Closing Thought–16Oct19

First he was considering running for president….then he decided that he would just throw money at a candidate… he is re-considering his consideration…..good old Mike Bloomberg is thinking about a run…….AGAIN!

Guess what…the polls have consistently showed Warren as rising to the role of leader of the Dem pack for president….with that situation of Biden losing his grip Mike is thinking he should step in and save the corporations and the wealthy from  possible attacks….from the true progressives……

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has signaled to allies that he’s considering jumping into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination if former Vice President Joe Biden falters and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) continues to rise.

According to a CNBC report, Bloomberg told associates in recent weeks that if Biden were to drop out of the race before voting begins, he would consider launching a late run for the nomination over fears Warren would drag the party too far to the left.

While Warren has caught Biden in some national and early-state polls, the former vice president remains a top contender for the nomination.

“I think it’s something he wants. He has not been shy about that,” an anonymous Bloomberg ally told CNBC. “Nothing can happen unless Biden drops out, and that’s not happening anytime soon.”

This just reinforces my feeling that Biden will do little to hold the wealthy by the heels…Warren has said that she as president would put forth proposals that would make the wealthy more accountable for the inequality they have created and feed on.

Just another reason for me NOT to support Biden for president…..and definitely not supporting any thing Bloomberg will do.

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That Southern Strategy

Us old farts will know what I mean by the “Southern Strategy”…… was a Reagan idea to gain the support of the Democratic Southern states….by focusing on social issues and not reality…..

But for those that are too young to recall this political strategy……

In American politics, the Southern strategy was a Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans.   As the civil rights movement and dismantling of Jim Crow laws in the 1950s and 1960s visibly deepened existing racial tensions in much of the Southern United States, Republican politicians such as presidential candidate Richard Nixon and Senator Barry Goldwater developed strategies that successfully contributed to the political realignment of many white, conservative voters in the South who had traditionally supported the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party. It also helped to push the Republican Party much more to the right.

The “Southern Strategy” refers primarily to “top down” narratives of the political realignment of the South which suggest that Republican leaders consciously appealed to many white Southerners’ racial grievances in order to gain their support.   This top-down narrative of the Southern Strategy is generally believed to be the primary force that transformed Southern politics following the civil rights era.   This view has been questioned by historians such as Matthew Lassiter, Kevin M. Kruse and Joseph Crespino, who have presented an alternative, “bottom up” narrative, which Lassiter has called the “suburban strategy“. This narrative recognizes the centrality of racial backlash to the political realignment of the South, but suggests that this backlash took the form of a defense of de facto segregation in the suburbs rather than overt resistance to racial integration and that the story of this backlash is a national rather than a strictly Southern one.

There seems to be a bit of this political strategy being employed by the Trump machine, if we could call it that…….hyper-nationalism and racist undertones……

Contemporary Republican politicians like to invoke the legacy of Ronald Reagan to bolster their policies. However, the type of White nationalism being espoused by Donald Trump and his supporters more accurately traces back to two less appealing Republican personalities: Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon, and to the backlash created by the Civil Rights Movement of the nineteen sixties.

It was the Civil Rights Movement that weakened the Democratic Party’s hold on the South, a hold that dated back to the post-Civil War period of Reconstruction. The Goldwater 1964 Presidential campaign took advantage of the opportunity by appealing to Southern White prejudice, and thus pioneered the “Southern Strategy” that was further developed by Nixon and has continued in effect to the present day. Goldwater’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act and his defense of “states’ rights” won him five Deep South states that had not gone Republican since Reconstruction. Donald Trump’s electoral “base” is of course not limited to the South, but it’s nevertheless true that Southern and border states constitute the bedrock of the GOP today.

The Southern Strategy and Donald Trump

Mr. Trump’s largest group are old white men in the South……so he will use the “Southern Strategy” to help vault him into the good graces of other like minded “people”…..

The new South is much like the old South…just with a few minor tweaks….

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2019 Democratic Debate #4

I do this stuff so you do not have to…’re welcome!

Last night was the 4th Dem debate of the 2020 season….for the first time a limited number of candidates were on the stage thanx to the underhanded qualifications set by the DNC in their attempt to keep most candidates from participating…..12 candidates will be there to include my favorite (for now)…Tulsi Gabbard.

All in all this debate was boring…..about as exciting as watching flies mate….

