources say some Republicans carried their cellphones with them into the room, a House rules violation that triggered a sweep of the room for security issues.

Like I keep stating…GAMES.

5 hours of taxpayers time wasted on this gimmick to get on the evening news……

Before we get the usual diatribes……

The GOP is represented in these hearings (45 members of the GOP)…there is NO trial in the House that takes place in the Senate and any evidence gained will be presented there.

The New York Times reports that a quarter of House Republicans, including some of those involved in the sit-in, are committee members allowed to attend the hearings. “They crashed a room where there were a bunch of Republicans getting ready to question a witness,” says Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin. “Their attempt to act like Freedom Riders is really an attack on the committee system in Congress.” The Times notes that the sit-in ended when lawmakers were summoned to the House for a vote.

This was a wasted stunt……

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The Adventures Of “Pierre Delecto”

There had been a “lurker” dogging Trump on Twitter….they went by the handle of “Pierre Delecto”….and finally his true identity has been revealed…..

You might know him as mild-mannered Sen. Mitt Romney. But on Twitter, he is Pierre Delecto, fearless defender of … Mitt Romney. After the Utah senator mentioned in an Atlantic profile Sunday that he has a “lurker” Twitter account that he uses to follow journalists and athletes, among others, Ashley Feinberg at Slate did some sleuthing and found the Delecto account, which follows and is followed by numerous Romney family members. Its first follower was Tagg Romney, one of the senator’s sons. The account, created in July 2011, has only posted 10 times, all in response to other tweets. Nine of the posts came this year, and many of them defended Romney against critics. The account is no longer public.

“Jennifer, you need to take a breath,” Delecto wrote after Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post said his strategy for dealing with President Trump was “verging on spinelessness.” “Maybe you can then acknowledge the people who agree with you in large measure even if not in every measure.” Many of the 257 tweets the account has liked are either pro-Romney remarks or tweets from official Romney accounts, according to Feinberg. McKay Coppins, author of the Romney profile, tweeted Sunday night that he asked Romney about the Delecto account and his response was “C’est moi.” The New York Times notes that it’s not clear what the name “Pierre Delecto” could be a reference to.

If Mitt or any other spineless Repub has something to say about Trump or his policies then come forward and speak like the person that they were elected to be.

Mitt working in the shadows…what is he afraid of?  He is from Utah and Trump is NOT popular in Utah…his Senate seat is pretty comfortable as long as he wants it….so of what is he afraid that he must snipe from the shadows?

This is why I call most politicians cowards….they will attack from the shadows but shy away from the light….that by definition is a COWARD.

The conserv site The Bulwark has an opinion on Delecto as well…..

All this time, I thought that Congress was devoid of politicians who represent the views of my fellow lonely and disenfranchised Salon conservatives. After a painful period of hopefulness I had determined that it was in fact too much to ask for a single senator who was both skeptical of the federal government behemoth and sentient enough to see that the president is a pathological liar who should not be trusted to run a down-market QVC steak brand, much less the White House. 

But it turns out that this senator was right in front of me all along. Lurking. Reading my hot fire twitter takes. Sometimes you look everywhere for love and it’s right there staring you in the face.

Yes, that man is Senator Pierre Delecto. The delightful Pete. Never Trump stalwart. Conservative Globalist. The senator I’ve been dreaming for . . . but more in déguiser than reality. The Gene Parmesan of the world’s greatest deliberative body.

What Would Delecto Do?

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Russia And Turkey And Syria

More events and more news from the Middle East…..

US troops are leaving Syria in the 5 days ultimatum……and Trump gives Turkey new sanctions…..Trump has told Turkey that he would destroy their economy if he was not playing nice…..all that was Bullsh*t!

Russia and Turkey have come to an agreement….after a couple of hours of meetings…..(read that again……Russia and Turkey…not the US)

While President Trump was very determined to insist that anything good happening in Syria was “created by us, the United States, and nobody else,” the evidence is pointing to substantial improvements in the regional situation coming more or less directly out of the new Russia-Turkey ceasefire deal.

In the hours after the Russia deal was signed, Turkey announced that they will push no further into Syrian territory. There would indeed be no need to, since Russia and Syria are going to expel Kurdish SDF forces from the area for them.

The US had tried to claim that all the SDF were already out of the region before the US ceasefire ended. Turkey disputed this and Russia seems to agree, promising to get them out in the 150 hour deal they reached. Russian DM Sergey Shogiu moved on to talk with the SDF head almost immediately after the announcement.

Trump is eager to spin the Turkish ceasefire as his accomplishment, even though Russia seems to be the one dotting all the is and crossing all the ts on Turkey’s demands.

The big difference seems to be Russia’s willingness to engage with Turkey on an equal footing about what could be offered, including joint patrols, as opposed to just unilaterally threatening to destroy their economy if things don’t work out.


