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AS a Baby Boomer I am enjoying my retirement but sadly too many Americans cannot say the same thing…..too many find themselves in poverty after retirement….we all have heard about the elderly couple that has resorted to eating cat food….right?

This is a situation that should never have happened…..originally Social Security was to help prevent this but too many cowardly presidents, both parties, have seen fit to tap the SS funds to pay for pet projects.

Retirement should NEVER mean poverty!

Vivian Majors spent her life cleaning houses while her husband, Martin, worked as a carpenter.

Their bodies broke down in their 60s. Martin now lives in a nursing home and has Parkinson’s disease. Vivian, now 71, lives on her own and ekes by on a $960 in social security, plus $50 in food stamps.

Hardened by years of physically taxing work that left her hovering around the poverty line, Majors, now retired, is girding herself for more years of financial hardship.

Social Security supposedly wiped out the scourge of old-age poverty. But inequality has widened the gap between the secure and insecure in all age groups, exposing American seniors to financial distress in ways that often go unnoticed.

According to research from the University of Massachusetts Boston, material hardship bedevils millions of Americans like Majors.

The big news of the day is the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso,,,,,,,

A suspect is in custody after a mass shooting left 20 people dead at a Texas Walmart on Saturday, the New York Times reports. Police say a gunman entered the store with an AK-47-style rifle and opened fire just before 11am, injuring 26 others and causing general panic before giving himself up to police. Officials are considering capital murder charges for the man in custody, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, and are reading an anti-immigrant manifesto to see whether the gunman wrote it—which could turn the massacre into a terrorist act or federal hate crime. “Hispanics will take control of the local and state government of my beloved Texas, changing policy to better suit their needs,” reads the manifesto, which says more Hispanics will make Texas “a Democrat stronghold.”

Over 1,000 customers and 100 employees were in the store at the time, including children holding a fundraiser, who were among those shot by the gunman, the El Paso Timesreports. “We heard shots and saw smoke,” says an eyewitness who works at McDonald’s in the store. “I saw a man on the floor full of blood.” A customer says he saw “people crying: children, old people, all in shock,” including a baby partly covered in blood. Nearby hospitals are treating the wounded, whose conditions and ages vary widely. The New York Times notes that El Paso is a mostly Hispanic city that has been flooded with thousands of Central American migrant families in recent months. “Terrible shootings in El Paso, Texas,” President Trump tweeted. “Reports are very bad, many killed.”

While the country was hearing all about this particular shooting there was more news….some mass shooting was a popular activity for the weekend…..–law/police-responding-active-shooting-oregon-district/dHOvgFCs726CylnDLdZQxM/

10 dead, including suspect, in Dayton, Ohio mass shooting

The sad part about this other than the loss of life is that society is so nonchalant about these attacks….it has become so commonplace that few seem to care.

I cannot wait to see what worthless reporting will do to change things.

I’m disgusted!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. I wrote about the Texas shooting on my other blog.
    250 ‘mass shootings’ in 2019 alone. You are facing an epidemic of these events, and I fear it will get much worse.

    Poverty in retirement is becoming a reality everywhere, since the 2008 crash. Julie and I were pretty well, until the bank made her redundant in 2018. Now we have to be very ‘careful’ how we spend. It’s not a big step from being careful, to not having enough to get by.

    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Here if a wife has a retirement plan and such she can only get half of it if the hubby is still alive….that sucks because Sue made much mofre than I….chuq

  2. The expansion of “no pension” offered by employers also contributes to the poverty of elders. Increases profits. I can’t imagine making it only on social security alone even though my benefit is at higher end but not as great as current benefit as I started collecting in 2006. I am sure big business would love medicare for all as they would no longer have to provide healthcare to workers . Increases profits. The democrats and the left are so stupid. By putting all the burden for care on government/taxpayers they are the biggest fuelers of capitalism’s delight and profit. Yet they see capitalism as the great evil, No pensions and no health care = PROFIT$ beyond imagination.

    1. I am fortunate…I have Social Security and a pension from the state….but these days it is not enough with food prices, power and gas and such they never go down just up and up chuq

  3. My belief is that we should get employers out of the health care business. And the pension business. Private insurance can handle health insurance the way they handle car insurance, homeowners, boat insurance and other kinds of insurance. IRA’s and social security can take care of retirement.

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