Tribute To John McCain

Over the weekend we got the sad news that Sen.John McCain had passed away… a radical I seldom agreed with the man on policy… a Vietnam vet I respected the man……and I am sure that my reader will be seeing many tributes to McCain’s memory and his legacy…..

I share one that I read to his memory….

I did not join in the rather ghoulish anticipation of John McCain’s death indulged in by some war opponents. On Twitter, one aspiring attention-seeking pundit was suspended for her tasteless display of disdain for a dying man, and while there was an outcry (she was reinstated) I was not among the out-criers. For once I agreed with @jack, although I’m sure this meeting of the minds was purely coincidental and not likely to happen again: a little old-fashioned respect for the dying never hurt anyone. Far be it from me to cheer on the effects of cancer on a human being: I won’t do it, no matter who is involved.  This disrespectful rudeness was also indulged in by our President, another class act, who has more in common with his left-wing enemies than either is ready to acknowledge. (Trump eventually did his duty, however, albeit laconically.)

In his person, and his public pronouncements, McCain was the perfect representative of the nascent imperial class: born in the Panama Canal zone, the son of an Admiral, he was almost fated to become what he did indeed become – the archetypal Praetorian, the veritable embodiment of America’s post-World War II empire. A paladin of the cold war while it lasted, and a tireless advocate of post-cold war hegemonism, his favorite phrase was “boots on the ground,” and he championed this as a policy option for virtually every foreign policy problem confronted by US policymakers.

In these days to stupid a man of logic and truth will be sorely missed.

Good bye John and thanx for everything.  chuq

4 thoughts on “Tribute To John McCain

  1. No doubt he led a distinguished life, and will be missed by many over there. But his choice of Palin for a Vice-President when he ran against Obama shows a great lack of judgement, and I for one am glad he didn’t win.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. His judgement was flawed. I did not vote for him when he was a candidate for President. He as was courageous and will be remembered for that. And he had a certain degree of humility. I admired his defense of Obama during the campaign and enjoyed seeing him on Letterman and other talk shows. He and Letterman disagreed on almost everything but he was willing to come on the show and discuss policy in a non controversial manner. He was hard not to like.

      1. I have heard that from many people in your country, OG. I have no doubt you are right, as living in England, he didn’t feature much on our radar.
        Best wishes, Pete.

    2. His campaign manger picked Palin…..she was considered a rebel and a reformer plus she was female (so they claim)…..I am also…..chuq

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