In case anyone is interested in the deal that Russia made with Turkey….

Below is the memorandum of understanding reached by the two countries, provided to Al Jazeera by the Turkish foreign ministry.

“President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin agreed on the following points:

1. The two sides reiterate their commitment to the preservation of the political unity and territorial integrity of Syria and the protection of national security of Turkey.

2. They emphasise their determination to combat terrorism in all forms and manifestations and to disrupt separatist agendas in the Syrian territory.

3. In this framework, the established status quo in the current Operation Peace Spring area covering Tel Abyad and [Ras al-Ain] with a depth of 32km (20 miles) will be preserved.

4. Both sides reaffirm the importance of the Adana Agreement. The Russian Federation will facilitate the implementation of the Adana Agreement in the current circumstances.

5. Starting 12.00 noon of October 23, 2019, Russian military police and Syrian border guards will enter the Syrian side of the Turkish-Syrian border, outside the area of Operation Peace Spring, to facilitate the removal of YPG elements and their weapons to the depth of 30km (19 miles) from the Turkish-Syrian border, which should be finalized in 150 hours. At that moment, joint Russian-Turkish patrols will start in the west and the east of the area of Operation Peace Spring with a depth of 10km (six miles), except Qamishli city.

6. All YPG elements and their weapons will be removed from Manbij and Tal Rifat.

7. Both sides will take necessary measures to prevent infiltrations of terrorist elements.

8. Joint efforts will be launched to facilitate the return of refugees in a safe and voluntary manner.

9. A joint monitoring and verification mechanism will be established to oversee and coordinate the implementation of this memorandum.

10. The two sides will continue to work to find a lasting political solution to the Syrian conflict within Astana Mechanism and will support the activity of the Constitutional Committee.”

Then Homeboy Trump takes credit for the deal…..

And then Turkey is rewarded for their deal with the Russians….sanctions lifted……

President Trump has announced that he is lifting all sanctions against Turkey for the time being, citing a “permanent” ceasefire between Turkey and the Kurds and the withdrawal of Kurds from the Turkish-occupied safe zone.

Trump credited the US for getting the Kurds out of the safe zone, and for everything else, conspicuously not mentioning the Russian deal with Turkey which was reached only the day before, and came after pointed US warnings to the Kurds not to talk with Russia.

Trump appeared to be quite conscious that this was a factor, declaring “this was an outcome created by us, the United States, and nobody else.” That’s his position, but it’s unlikely many will see it that way.

Trump said this validated his troop withdrawal from Syria, while also insisting that US troops are going to remain in Syria to protect oil reserves that were taken by the US during the war.

Trump also shrugged off his own declaration of a permanent ceasefire, saying “permanent” doesn’t mean much in that region. He also threatened new sanctions against Turkey if “something happens that we are not happy with.”


Amusing that Russia’s name did not come up….go figure…..

Turkey got everything it ever wanted……sanctions lifted, Kurds moved out of their homes, the door left open for more killings, US gone from the region, I am sure I missed something…..

What a PUTZ!

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Iraq: “Ya Gotta Go”!

The mash-up in Northern Syria has the US troops packing up and heading to bases in Northwestern Iraq…..

Trump said the troops would be coming home and word came out they would be stationed in Iraq waiting for the situation in Syria to do something (no one is quiet sure what that is)……

There is one problem with troops headed to a base in Iraq……

A few days after sending US troops out of Syria into neighboring Iraq, and the Pentagon announcing those troops would remain in western Iraq, Defense Secretary Mark Esper has now confirmed that won’t actually be happening at all.

The plan was to shift them from eastern Syria to western Iraq, up until the point when the Iraqi government actually heard about it. The Iraqi government has issued a subsequent statement saying the US never asked if the troops could stay, and that by the way, they can’t. The troops can come to Iraq for transit out of the region, so they’ll be coming home after all.

This was a problem that should’ve been obvious during the transition. The US presence in Iraq is increasingly controversial, and while the exact US troop numbers in Iraq are classified, it’s known that it’s well above the “cap” negotiated with Iraq already, even before those extra troops started showing up.

There was no way the Abdul Mahdi government could afford politically to accept more US troops, particularly when they just started wandering in from Syria without permission. How long they’ll be in Iraq isn’t clear, but it’s not a permanent deployment.

This will complicate the ability of the US to reverse the pullout if they eventually decide to, though with at least 200 US troops staying put in Syria anyhow, that may matter less.


Well someone just crapped on Trump’s falsehood parade…..looks like those troops cannot stay in Iraq and the Iraqi government wants ALL US troops out of the country….

Iraqi officials are very publicly unhappy at US troops just showing up in Western Iraq without permission. Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi says that Iraq intends to take “all international legal measures” over the matter, and called on the international community and UN to “perform their roles in this matter.”

