Closing Thought–01Aug18

There are always news reports that do not make it to the MSM because of something more important happening around Our Dear Leader……one such story is the new law passed in Israel….you know Israel the only democracy in the Middle East?

The new law passed craps all over that long suffering LIE…..

Israel passed a law this week that has been floating around the Knesset for a half-dozen years. Branded the “nation-state bill,” the legislation declares that Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people, and that “the right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.” It establishes Hebrew as the official language of Israel and downgrades Arabic to a language with “special status,” even though many people in Israel’s sizeable Arab minority primarily speak in Arabic. The law also asserts that Jewish settlement—without specifying where—is a national value, and promises to encourage and advance settlement efforts.

(The Atlantic)

Not very democratic now is it?  But not to worry there is more to add to the LIE of democracy……

The fate of thousands of African Christians living in Israel is uncertain. The government intends to expel them, but questions remain over where the migrants will go and how the Jewish state will make it happen.

The move to deport Black Jews and non-Jews back to Africa buys Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plenty of credibility with his country’s far-right voters. He even added a couple of words to the label to make these poor African natives, many of whom gave birth to children in Israel, sound terrible. He labeled them, “illegal labor infiltrators.” Netanyahu even took the time to blame advocacy for the soon to be exported “infiltrators” on NGO’s funded by billionaire philanthropist, George Soros.


Interesting from a state set up for asylum seekers, huh?

Now ask yourself why the world lets Israel get away with all sorts of crimes….theft, murder, racist BS and still tries to convince the world they are a democracy.

Why is Israel allowed to maintain an inhuman, 11-year illegal blockade of essential goods and services against 1.8 million civilians in Gaza, now virtually without electricity 24/7 and kept near to starvation and collapse, in an Israeli bid to illegally force regime change?

Why is Israel allowed to illegally occupy the Syrian Golan Heights?

Why is Israel allowed to illegally occupy the old city of Arab East Jerusalem?

Why is Israel allowed to have induced 600,000 of its citizens to illegally occupy the Palestinian West Bank in violation of the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights?

The answers my friend are blowing in the wind…….Israel thumbs its nose at the world and human rights after playing the victim card for 25 years to get what they wanted all along……the world needs to take notice……

Remember the date, 19 July 2018 is when Israel’s pretense of democracy, the Knesset passed the Nation State Bill, which could more aptly be called, the “Jewish State Apartheid Law” where Jews dominate the Israeli Palestinian Arabs who are lesser than them, even if they are citizens. I deliberately did not say Israeli Jews because the law gives all rights in historic Palestine to Jews, not only in Israel but across the world, including those Jews that do not identify with the state.

Time to stop using the word “democracy” when referring to Israel.  It is time for Israel to stand on their on and stop hiding behind the skirt of the US.  Time for our Congress to start doing the business of this nation and let Israel go about their murderous ways without us.

We all remember just what damage fascism did to the Jewish population of Europe back in the 1930-40’s, right?

Then what would make Israel embrace the numerous fascist movements of modern day Europe?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban visited Israel on 19 July where he met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials. Orban’s visit would have not required much pause except that the Hungarian leader has been repeatedly branded for his often racist, anti-Semitic remarks.

So why is Orban wining and dining with the leaders of the so-called ‘Jewish State’?

The answer does not pertain only to Orban and Hungary, but to Israel’s attitude towards the rapidly growing far-right movements in Europe as a whole. Netanyahu and Zionist leaders everywhere are not just aware of this massive political shift in European politics but are, in fact, working diligently to utilize it in Israel’s favor.

On his visit to Israel, Orban asserted that Hungarian Jewish citizens should feel safe in his country, an odd statement considering that it was Orban and his party that deprived many Jews and other members of minority groups of any feeling of safety.

Just another illustration of why Israel is no more a democracy than I am a Mexican gardener……

What The Hell Is “Shadow Banning”?

I am an old fart so I am getting confused with all the new techno talk……I recently was introduced to a new term, “Shadow Banning”, now what the Hell is this all about?  (Could this work to the tune of “Jive Talkin'”?)

President Trump said Thursday the White House will look into complaints that Twitter is treating conservatives unfairly by limiting their voice on the platform. “Twitter ‘SHADOW BANNING’ prominent Republicans,” he tweeted. “Not good. We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! Many complaints.” The tweet comes after reports surfaced about the practice and Twitter promised to investigate. Details of what’s happening, including what is broadly meant by “shadow banning”:

  • A definition: “Shadow banning” means punishing a user by making his posts visible only to himself, explains Brian Feldman at New York. The idea is that the user will then get tired of posting and leave voluntarily because of a lack of interaction. Under this definition, that’s not really what was happening as described by a Vice News article, which has been seized on by Republicans and apparently the president himself. (No, “Twitter Is Not ‘Shadow Banning’ Republicans” is the New York headline.)

