Are They Happy? Sad?

The weekend and another of my attempts to give my readers and visitors knowledge as much as I possibly can……FYI.

It is a Sunday morning and I am sitting here missing my best friend, Jaz….she was my dog that helped me through a mangled leg recovery and later amputation recovery….she made damn sure that I did not sit around feeling sorry for myself…..

“Is that Bacon?”

When you are cool the sun is always shining!

Just a short trip down memory lane for Jaz left us 2 months ago and I miss her every damn day.

Now that you have met Jaz……Are you a dog person?  Have you ever wondered is what a dog’s tail is saying?  Are they happy?  Sad?

Lucky for you there has been research in this area…..

It’s commonly believed that dogs wag their tails to convey that they are happy and friendly, but this isn’t exactly true.

Dogs do use their tails to communicate, though a wagging tail doesn’t always mean, “Come pet me!”

Dogs have a kind of language that’s based on the position and motion of their tails. The position of a dog’s tail reveals its emotional state.

May she rest in peace…..and I miss her so very much my friend.

That ends my posting for the day….may every one have a good day and a better tomorrow….chuq

Are You Hungry?

When I was a mere boy I recall when the government had a give-a-way……my grandmother would take us kids and wait in long lines for a couple of pounds of butter and some cheese….those were the days before food stamps and such…..

What made me think of those days gone by was something I read about another surplus the government has on its hands…..

There’s a lot of uncertainty these days. So here’s a comforting thought: The United States of America will not run out of cheese or meat anytime soon.

US dairy producers now have a 1.39 billion-pound surplus of cheese, according to data from the US Department of Agriculture. As the Washington Post has noted, that’s the largest domestic reserve of cheddar, Swiss, American, and other cheese varieties on record.

It means there’s enough excess cheese to arm each American citizen with a hefty 4.6 pounds of the crumbly, melty, salty good stuff. Why is this happening? Simply put: US dairy producers have been overproducing milk. Thanks to selective breeding, American cows are more productive than ever. And when demand for milk and dairy goes down in the summer, dairy producers store their excess milk as cheese, which has a longer shelf life in cold storage.

You read that right……2.5 billion (with a “B”) pounds of surplus meat.

What is wrong with having more of these give-a-ways from the past?

My Saturday has started with a bang…..August in the Deep South…..100+ heat and humidity at about 90% or higher…..a joy to behold …..we have another 2 maybe 3 months of heat….I cannot wait for cooler temps……I miss my days in the garden sipping wine and watching the wildlife go by… property has become an unsanctioned refuge….I have many many birds, squirrels, raccoons, and who knows at night….anyway fun to watch them all interact….

Have a good day my friends and thanx for the visits this past week…..much appreciated… well, be safe……chuq

Who is your ‘Worst Briton’?

This is a re-blog of a post my dear friend Pete did on his blog…I read a n article and sent it to him and asked if it would be interesting to see what others in the UK thought….I appreciate all his hard work on this and I look forward to the comments……chuq


I have had a request from my American blogging friend, chuq, over at

He is a predominantly political blogger who writes a lot about the situation in the Middle East, and the current politics in America. Anti-Trump, pro-peace, and a history buff too. He served in Vietnam during that war, and has a lot of experience working in hotspots too. Prompted by an online article, he would like to know who the British readers consider to be their ‘Worst Briton’. If you are in Britain, or live elsewhere but come from here, please give that some thought, and add your own choices in the comments.

Here are some examples of my own ‘Worst Britons’, to give you an idea.

Edward VIII/ Duke of Windsor. A treasonous Nazi-loving member of the Royal Family.

Margaret Thatcher. The hideous woman who ruined this country during her time as Prime Minister.

Tony Blair…

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