What Is ‘Disinformation’?

In the era of social media and the claim that it is ‘fake news’ how can we be sure what is true and what is just manure?


Disinformation is a type of untrue communication that is purposefully spread and represented as truth to elicit some response that serves the perpetrator’s purpose.

Disinformation is sometimes confused with misinformation but the two are distinguished by their intention. The purpose of disinformation is to deceive. Although misinformation is also false, it is  presented as truth only because the communicator does not have the facts straight.

The relative anonymity of the Web and the affordability of creating websites have made it easy for people to post disinformation online. Sites developed for the purposes of disinformation typically share several characteristics. For example, such a site usually either has no clearly stated purpose or has little content related to its stated purpose. The majority of content on a disinformation site is usually related to a particular agenda, is likely to be very contentious and may contain blatantly false information that is easily disproved. The most common characteristic of disinformation websites is an absence of contact information or any “About us” page. 

Sorry about boring you to slumber….but there is madness to my method…..

The department in the DoD that researches stuff has been given a task to fight ‘disinformation’…..this is almost laughable….

The US military may soon be deciding what is considered fake news on social media. The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), an agency of the US Department of Defense, announced the development of a new program to combat “disinformation” on social media.

The Semantic Forensics program will “develop technologies to automatically detect, attribute, and characterize falsified, multi-modal media assets (e.g., text, audio, image, video) to defend against large-scale, automated disinformation attacks.”

DARPA is looking to develop software that can detect fakes amongst 500,000 stories, photos, videos and audio clips. The plan is to undergo four years of trials until the software is ready, so the program will not be used in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Only time will tell how accepting social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will be of the DoD determining what is considered fake news.

The program is likely a reaction to the claim by Robert Mueller that the Russian company, the Internet Research Agency (IRA), led a social media campaign with the aim of “sowing discord” to help President Trump get elected. Although Mueller claimed the IRA was taking orders from the Kremlin, he provided no real evidence to link the IRA to the Russian government.

The actual influence of the IRA is much smaller than what Mueller alludes to in his 2018 indictment of the company. According to a Senate commissioned report by the firm New Knowledge, just “11 percent” of the IRA’s total content was election related. The IRA’s posts were “minimally about the candidates” with “roughly 6% of tweets, 18% of Instagram posts, and 7% of Facebook posts” having “mentioned Trump or Clinton by name.”


I am all for the fight against ‘disinformation’….but I ask if the agency that puts out more such propaganda is the agency to fight it…..has anyone thought about who helped spread the Iraqi WMDs?

Answer that question then ask if they are the ones to fight it.  Or why not get the PsyOps people to develop this fight after all they generate most of the governmental ‘disinformation’.

God I love this stuff!

Learn Stuff!

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9 thoughts on “What Is ‘Disinformation’?

  1. Well… if there’s a strategic intel value to all this that’s one thing. If it’s being organized to keep the public from believing fake stuff, news or otherwise, the basic and far simpler answer is start teaching critical thinking skills in schools at young ages, through high school… and improve problem solving skills along the way.

  2. Disinformation is CNN and MSNBC et. al. telling the American people that the president is an agent of Russia and the lackey of Putin with an endless barrage of fake news for almost three years.

    1. I will admit that Trump’s non-commital attitude to Russia is suspect……as an CIC agent in the Army I would investigate anyone with his attitude……so is FOX calling the Clintons agents fake as well? chuq

      1. There certainly appears to be several quid pro quo with Clintons and Russia and money but I never heard FOX accuse them as being Russian agents but certainly call for continued investigation. FOX’s bigger focus is Hillary’s teflon of non prosecution and Hillary, DNC, Clinton Campaign, DOJ and FBI coordination to discredit Trump. They have used government agencies to discredit a political opponent far beyond any Nixon attempts to use government to discredit his opponents . FOX does keep promising explosive revelations re this imminent but I’m still waiting. Bodies of former Clinton associates keep turn up dead too but don’t I know enough to make an accusation or legitimate connection.

  3. Certainly evidence that Russians running a disinformation campaign on Dems and Reps on social media to presents lies as facts and to confuse American public and sow distrust in our institutions and public officials. Then there there are the disinformation memes on facebook from left and right with the most absurd accusations and photoshopped pics. I think I’ve seen at least four on Obaba’s oldest daughter being arrested again for drugs.

    1. Does anyone really care who was arrested….real or imagined? I agree there are certain campaigns…my point was the attitude of the person who sits on the toilet in the White House. chuq

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