Closing Thought–13Sep19

Once again out elite fighting force, the SEALs, have made the news……I wrote about the events that lead to to action taken just recently….

Appears the new commander of the SEALs has made good on his promise to “clean house”……

The top admiral in charge of Naval Special Warfare has fired the entire leadership team of SEAL Team 7 over a “breakdown of good order and discipline,” a Navy official told Task & Purpose on Friday.

Cmdr. Edward Mason, the commanding officer of ST7; Lt. Cmdr. Luke Im, the executive officer; and Command Master Chief Hugh Spangler were all relieved of their leadership posts on Friday, said Capt. Tamara Lawrence, a spokeswoman for Naval Special Warfare Command.

The relief was carried out by Rear Adm. Collin Green, the commanding officer of NSW. Lawrence said their relief was “due to a loss of confidence that resulted from leadership failures that caused a breakdown of good order and discipline within two subordinate units while deployed to combat zones.”

May be a good start but Team 6 seems to be the one with the most problems….why not start there?

JUst a thought.

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2019 Dem Debate #3– ‘Corporatist’ Debate

Sorry this is a long read but it is important for the candidates to get their story out there to help the voter make their decision where to place their vote.

Last night the top ten Dem candidates hit the stage in Houston in what I call the “Corporatist Debate”….because these candidates are the candidates that get the most press so they can make the stage….these are the candidates that the media wants the voter to pick from……

Keeping with my tradition I will give my break down so my readers do not have to suffer through the crap being spread.

Ten Democratic presidential candidates are debating in Texas tonight—including front-runners Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, together in the same debate for the first time. Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro, and Amy Klobuchar are also taking part in the ABC debate in Houston. Harris got one of the biggest cheers during her opening statement, when she directly addressed President Trump, accusing him of using “hate, intimidation, fear, and over 12,000 lies as a way to distract from your failed policies and your broken promises.” The former prosecutor said the only reason Trump hadn’t been indicted because of a rule against indicting sitting presidents—then told him to “go back to watching Fox News. ” More:

  • Andrew Yang, a tech entrepreneur campaigning on a promise to give every American $12,000 a year, said the universal basic income would be given to 10 people who visited his campaign website. “That’s quite a way to build your list—you have to sign up to enter the raffle to get the money,” notes Clare Malone at FiveThirtyEight.
  • The candidates clashed over “Medicare for all,” with Biden saying his plan would give people the option of keeping their current plans, the Guardian reports. “I’ve never actually met anybody who likes their health-insurance company,” Warren told him. Sanders recycled his line about “writing the damn bill” on Medicare for all. In her answer, Klobuchar said it was a bad idea to end private health insurance. “While Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill,” she said.
  • The gloves came off when Castro and Biden clashed on health care, with Castro telling Biden: “I’m fulfilling the legacy of Barack Obama and you’re not.” He also made Biden’s age an issue, accusing him of contradicting himself and saying: “Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?”
  • Harris, who served as California’s attorney general, faced a tough question about her criminal justice plan. “When you had the power, why didn’t you try to affect change then?” asked moderator Linsey Davis. Harris argued that she tried to change things from the inside.
  • On racism, Beto O’Rourke delivered what Politico‘s Christopher Cadelago calls his best answer from all three debates. “We have a white supremacist in the White House and he poses a mortal threat to people of color all across this country,” said O’Rourke, who promised to sign a slavery reparations bill into law.
  • The candidates were more unified on the issue of gun control. Biden pointed to his record, saying he was the “only one up here who’s ever beat the NRA,” the Guardian reports. Biden and Harris praised O’Rourke for his efforts after the mass shooting last month in his hometown, El Paso. O’Rourke called for the confiscation of “battlefield” weapons like assault rifles. “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” he said. “We’re not going to allow it to be used against a fellow American anymore.”
  • Castro and Biden clashed again on immigration, with Castro accusing the former vice president of cherry-picking Obama administration policies, the AP reports. ” I stand with Barack Obama all eight years, good, bad, indifferent,” Biden replied. Yang shared his own story. “My father grew up on a peanut farm in Asia with no floor and now his son is running for president,” he said. “That is the immigration story that we have to be able to share with the American people.”
  • When the debate turned to trade policy after a break, Harris slammed Trump’s “fragile ego,” comparing him to the Wizard of Oz, the Washington Post reports. “When you pull back the curtain it’s a really small dude,” she said. Buttigieg quipped that Trump had said he’d like to see him do a deal with Xi Jinping, but “I’d like to see him make a deal with Xi Jinping.”
  • A hoarse Sanders drew a contrast between himself and Biden on Iraq. “I never believed what Cheney and Bush said about Iraq. I voted against the war in Iraq,” Sanders said. Biden admitted that it had been a mistake to vote to authorize the 2003 invasion. Warren said she would be willing to bring the US out of Afghanistan without a deal. Buttigieg, who served in Afghanistan in 2014, said he would do the same.
  • Sanders said it was “extremely unfair” to compare the democratic socialism he believes in to the systems in Venezuela and Cuba. “I agree with what goes on in Canada and in Scandinavia,” he said.
  • A strong line from Klobuchar during a segment on climate change: “You know that movie, The Day After Tomorrow? It’s today.” O’Rourke promised to spend $5 trillion on the issue. Booker, a vegan, said he would not tell voters in Texas and Iowa to stop eating meat.
  • Biden, asked what resilience means to him, was interrupted by shouts from protesters—but since they failed to shout in union, what they were saying was unclear. Biden went on to talk about the deaths of his wife, daughter, and son.
  • In answer to the resilience question Buttigieg talked about serving in the military as a gay man under “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”—and about being an elected official in Indiana when Mike Pence was governor, the New York Times reports. He said he wondered whether coming out of the closet would be “the ultimate professional setback.” Sanders spoke about running for the Senate in the 1970s and getting just 1% of the vote.