The Vice story: On Wednesday, the news outlet reported that the names of several big-name figures on the right no longer auto-populated in the site’s popular drop-down search box, and it used the term “shadow banning” in its original headline. Those names included RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, a number of conservative congressmen (including Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz), and the spokesman for Donald Trump Jr. However, the story said the same didn’t apply for well-known liberal figures and lawmakers, with none of the 78 members of the Progressive Caucus affected. (An update to the story says the “shadow ban” problem appears to have been fixed.)

  • Twitter’s response: “We are aware that some accounts are not automatically populating in our search box and shipping a change to address this,” a spokesperson told Vice in the original story. “I’d emphasize that our technology is based on account *behavior* not the content of tweets.” Twitter also referenced this company blog post from May, which states that after changes to the platform to crack down on “troll-like behavior,” those “contributing to the healthy conversation will be more visible in conversations and search.” That is, those who interact with the fringe might be limited as a result, per ThinkProgress.
  • On the left, too: Ashley Feinberg of HuffPost points out that leftists were being similarly affected by the drop-down search limitations.
  • Gizmodo story: The Vice article follows one in Gizmodo over the weekend reporting that far-right figures such as white nationalists Jason Kessler and Richard Spencer were being buried in search results. The Vice News report goes further, suggesting that far more mainstream figures on the right also were being affected.
  • ‘Victimized’: Whatever the term being used, Florida Rep. Gaetz tells the Hill he feels “victimized and violated by a platform that holds itself out to be a public forum.” His office reports a “significant decrease” in retweets and followers gained since the above-mentioned May blog post by Twitter.
  • Facebook, Infowars: The Twitter controversy is playing out as Facebook comes under criticism for refusing to pull controversial content from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his far-right site Infowars, reports Politico. YouTube recently yanked four of Jones’ videos and banned Infowars for broadcasting for 90 days, and Mark Zuckerberg has declined to follow suit. Forbes has details on the yanked videos, including one titled, “How to Prevent Liberalism” that shows a kid pestering a man, then being shoved to the ground.

Seriously?  Is this just the typical bullsh*t from Our Dear Leader’s mouth?…if they were banning conservatives would they not start with the biggest waste of time on Twitter?

To The Stars And Beyond!

The Dear Leader has proposed a 5th military service…a Space Corps….being opinionated SOB so my readers know that I must have written on this subject….and they would be correct…..

But this idea is not a Trump idea……you see our Dear Leader stole it from one Obama….you know the guy he blames for everything that goes wrong……but in the mood of fair play I thought I would let my readers check out a post from 9 years ago……

I give you all this background because of something that I read while surfing the other day…….did you know that there is an actually treaty on outer space?

One theme considered at ASPI’s recent annual Building Australia’s Strategy for Space conference was the growing importance of space law as space becomes more contested, congested and competitive. The basis of space law remains the 1967 Outer Space Treaty (OST), but a lot has happened since it was signed. Perhaps it’s time to review and refresh the treaty.

Article IV of the OST states that….

States Parties to the Treaty undertake not to place in orbit around the Earth any objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, install such weapons on celestial bodies or station weapons in outer space in any other manner.The moon and other celestial bodies shall be used … exclusively for peaceful purposes. The establishment of military bases, installations and fortifications, the testing of any type of weapons and the conduct of military manoeuvres on celestial bodies shall be forbidden …

Sorry but the US, China and Russia have been putting stuff in orbit for decades and yet NO one has ever confirmed that the old treaty was violated……of course it was!

I agree that a new treaty needs to be voted on but knowing the world these days I do not see any chance of an all encompassing treaty….do you?


I really would like my readers thoughts on this…..

Subject Update…..they may have found a way to avoid implementing a Space Force……

The joint House-Senate committee working on the final language of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has declined to include any funding for the creation of he US Space Force, which President Trump announced last month.

Trump had promised that the Space Force would be like the US Air Force, calling it “separate, but equal.” Congress was openly skeptical in the debates, and the final version didn’t offer any direct funding for the plan.

Instead, the committee report instructs Defense Secretary James Mattis to come up with specific plans for warfighting in space, a plan which Congress would use in subsequent years to debate possible funding for the program.


It is that easy….No Money, No Action!

And more was written after the draft and the update……the first report is from a defense sector site…..

The U.S. Defense Department this week will take the first steps to create the Space Force, a new branch of the military ordered up by President Trump but not yet fully backed by Congress.

