50 Years Ago

Closing Thought–27Aug18

50 years ago this August history was being made the Dem Convention and the riots that followed…..the drama had everything needed to be a blockbuster…..love-hate, war-peace, old-new, etc…..

We’re taking another look back at the year 1968 this morning, remembering the political earthquake that was the Democratic National Convention. Chicago-born Scott Simon, of NPR, is our guide:

Worlds collided at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago: young and old, war and peace, law and order.

“The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching…”

“You can’t take that week in isolation,” said Bill Daley. “’68, one of the most dramatic and traumatic years in the nation’s history. And it kind of all rolled to Chicago, and you could feel it coming.”

Daley, who would become President Obama’s chief of staff, was a college student in 1968, and spent the convention at the side of his father, Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley.


In 1968 I missed these protests for I was a bit preoccupied in Vietnam…..if I had been stateside I would have been there…

This for you younguns……

If you would like a more detailed account of those bloody days in American political history……

Our young needs to know these history of how a people took to the street to make a difference…yes it turned violent and it is a matter of opinion on who started the trouble…..


15 thoughts on “50 Years Ago

  1. Yeah.. I was a junior in high school at the time.. living in Chicago. We were appalled.. the majority of the city at the time, that the idiot Mayor Daley embarrassed our town in front of TV and the world. The actual demonstrators were not allowed anywhere near the convention center so the crowds gathered in Grant Park.. downtown along the lake front.. because of the proximity to the hotels that the convention dignitaries and delegates were staying at. Newsreels seems to suggest all that head beating was outside the center directly. Nonetheless, it was a trying time. As I’ve said often enough to young people of today… 1968-1972 were the toughest times in our country that I could remember.. with 1968 being the worst political year for civil unrest in my life. Far worse than it is now; we are very politically divided for sure.. but there is no wholesale civil unrest………………… yet.

    1. That’s mostly because just a small percent of the population gives a flying fuck about anything anymore. They’re all too busy taking pictures of their lunch and posting it on-line, or watching Keeping Up with the Talent-less Whores on Reality TV. (Note: One of them is in the White House!)

      Almost across the board, today’s conditions are at least as bad (if not FAR worse) than back then. If people weren’t so numbed, detached…and above all…stupid as FUCK!!! …..2018 would make ’68 look like some Hippie love-in.

      1. I dunno if you get around to some of the conservative blogs.. but some of them are mumbling nonsense about some “civil war” if necessary. Shear stupidity.

      2. Conservative blogs??? Yeah, as if I need MORE aggravation in my life and MORE reasons to be angry. Shit, I’m barely on the Webpipes at all anymore and feel slightly better for it. I don’t have time for conservative blog bullshit. I got more important things to do like….watching grass grow.

        But that’s what I mean by..”stupid as fuck”. Anybody making under 6 digits and is part of this modern conservative nonsense are stupid as fuck. (For example, Q-Anon) But they’re folks that are still “engaged”. And look at how angry they are.

        The 50% that don’t even bother to vote for President (the lowest possible threshold of “engagement”) are even stupider. Imagine the anger if the bulk of them got “engaged”.

    2. And it all stemmed from the deaths in war….no so these days…..but maybe Americans will find something that fires their passions if they have any….chuq

      1. Never mind not giving a shit…Nobody even hears about the deaths in this unending war anymore. Charlie Brown’s teachers received better attention than the few folks left who are still doing actual news.

        You want people to get fired up? Try taking away their damn phones (and other such mindless distractions). It’ll be like stealing a crackhead’s crack. The whole country would be smashed up like a Coffeebucks during a G8 conference.

        If this all this mind-numbing shit was around in Nixon’s day, he’d still be President today. Yes, I know he’s not constitutionally eligible for a 3rd term…That and he’s dead. But even most voters wouldn’t notice either fact…nor let it stop them from voting for him.

  2. Oh I remember quite well that day. I was home with a bran new baby that I had 10 days earlier and watched all of the news all day. Fire hoses and dogs in the streets of Chicago. I knew then the Democrats had lost the election.

    That same feeling came over me watching the 2016 convention when the DNC made the mistake again. Sanders brought in a new group of voters that wanted their voices heard and the delegation pushed back within the system’s rules. The DNC treated that large delegation badly and this time it was reported on the internet. It didn’t take dogs and hoses this time, just social media reporting with cell phones to lose the election.

  3. 1968 was a pivotal year indeed. But despite all the uproar, you still got Nixon in 1969.
    America is a conservative country at heart, and any real revolution is just a dream of the intellectuals. Something to talk about over a $10 coffee.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Pretty accurate……I gave a talk at a Marxist Scholars back in 1984 and I told them that the reason we are failing is that scholars talk to each other and the people are the ones that will make it work….chuq

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