I had no use for this debate for it was not a debate but a beauty contest for corporate friendly candidates.

Sorry but if one would be hoping for a break out candidate then you were disappointed…..plenty of attempts at a one liner but no one jumped to the head of the line.

There were some notable take aways from the night…..

Biden emerges unscathed. Biden, who repeatedly brought up his time serving under President Obama, rambled at times but was more energetic “steadier” than in his first two debates, according to the New York Times—and “none of the nine other candidates onstage appeared to significantly damage his candidacy.” Kamala Harris, who memorably clashed with Biden on his record on racial issues during the first debate, did not lay into the former vice president or any of her other rivals, saving her attacks for President Trump.

Obama is back in favor. In earlier debates, some candidates tried to distance themselves from Obama-era policies, but there was a lot of love for the former president Thursday night, and not just from Biden, reports the Washington Post reports. “We all owe a huge debt to President Obama” on health care, though ObamaCare needs to be built on, Warren said, while Kamala Harris invoked his 2008 campaign slogan when calling for bolder action on the issue. “Instead of saying no we can’t, let’s say yes we can,” she said.

Big night for Beto. Beto O’Rourke was widely agreed to have had a good night, though it’s not clear whether it will result in a bump in the polls. Other candidates praised him for his response to last month’s mass shooting in El Paso, his hometown, and he spoke passionately in favor of gun control. “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” he said when asked about his mandatory gun buyback proposal.

Booker “pretty sharp.” Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight says Cory Booker was “pretty sharp” during the debate, though he believes the senator should shift more to the center in case party elites decide Harris is flopping and Biden has “a lot of downside risk.” “And maybe they could turn to Booker,” he says. “But Klobuchar and O’Rourke also had good debates, and they’re plausible landing spots too.” Fellow FiveThirtyEight analyst Nathaniel Rakich predicts that after his attacks on Biden, Castro is the most likely candidate to see their polling numbers move—but it’s not clear what direction they’ll move in.

Trajectory unchanged. Politico‘s reporters didn’t see anything likely to shape up the Democratic contest. Biden remains the front-runner, and ‘though he had a so-so performance, it’s good for Sanders that the debate didn’t turn into a one-on-one Biden vs. Warren showdown,” says Holly Otterbein. Alex Thompson predicts that “fundraising and media attention will continue to shrink for candidates outside the top five to six.”

Nothing has changed my opinion…the stage was full of ‘corporatist” and one progressive.  Nothing said on that stage will ever come about….promises and exaggerations.

