Closing Thought–29Aug18

A couple months ago Trump and Kim held their much anticipated “summit”….finally the guys at Bad Lip Reading has released their version of the press conference the two leaders held after their meting….

I cannot resist these guys they are just damn funny…..

Just to end my day with a little humor…I know his made you smile….

What’s In A Name?

Update:  This was suppose to be posted on 17Jul….but news and brain farts kept that from happening….so I offer it today…better late than never….

The US fought a war many years ago and basically to rid ourselves of the monarchy and ever since we have climbed up their butts.  Look at the royal weddings…nothing could be more boring but we Americans eat it up all the pomp and ceremony… is kinda disgusting.

The English royals are from the House of Windsor…..but did you know that is only about 100 years old….actually they are descendants of a German line.

Say huh?

That is correct until 1917 then the name change……to House of Windsor.

On 18July1917 the English papers carried the proclamation that the English monarchy would from that day forward be known as the House of Windsor.

Since the marriage of Victoria – the last of the Hanovers – to Prince Albert, Britain’s royal family had been “of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha”, or Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. In a time of brutal war with Germany, a more German family name would be hard to find.

After three long years of World War I, anti-German feeling had approached fever pitch, fuelled by wild tales of alleged German atrocities.

File this away for if you play Trivial Pursuit or a form of Bar Trivia then you could have the winning answer right here on IST.

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What Does It Take To Be A Good Leader?

For over a year and half now we are told all about how bad Our Dear Leader is and how he is ruining everything……especially the country.

We always hear a politician tell the people what it takes to be a good leader but unfortunately it is their ideas of what it takes not the reality of being a good leader.

So there needs to be a clarification and a standardization of the qualities leadership.

Then there is the question …how many characteristics are there?

Well I found out after much reading and thought that there are 45 characteristics that a good leader should possess…..

What are the qualities which a leader should possess? There have been many attempts at listing the many good qualities which a leader should possess, and cataloguing those undesirable characteristics which he should not possess or should minimize or eliminate. Such a listing often serves only to discourage the aspirant to leadership, because, in summation, they seem to describe an unattainable ideal. However, a goal toward which to aim is necessary, if one is to shape his efforts in self-development so as to gain a satisfactory measure of accomplishment in preparing himself to lead, to guide and direct the efforts of others in any field of common endeavor.

The qualities of the leader may be grouped according to different methods. They may be separated into personal characteristics and professional capabilities; they may be classed as physical, mental, and moral qualities; or they may be considered as those qualities related to the leader himself, and those related to the individuals whom he aspires to lead.

Compare your favorite politician to the list of characteristics…..a true “good leader” will be hard to find these days because most politicians are owned by lobbyists so most will only get about 5 or 6 of the characteristics of the 45……

If you find a politician that has most of the characteristics then I suggest that you work hard to get the person elected….this country needs and deserves good leaders….we have been too long in the fog of shitty politicians….time for that to change.

Disregard parties….pick your candidates by leadership qualities….not by personality.