In coming months, Defense Department leaders plan to stand up three of the four components of the new Space Force: a new combatant command for space, a new joint agency to buy satellites for the military, and a new warfighting community that draws space operators from all service branches. These sweeping changes — on par with the past decade’s establishment of cyber forces — are the part the Pentagon can do without lawmakers’ approval.

After reading the attempt to start the forming process another report came out……

A military branch for space might indeed be necessary for the United States to maintain its superpower status in the final frontier. But the Pentagon and Congress should not rush to create a Space Force without at least weighing the downsides, experts caution.

President Trump on June 18 ordered the Pentagon to form a sixth branch of the military dedicated to space, and Congress is poised to back that request with legislation that would be included in the 2020 defense policy bill.

The president thrust the Space Force into the limelight, but neither the administration nor Congress has clearly defined its mission, said Brian Weeden, program director at the Secure World Foundation.

The news breaks quicker than I can type…..

The highly anticipated report due to Congress this week on how the Pentagon hopes to craft a future “‘Space Force” has been delayed, officials said Tuesday.

“We are in the final coordination stages of the report to Congress on the recommended organization and management structure of space components for the Department of Defense,” Army Lt. Col. Jamie Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said in an email. “We will release the report when coordination is complete, which we anticipate will be soon.”

Put China In A Box

Some have pointed out to me that putting China in a box would be near impossible…..I brought this forward because of something that I read a few days ago while surfing my ass off.

Henry Kissinger,(remember that name?) had a meeting with Our Dear Leader, Donald Trump and instructed him to work with Russia to put China in a box.

Henry Kissinger suggested to President Donald Trump that the United States should work with Russia to contain a rising China.

The former secretary of state—who famously engineered the tactic of establishing diplomatic relations with China in order to isolate the Soviet Union—pitched almost the inverse of that idea to Trump during a series of private meetings during the presidential transition, five people familiar with the matter told The Daily Beast. The potential strategy would use closer relations with Russia, along with other countries in the region, to box in China’s growing power and influence.

Kissinger?  I went to a lecture he gave back in the 1980’s and went to sleep…the man is a monotone and after an hour would but a meth head to sleep.

Henry is one of the original neocons and war is all he sees at every turn.

Trump’s policies seems to be trying to do exactly what Kissinger was calling for in our foreign policy…..but is that what we truly need to be doing to China…after all they hold a lot of our debt.


I recently got a new follower from the West African country of Cameroon….(no it was not a prince that wanted to make me rich) and since I have not done a post on this country I thought I would give some information about the country and some recent news…

French Cameroon became independent in 1960 as the Republic of Cameroon. The following year the southern portion of neighboring British Cameroon voted to merge with the new country to form the Federal Republic of Cameroon. In 1972, a new constitution replaced the federation with a unitary state, the United Republic of Cameroon. The country has generally enjoyed stability, which has enabled the development of agriculture, roads, and railways, as well as a petroleum industry. Despite slow movement toward democratic reform, political power remains firmly in the hands of President Paul BIYA.

Northern part of the country has been fighting Boko Haram for years even with the help of US soldiers special ops…….but some of the news is not reported by the MSM……

Be Warned that enclose video can be disturbing for some…watch at your own risk……

Moments later, a group of soldiers and civilians follows. Another man – dressed in military fatigues and wearing aviator sunglasses — repeatedly strikes a woman who clutches the hand of a young girl, perhaps 7 or 8 years old. “You are going to die,” says the soldier, who refers to the woman as “BH,” an apparent reference to Boko Haram. He steers her off the road, and the young girl, likely her daughter, follows. Another soldier does the same to a second woman who has a toddler strapped to her back, guiding her into a dirt expanse.

Videos of executions have become commonplace in our news culture, with the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, and other terror groups filming atrocities and sharing them on social media. But this video from Cameroon is particularly cold-blooded. The soldiers make the women kneel on the ground. One of the soldiers gestures to the young girl and says, “Yes. Little girl, come here,” directing her to stand next to her mother. He then pulls the girl’s shirt over her head, blindfolding her.

Plus Cameroon is having a bit of a North/South thing……

On the way from Douala to Buea, my vehicle slows at the toll gate on the bridge across the Mungo river, the frontier between the former French Cameroon and former British Southern Cameroons, reunified in 1961. The two regions on either side of the bridge, Littoral and Southwest, are culturally related. Their inhabitants, who are commonly called Sawa, generally call themselves brothers, though some speak French as a first official language and others English. In December, the Ngondo traditional festival brings together people from parts of both regions. But today this fraternity is threatened. The Mungo bridge not only divides the Littoral and Southwest regions geographically, but symbolises a widening gulf between them.

Just some stories from Cameroon…I promise to keep an eye on the situation in the West African nation….plus it helps keep my readers abreast of the events around the world….the more you know the better off you will be.