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The weekend and I try to bring all the news that did not fit into my week day posts….a little FYI, a little whoa, a little who gives a crap….all for you and your knowledge….

First, I hate the History Channel…it NO longer airs history but rather the reality of stupid….it is a knock-off of the old movies “Jackass”…..their new show is about a couple of idiots that inflict pain upon themselves as entertainment…..

There is a disclaimer….but it is CRAP!  In the world of Youtube how many teens will try to top these guys to be famous for a few fleeting minutes?

This dude had a very bad day indeed……what we go through to have sex and then get cold water thrown on us….

This dude falls into the category of….”sucks being you”…..

The distance between Whitestown, Ind., and Neenah, Wis., is just over 350 miles—not usually a distance one would want to travel mostly on foot. That apparently didn’t faze Tommy Lee Jenkins, however, as he allegedly thought a 14-year-old girl was waiting for him for possible sex. What was really waiting for the 32-year-old on Oct. 10 in Wisconsin’s Winnebago County: an arrest, as the girl was actually an undercover cop, the Oshkosh Northwestern reports. The Washington Post lays out the online relationship Jenkins and “Kaylee Marie” allegedly started on Oct. 1, including instant messages in which the supposed teen revealed she was 14 and liked to drink, and which soon became explicit, per a police affidavit. On Oct. 6, the affidavit notes, “Kaylee” agreed to have Jenkins come to Wisconsin to get her—and he messaged her he’d started walking.

It’s not clear how much Jenkins actually walked, but he sent “Kaylee” pics as he made his journey, authorities say; they add he also sent a message saying he wanted to have 500 kids with her. Local cops and the FBI arrested him when he got to Winnebago County. Jenkins had previously pleaded no contest to child abuse and was sentenced to four years of probation after two young boys told police in 2011 that Jenkins had molested them. “Our nation faces an epidemic of child sexual abuse, with the internet making it too easy for predators to communicate with children across the country,” US Attorney Matthew Krueger says in a statement. Jenkins faces charges of using a computer to attempt to persuade, induce, or entice a minor to engage in unlawful sexual activity, which could bring at least 10 years and up to life in prison if convicted. He’s set to appear in court on Oct. 23, per KMOV. (Read more pedophile stories.)

Remember in the early days of the Smart phone and all the cancer scares?  Well they are back and this time it is 5G that is culprit…..

As 5G cellular network tech looms, conventional wisdom dictates that cell phone radiation is more or less safe for humans.

But writing for the widely respected magazine Scientific American, University of California, Berkeley, public health researcher Joel Moskowitz argues that we don’t yet understand the risks — and that more study is necessary before we roll out 5G infrastructure.

Moskowitz’s main concern: there just isn’t any research on the health effects of 5G. But he also points to a swathe of studies that suggest that the existing standards 2G and 3G are more dangerous than generally believed.

Finally, the TV channels are full of the UFO hunters and those that think that aliens are among us….it seems that whistle blower Snowden has thrown a bit of cold water on their hopes….

Extraterrestrial enthusiasts may be disappointed to hear Edward Snowden’s official take on the matter: The infamous NSA leaker doesn’t think the government is hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life. While he was a contractor at the National Security Agency, “I had ridiculous access to the networks of the NSA, CIA, military, all these groups—I couldn’t find anything” indicating such evidence exists, he said Wednesday in an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast. “If it’s hidden, and it could be hidden, it’s hidden really damn well especially for people on the inside.” CNET notes extraterrestrial life is a favorite topic of Rogan’s, and Snowden told the host, “I know, Joe, I know you want there to be aliens.”


Moving On Up…To The Stars

AS usual I will be posting on the developments with our search for a new home after we blow this one up…..

First, most people interested in planetary exploration knows what is meant by the “Goldilocks Zone”……if you are not one of them then Google is just a click away (look it up)……

But does this “Zone” mean we should think it is a good spot for us humans?