None of last night’s theater has changed my mind on who I am supporting…..actually nothing about the debate was necessary and in fact was a waste of time….unless of course you are swayed by one liners or cute slogans.

Be Smart!

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That Damn “Libya Model”

This term is getting a workout from dear president Trump…it is one of the insults he has used to explain why Bolton had to resign…..He slammed a mistake Bolton made early in his tenure at the White House when he discussed a “Libyan model” in the context of North Korea — which that country took as a sign that its leadership could meet the fate of former Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi. 

He is conflating two events a  2003 decision  and the civil war that killed Qaddafi……

Let me offer a free lesson in international relations for our dear president…..

After the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq toppled President Saddam Hussein in 2003, Libya’s leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi feared he might be next. On Dec. 19, 2003, Gadhafi announced he intended to rid Libya of its weapons of mass destruction.

Within a few months, Libya handed over vast amounts of equipment, documents and centrifuges — all of which were flown out of the country, mostly to Oak Ridge, Tenn. Gadhafi allowed international inspectors into Libya, and, in about two years, they certified that Libya’s nuclear weapons program was no more. Full destruction of Libya’s chemical weapons program was due to be completed by 2016.

This event might have had a round about consequence in the civil war and eventual death of Qaddafi…but that would take a whole bunch of research.

Fast forward to 2011, when the Arab Spring uprisings roiled the Middle East. Riots broke out across the country, including in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi. On March 19 of that year, the U.S. and its European allies – the very powers Gadhafi sought to cultivate by foreswearing nukes – launched a seven-month bombing campaign — ostensibly to stop attacks on civilians but in reality to topple his regime. On Oct. 20, 2011, Gadhafi was found hiding in a drainage ditch in Sirte after rebels overran the coastal city. He was beaten senseless by a crowd and shot dead.

And that was what was meant when Bolton mentioned the ‘Libya Model’…..

Only some amateur would conflate the two situations….and a bigger idiot that would do so in the press where he can be fact checked and proven to be uninformed on international issues.

Now Mr. President you may return to your normal daily consumption of shitty news and Tweeting all about it.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

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Then There Is Iran

Ever since Trump came to the power seat in DC Iran has been on his lips. First it was the treaty for their nukes which he decided was bad for no other reason than it was an Obama policy….and then it was more sanctions and then the hard fighting words began in essence the attempt to bully.

Now Trump is open to a meeting at the UN with Iran and on cue the Neocons went batcrap crazy probably one reason Bolton lost his job….and now more news about Iran.

Bolton’s firing may signal willingness to offer concessions

Saying he believes that the US sanctions and pressure have put Iran in a very tough position, President Trump continued to suggest that talks could be held soon. Interestingly, reports also suggest he may be considering some concessions.

A $15 billion EU line of credit to Iran in return for oil sales, an effort to get them around near-term economic problems, seems the most likely immediate move, with Trump and Mike Pompeo both considering giving France permission to do it.

Iran has suggested they would only be open to talks in the event the US lifted sanctions on them. Incredibly, it does appear that this too is under consideration, as Trump is very hopeful for talks, and might actually be willing to do something to make that happen.

The clearest indication of this might be the sacking of John Bolton this week. Bolton was working openly against all of these concessions, and fighting against the Iran talks in general. Trump may have believed getting Bolton out of the way was a necessary first step.



This is a repeat of the North Korean gambit.

Lots of tough talk and insults and then a simpler message of a willingness to meet and talk.

As we inch closer to an armed conflict military leaders have made it clear what they want…..

In an open letter, the former officers said President Donald Trump made it clear that “there is no broader strategy to his desire for military conflict with Iran” and warned that it was “past time for Congress to step in and stop Trump’s constitutionally unsupported march to war.” The letter was organized by retired Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton of the progressive group VoteVets and its nonprofit affiliate, the Vet Voice Foundation.

“A full-scale military conflict with Iran would be a huge and costly undertaking,” the letter reads. “It’s a lesson we’ve learned before as a nation, at great cost. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost us a lot in blood and treasure. We know that war with Iran would require hundreds of thousands of American service members to deploy and could result in even larger numbers of American casualties and injuries ― alongside an unknown number of civilian deaths.”