Not One More Death!

Yes I am a staunch antiwar person….I may write about war but it is for understanding not policy……and for 17 years I have been saying that the war we started in 2001 in Afghanistan is costing too many American lives for the horrible results that it achieves……

It may be a surprise to some that I read the American Conservative……I find myself agreeing with most of what they publish……but not all…..and I find myself agreeing with them yet again…this time on our war in Afghanistan….

There is no prospect for any kind of American victory in the war against the Afghan Taliban that would correspond to what U.S. officials have been promising throughout the 17-year struggle. As if any rational observer needed further evidence of this fundamental reality, the Taliban a week ago attacked the strategic city of Ghazni, located barely 100 miles from the Afghan capital of Kabul, and laid waste to major parts of it. The insurgents killed dozens of Afghan soldiers and police officials, seized strategic points in the city, and cut the central artery between Kabul and important southern regions.

In reporting on this turn of events, reporter Mujib Mashal of The New York Times wrote, “The Ghazni assault has demonstrated a stunning display of Taliban tenacity that belies the official Afghan and U.S. narrative of progress in the war….” The Wall Street Journal dispatch, by three reporters filing from Kabul, put it similarly, saying the the drawn-out confrontation, “requiring at least 1,500 government forces backed with U.S. firepower to put down a far smaller and more lightly armed number of insurgents,” has “cast doubt over the progress of the U.S. military in building security forces in Afghanistan.”

Time for the US to claim victory and bring our tired, overworked troops home to their families….we should demand….”Not One More Death”!



4 thoughts on “Not One More Death!

  1. That says it pretty well. Don’t know if anything to add to what has been said before. I have talked to a number of people who have spent time there, one is a doctor on the reserves who had had four tours in the last few years. They all see the situation as a hopeless mess and waste.

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