“Any type of planet can orbit in the habitable zone,” but only such Earthlike planets are likely to have liquid water on their surfaces, says astrophysicist Elizabeth Tasker of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. “We all secretly know this, as both the moon and Mars orbit within the habitable zone, but neither have lakeside retreats.”

Why just being in the habitable zone doesn’t make exoplanets livable

Without a proper mode of transportation we humans are stuck on this planet…regardless what we do to destroy it…..why?

Humans will never migrate to a planet outside of Earth’s solar system because it would take far too long to get there, Swiss Nobel laureate Michel Mayor said

Mayor and his colleague Didier Queloz were on Tuesday awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for their research refining techniques to detect so-called exoplanets.

“If we are talking about exoplanets, things should be clear: we will not migrate there,” Mayor told AFP near Madrid on the sidelines of a conference when asked about the possibility of humans moving to other planets.

“These planets are much, much too far away. Even in the very optimistic case of a livable planet that is not too far, say a few dozen light years, which is not a lot, it’s in the neighbourhood, the time to go there is considerable,” he added.  Or

Beyond our chances of migrating to a new home…..we have other space news… researchers have found large structures at the center of our galaxy….

There’s something really, really big in the middle of our Milky Way galaxy — one of the largest structures ever observed in the region, in fact. An enormous pair of bubbles in an hourglass-like arrangement is sending out radio emissions hundreds of light-years beyond our galaxy. Scientists aren’t sure how it formed, but its existence will likely teach us more about the supermassive black hole lurking in the center of the Milky Way.

Then a researcher for SETI has made an interesting claim…..

A physicist who’s on the hunt for extraterrestrial life says there’s a chance that an ancient alien civilization has been spying on Earth for millions of years.

That’s not to say that he’s suggesting they walk among us, but physicist and independent SETI researcher James Benford suggests that aliens could have visited a rock orbiting the Sun in a path similar to that or Earth, according to Live Science. While such an extraterrestrial visit is extremely unlikely, it’s technically within the realm of possibility that alien tech is sitting on one of those so-called co-orbitals, waiting to be uncovered.

Speaking of SETI….after all these years of trying why have we not made contact as of yet?

Didier Queloz, a physicist from the University of Cambridge, was named a co-winner of the Nobel prize in physics on Tuesday for his discovery of the first exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star.

Queloz, who calls himself a “planet hunter,” said following the award ceremony that his work has led him to become “absolutely convinced” that humans will detect alien life in the next 100 years.

“I can’t believe we are the only living entity in the whole universe. There’s just way too many planets, way too may stars … the chemistry that led to life has to happen elsewhere,” Queloz in a talk at the Science Media Center in London on Tuesday.

Now speaking of finding life…..did we find it on Mars in the 70s?

Nasa found evidence of alien life in the 1970s, according to a former senior scientist – and ignored it.

The Viking landers were sent to the Martian surface more than 40 years ago, with the aim of exploring the planet. They included an experiment known as Labeled Release, or LR, which was intended to look for signs of life on the planet.

The results came back in 1976 – and seemed to indicate that something was happening on the surface. Gilbert V Levin – an engineer and inventor who was the principal investigator on the experiment – has now written a long article arguing that those findings were indications of life on Mars, which were ignored by Nasa.

Finally, I mentioned Mars and the rover has discovered something kinda amazing……an ancient oasis….

NASA scientists believe Mars may have had an oasis environment around 3.5 billion years ago, they said Monday. Evidence of ponds scattered across a 100-mile-wide basin called the Gale Crater was found by the Curiosity rover, which discovered mineral salts mixed with sediment in rocks.

Curiosity is currently exploring each layer of the Gale Crater and Mount Sharp to uncover the history of Mars, which scientists think may have gone from an underwater landscape with deep lakes to an oasis-style series of shallow ponds.

“Streams might have laced the crater’s walls,” NASA said Monday, adding “climate fluctuations” changed the environment from wet to desert. Curiosity had previously found evidence of freshwater lakes on Mars, too.

My tour of Space News is at an end…..I read and write so you do not have to… are welcome.

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