Iraqi DM Najah Shammari suggested it was sorted after his meeting with Esper, saying that the unwelcome US troops are going to all be out of Iraq within the next four weeks.

The US troop presence in Iraq has long been controversial, and more US troops crossing in from Syria unbidden sparked a lot of annoyance from a government that’s already struggling to keep anti-government protests in check.

That Iraq has so publicly rebuked the US about the troops underscores what bad timing this was, and while officials are emphaasizing a four week deadline, even that seems a bit much, considering this is a relatively small US deployment.


Iraq is once again headed for the headlines of the evening news….is it just bolster or is it serious?

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Kurdish Massacres

The Kurds are making news….not in a good way but rather as the recipient of yet another betrayal of their trust.

And that gives us a chance to use the “By Back Machine”…….

Set the dial for the year is 1916 the month of May……

In a manner of speaking, the carnage unfolding in Northern Syria is one of Britain’s early 20th century Near Eastern original sins (one of many similar sins across the globe) that bears the Anglo Mark of Cain emblazoned in gory detail in today’s bloodstained Palestinian, Syrian, Kashmiri, Somali, Iraqi, Yemeni, Afghani, and Burmese soils, to name but a few.

Prior to 1917 the exhausted Ottoman Empire’s rule over Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, and  small swaths of the Arabian Peninsula was losing its grip. The empire was gasping its last breath as a result of The Sick Man of Europe’s involvement in WWI and the hubris that befalls spent empires. Smelling victory at smashing the Triple Entente, Mark Sykes and François George-Picot, British and French diplomats, convened a secret 1916 kleptomaniac meeting to carve up the Ottoman Empire and Arab World into their spheres of influence.

In 1901 huge oil reserves were being discovered in Iraq, Iran, and the Arabian Peninsula, reserves that enticed the ever-ruthless and greedy Brits and French, much like Cain, to covet large expanses of desert which were heretofore merely uninhabitable backwashes.

And 85 years later another superpower, led by Bush the Elder in 1991 and his son, Bush the dumber in 2003, would twice invade Iraq and pulverize it back to the stone-age – all because of oil, that black gold that jaundices moral behavior and justifies covetous Mark of Cain schemes to lay claim to what belongs to others.

Kurdish Massacres: One of Britain’s Many Original Sins

It is understandable for the Kurds to not trust easily….I think the Kurds never fully trusted the US….they did however need our support and weapons and cash….so they threw in with our lot…..

The Kurds are a minority so they will throw in with whoever will give them support…..that was proved when they threw in with an “enemy”, Assad……

Syria’s Kurds said Syrian government forces agreed Sunday to help them fend off Turkey’s invasion — a major shift in alliances that came after President Donald Trump ordered all U.S. troops withdrawn from the northern border area amid the rapidly deepening chaos.

The shift could lead to clashes between Turkey and Syria and raises the specter of a resurgent Islamic State group as the U.S. relinquishes any remaining influence in northern Syria to President Bashar Assad and his chief backer, Russia.

Adding to the turmoil Sunday, hundreds of Islamic State families and supporters escaped from a holding camp in Syria amid the fighting between Turkish forces and the Kurds.

A quick look at the Kurds in Middle East history, recent history, and a look at the direction they will travel to get what they want.

Pres, Trump has done something that could very well lead to another massacre or two…….

The Turkish ceasefire in Syria that was agreed upon last Thursday is a permanent one, said President Trump Wednesday, and so sanctions against Turkey will be lifted—although he allowed that “you will also define permanent in that part of the world as somewhat questionable,” reports CNBC. CNN quotes him as saying, “I have, therefore, instructed the Secretary of the Treasury to lift all sanctions imposed October 14th in response to Turkey’s original offensive moves against the Kurds.”

The AP adds that Trump also touched on his decision to pull almost all US troops from Syria, saying, “we’re getting out. Let someone else fight over this long blood-stained sand.” The AP lays out the plan going forward, with Turkey overseeing the areas of Syria that it captured during its attack against Kurdish forces; Russia and Syria will oversee the remaining border areas, with the US having “little influence in the region.”

The US leaving the Kurds in a lurch has done one thing…..ended any trust the US had with the Kurds.

This week, as hundreds of ISIS fighters escaped from Kurdish prisons in northeastern Syria following Donald Trump’s decision to pull out American troops, a group of current and former “special operators” for U.S. intelligence met for a previously scheduled casual lunch in Washington.

Their take on Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds—a move that enabled Turkey to invade the region, for Russians to move into former U.S. positions and for extremists to maybe start plotting attacks on Europe again.

But there is a deal between Turkey and Russia… the text for yourself….

Now we have a new set of problems developing…..

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