No one broke out so the polls will stay on the same page after the event…../let’s go to the analysis……

A dozen Democrats are onstage at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio for the largest presidential primary in American history. Frontrunners Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders are at center stage at the CNN/New York Times debate. Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, and Julian Castro are also present, and the AP notes that this is likely to be the last debate for several of them. The first question went to Elizabeth Warren, who was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper whether the electorate, not lawmakers conducting impeachment proceedings, should decide President Trump’s fate. She said impeachment “must go forward” to send a message to future presidents about America’s values. More:

  • All 12 candidates were in favor of impeachment, the Guardian reports. “As a former prosecutor, I know a confession when I see it,” Harris said of Trump’s comments on his Ukraine phone call. Asked whether impeachment would distract Democrats from other tasks, Klobuchar said: “We can do two things at once.”
  • Booker, asked if he could be fair during an impeachment trial in the Senate, said “this has got to be about patriotism, not partisanship,” reports the New York Times.
  • Biden, asked about his son Hunter’s business activities overseas while he was vice president, said: “My son did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I carried out the policy of the United States government in rooting out corruption in Ukraine.” He said Trump was falsely accusing him of corruption because he knows that in a general election, “I will beat him like a drum.”
  • Asked whether her Medicare for All plan would raise taxes on the middle class, Warren said she wouldn’t sign a bill that raised costs for the middle class, NBC reports. After Buttigieg said it was “A yes-or-no question that didn’t get a yes-or-no answer,” she fired back, saying his plan is “Medicare for all who can afford it.” Sanders, who “wrote the damn bill,” said it was “appropriate to acknowledge taxes will go up.”
  • Christopher Groskopf at FiveThirtyEight notes that Warren is being targeted by many of her rivals. “However, in doing so they are giving her way more time to respond than anyone else.”
  • Harris raised the issue of women’s reproductive rights, saying it hasn’t come up a single time in the previous debates. “People need to keep their hands off of women’s bodies and let them make decisions about their own lives,” she said.
  • During a discussion of automation and job losses, Yang again made the case for a universal basic income. People “do not want to work for the federal government,” he said after Sanders defended his federal jobs guarantee.
  • Sanders and Steyer—the only billionaire onstage—both agreed on the need for a wealth tax to combat income inequality, which Sanders called a “moral and economic outrage.” “The corporations have bought our government,” Steyer said.
  • Biden, asked about Trump’s withdrawal of troops from northern Syria, said it was “the most shameful thing” any president in modern history has done on foreign policy.
  • Gabbard, a military veteran, called for an end to the “regime change war.” Buttigieg, also a veteran, told her she was “dead wrong” to advocate abandoning US allies. He said what kept him safe as a soldier was the fact that people knew the US keeps it word, the Times reports.
  • Castro got a big round of applause when he referred to reports of ISIS prisoners escaping during the Turkish offensive against the Kurds and said: “This president is caging kids at the border, and letting ISIS prisoners go free.”
  • A lighter moment: When Biden pointed to his right, where Sanders was standing. while discussing Vladimir Putin, Sanders said: “Are you suggesting I’m Vladimir Putin?” They laughed and embraced. Biden slammed Trump’s dealing with Putin, calling Trump a “crazy, erratic president who knows not a damn thing about foreign policy,” the Guardian reports.
  • O’Rourke and Buttigieg clashed over gun control after O’Rourke was pressed on how he would enforce his mandatory gun buyback program. After O’Rourke called him a “poll-tested politician,” Buttigieg told him: “I don’t need lessons from you on courage, political or personal.”
  • Warren pointed out that gun violence isn’t just mass shooters, but violence in the home, while Castro brought up the shooting of Atatiana Jefferson in Fort Worth and said the gun issue also includes police violence.\
  • On the opioids crisis, Klobuchar said she would force producers of medications to pay the costs of the epidemic. Yang called the epidemic “a disease of capitalism run amok.”
  • When moderator Erin Burnett announced that the next question would be on “candidates and their health,” Sanders, who had a heart attack two weeks ago, said “I’m feeling great” and addressed the opioids question, saying the predatory behavior of companies shows the need for a “political revolution.” The 78-year-old invited anybody concerned about whether he could handle the stress of the presidency to his upcoming rally in Queens, New York. Biden, 76, promised to release his medical records “before Iowa,” adding: “I’m the only guy that’s released anything up here!”
  • Warren, 70, said she “will outwork, out-organize, and outlast anyone, and that includes Donald Trump, Mike Pence, or whoever the Republicans get stuck with.”
  • Yang argued against breaking up big tech companies, saying doing so would not “revive main street businesses around the country,” ABC reports. Warren disagreed, saying she wasn’t willing to let monopolies rule the country and we need to “enforce our antitrust laws, break up these giant companies that are dominating big tech, big pharma, big oil, all of them.”
  • On abortion, Klobuchar had a message for the president: ” You, Donald Trump, are not on the side of women.” She pledged to codify Roe vs. Wade into federal law. Booker called for establishing an Office of Reproductive Freedom.
  • Warren said the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was among her achievements, Biden pointed out that he helped secure the votes for it. “I got you votes!” he shouted. The Guardian reports that there were “gasps in the press room” when Warren, asked to respond, said she was grateful to Barack Obama for making the bureau a reality.
  • In the final question, Cooper asked candidates to describe a friendship that would “surprise us.” Gabbard named former Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy. “I don’t see deplorables, I see fellow Americans,” she said of people she disagrees with. Klobuchar named John McCain. “I miss him every day,” she said. O’Rourke said his unlikely friend was GOP Rep. Will Hurd, and Harris named Sen. Rand Paul.
  • Yang described a friendship with a Trump-supporting trucker called Fred. Sanders named McCain and GOP Sen. Mike Lee. Biden also named McCain, while Warren cited Reagan-era Solicitor General Charles Freid, as well as her two GOP-supporting brothers.

