Where Have All The Deficit Hawks Gone

Gone to Trumpland every one.

Closing Thought–23Aug19

Before I go on my rant about the deficit…..I would like to update a post on the deaths of 2 Americans in Afghanistan a few days ago…..

The Department of Defense has released the names of two U.S. service members who were killed in Afghanistan on Wednesday, August 21, 2019. They are members of the 7th Special Forces Group based at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

Both soldiers died in Faryab province, Afghanistan as a result of wounds sustained from small arms fire while engaged in combat operations.

Master Sergeant Luis DeLeon-Figueroa, 31, of Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Master Sergeant Jose J. Gonzalez, 35, of La Puente, California.

More than half of the U.S. deaths in Afghanistan in 2019 have been Special Forces casualties – sometimes referred to as Green Berets. The two soldiers were assigned to the NATO Special Operations Component Command – Afghanistan (NSOCC-A). The soldiers received a posthumous promotion.

I recall my younger days in the political scene…there were social hawks and deficit hawks….the GOP were traditionally the hawks on the deficit….that is until they sold their souls to Trump.

Who really cares about the budget deficit?  https://lobotero.com/2009/06/13/is-the-deficit-really-of-concern/

And the question is still asked and failed to be answered.

All their rhetoric about the dangers of running a massive deficit were stuff of legend……but came 9/11 and their desire for revenge and allowed the defense budget to explode the deficit…..and then cam Trump and all pretense about caring about the deficit is gone.

The news coming out of the CBO is terrible and yet the GOP is silent thus approving of the massive deficit they have given the nation…..

The deficit will swell by $809 billion more than anticipated over the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office announced in new projections Wednesday, per the AP. The Washington Post reports the US was already expected to hit a deficit over the $1 trillion mark in 2020. The change here, which is an update to the CBO’s May report, is due to recently enacted legislation on two fronts: the budget deal signed into law this month and supplemental spending at the border. A grim line from the new CBO report: “To put [debt] on a sustainable course lawmakers will have to make significant changes to tax and spending policies.”

CNBC quotes CBO Director Phillip Swagel as saying in the report that “federal debt … is on an unsustainable course,” and that while it will average $1.2 trillion annually between 2020 and 2029 it’ll jump even higher after that as the population ages and health-care spending rises. A third grim line from the report, per Fox News: “As a result of those deficits, federal debt held by the public is projected to grow steadily, from 79% of GDP in 2019 to 95% in 2029—its highest level since just after World War II.”

Give it time and the deficit hawks will return….probably when there is a Dem president…..and a GOP Congress……funny how all that manure works…..and yet they only care about deficit spending when it applies to social safety net…..

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37 thoughts on “Where Have All The Deficit Hawks Gone

  1. I cannot fail to notice that both those soldiers had Latin-American/Spanish names. No doubt names shared by many of the people still being regarded as living in ‘shitholes’, by the President. It seems that their origins cause less concern when they are willing to fight and die for their country.
    Just an observation.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. My senator, Ben Sasse, has ads out that emphasize how he’s helped the farmers and will continue to be their best friend in Washington, yet he voted for the tax bill that benefited no one but corporations and the very rich, add to the deficit, supports Trump (or doesn’t resist him or join the people for impeachment), the reason Nebraska agricultural products are rotting in bins for lack of buyers, thanks to the tariffs on CXhina goods. The markets were built over decades of Nebraska delegations travelling abroad to sell the quality and reliability of sources of such things as beef, corn, soybeans. Of course, in a state where two-thirds of voters voted for Trump (74.6% in my highly agricultural county), those tariffs are a kick in the face of local economies, from the person selling office supplies to the implement dealers to the Ford dealer who has those $50,000 pickups farmers like to drive (and actually use for work, unlike the townies who just like the look and 12 mpg vehicles, I guess). Pay them off with subsidies, and they might stay in business another year to produce product for a ket that Trump killed? Lots of bankrupt farmers, wiped out by that idiot in the White House. An added concern here is railroad jobs because Wyoming coal comes through this division point on their way to the diminishing number of coal-fired power plants. Take way coal and agriculture, and this Panhandle town will look like a ghost town! We even had K-Mart and Shopko shut stores here in the past six months, leaving huge retail holes in the local economy. Bleak? Why should it be? Bennie’s do a good job in Washington. Send him back!

    1. Corporate farms got the tax breaks…..we lost about 700,00 manufacturing jobs but yet the markets are doing well…up and down as usual….and us mere mortals struggle….I do not see the benefits, chuq

      1. Exactly. I’ve pretty miuch told my financial guy that there isn’t much point in reviewing my investments as long as Trump’s in office…unless he wants to hear me rant!

      2. Let’s hope the victims are aware enough to punish the perpetrators by kicking their butts out of power and returning tax rates to where they were in the 1950s. (We seem to like the past in Trumplandia.) Oh well, another wild dream of mine. Infrastructure needs to be dealt with more than enriching corporations and the already rich, just to start. Those cities with lead pipes in their distribution systems, for sure, need to be helped now.

      3. I have no confidence in the voter anymore….we have been suffering for 25+ years and still nothing has changed for the middle class….chuq

      4. The decline of print journalism is alarming to me. My local paper was a daily till about three years ago, then it went to thrice weekly publication. Recently, it became a weekly newspaper for a a market of about 15000 (my guess), The Omaha World-Herald, once the major state-wide newspaper, with some penetration tonto Western Iowa, dropped the western half of the state a few years ago, making the paper available soley to us in the west by Internet. Their biggest contribution to to voter education was thorough coverage of the Unicameral when it is in session. Newsweek went soley Internet for a time. I think it may put out a print version – or not. Time looks like a brochure most weeks now. I fear most people get their news from book, Google or other Internet sources. Sure, you can find in depth sources if you look, yet the level of political “discussion” one sees on Facen=book or Twitter makes one wonder how this country survives such massive wqaves of ignorance about basic things like how our government works, who the players are, why we should be alarmed that we have a president so ignorant of his role, the US Constitution, how we work with other nations, the US leadership role, etc. as to waste decades of diplomacy and work to earn America a leadership role in world affairs.

      5. It was inevitable for Americans attention span is about 30 second so internet makes perfect sense…..no one wants to know the “rest of the story”…..and we know what that does, right? chuq

      6. Fortunbately for me, I have no children. Whren I write my Congressman and Senators, I rub in theirt faces that THEY do, and their bought-and-paid-for behavior will impact on their offspring, grandchildren, tec. Moakes no difference.

      7. Exactly. I used to be offended when the US was cited for corruption, yet the fact remains, “Quid Pro Quo” is carved over the entrance to the Capitol entrznce.

      8. Just look at the major issues…..climate, guns, health the people want action and the Congress slows down….money controls and we go bankrupt….chuq

      9. I don’t as a rule wish a person dead, but I certainly wouldn’t have issues with McConnell dropping dead of natural causes.

      1. I have a vegan friend who makes her two cats food from scratch. She has problems preparing meat but recognizes the nutritional needs of cats trrump her aversion to animal protein consumption.

      2. The kitty boysd and I both think chicken is fine, even if we live in a state where the cattle total significantly moire than the people. (Explaining, perhaps, why the people cattle like vote straight REepublican ticket in most cases. Herd animals. Moo!)

      3. Grilled chicken is a favorite and vegs on the grill with lemon juice……yummy…..my state is big in chicken as can be seen in the last immigration raid…all chicken plants….chuq

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