The media and the pundits show their bias after the debate and their analysis…..the nation learned nothing from the debate and even less from the “expert” analysis afterwards.

I learned that Mayor Pete is a disingenuous slug that would change NOTHING if he is ever elected….wars will continue endlessly, Big Pharma will run our medical insurance and he just another conserv Dem trying to dress in progressive clothing……..may he should consider running as liberal Repub…..just a thought.

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Let’s Go To The Polls

I hate polls!

Our 24 hour news cycle and the approach of a general election and the airways are full of polling results.

All news channels and pundits live and die with polls these days. It is how they get the stuff to drive the conversation for the day.

At best polls are a momentary look into what the nation the people are thinking and feeling. That is if the respondents actually answer the polling questions honestly.

As I have said I have NEVER been a fan of polls and the results the news people need to drive the day’s cycle….even as a young man when my news came from newpaper and the 6 PM news shows I thought polls were a cop out…a way to report without ever knowing what the majority of the people really feeling.

The reason I do not trust polls is I am not convinced that the people answer the questions accurately…..and some are starting to agree with me…..

When asked to answer questions quickly and impulsively – be it at work or home – people may lie to you by responding with a socially desirable answer rather than an honest one, say researchers.

In other words, time pressure does not bring out a person’s good ‘true self’ and people may default to their desire to appear virtuous even if it means misrepresenting themselves.

“The method of ‘answer quickly and without thinking’, a long staple in psychological research, may be doing many things, but one thing it does is make people lie to you and tell you what they think you want to hear,” said John Protzko, a cognitive scientist at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

The idea has always been that we have a divided mind — an intuitive, animalistic type and a more rational type.

“The more rational type is assumed to always be constraining the lower order mind. If you ask people to answer quickly and without thinking, it’s supposed to give you sort of a secret access to that lower order mind,” Protzko explained in a paper published in the journal Psychological Science.

All that said…I still do not look at polls all that closely…but sadly some voters make their decisions based on what their favorite news outlet tells them is the best candidate.

NOT me!  That could be why I seldom ever voted for the poll leader.

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But The Kurds Are Our Friends

Turkey’s assault of the Kurds in Northern Syria has the world on the edge of disaster…..and the abandonment of the Kurds by the US is an insult to our long time friends….

And the MSM has lost its timy mind over the Trump decision and keeps feeding the crap that they were allies and friends….even to the point of posting a fake attack video…..

With the headline “Slaughter in Syria,” ABC aired footage of what it said was a Turkish attack on a Syrian border town on Sunday and Monday. One problem: The video was actually of a popular military gun demonstration in Kentucky, Mediaite reports. ABC apologized after the video was shown on World News Tonight Sunday and Monday’s edition of Good Morning America. The network said it “regrets the error” and it pulled the footage as soon as “questions were raised about its accuracy.” It did not explain how the error occurred. The footage from the night shoot at the Knob Creek Gun Range was uploaded to YouTube in 2017. It’s not clear whether it was edited before ABC aired it.

Check the video…..

Yes they were Allies…they were Allies because the US was their best chance of gaining a nation of their own, a Kurdistan……I think they will tolerate a lot with the chance of that dream being realized.

But let’s be realistic…friends?  Not necessarily so.

The American embrace of the SDF was always a temporary solution to the problem of ISIS. The United States never has supported a greater Kurdish nation. And while there’s been much lip service to the idea of using the SDF as a vehicle to destabilize the government of Bashar al-Assad, regime change has never been seriously pursued by the United States in Syria. Today there is widespread recognition that, following the intervention of Russia in 2015, Assad is here to stay. 

Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from the Syrian border zone makes perfect sense: it avoids a damaging conflict with Turkey, a strategic NATO ally, and sidesteps a potential major power confrontation with Russia. This was always in the cards, since the United States was never a guarantor of the Syrian Kurds’ objective of autonomy. But the precipitous way that the American redeployment was announced, and the fact that it was done void of any coordination with either the Kurds or other U.S. regional allies, sets the stage for more geopolitical chaos in a region already wracked by conflict.

Why the Syrian Kurds Aren’t Necessarily Our Friends

Plus I see evangelicals saying that they are siding with the Kurds which I do not understand for Kurds are not necessarily protecting Christians….

The media is driving this  situation like they do every situation….they are creating the news as they go.

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