Sunday, 19Aug18

My area of the state is full of history….mostly French……first settled in 1699….but there is always some history that we try to ignore but it just will not go away……

In 1973 a local man (my local not yours) named Parker told the world that he had been abducted by aliens….he made all the news and even some talk shows….he was held up to ridicule….was he abducted…he believes he was….but beyond that who knows?

We could get the rest of the story now…..Parker has written a book about his experience…..

Calvin Parker was looking for fish. He says he instead found aliens—or, rather, aliens found him. The date was Oct. 11, 1973, but Parker has hardly mentioned it in the 45 years since he and 42-year-old Charles Hickson saw a blinding light over Mississippi’s Pascagoula River. Hickson, who has since died, convinced Parker to go to the authorities, and their account soon spread around the world. But “I never talked about it,” Parker tells the Mississippi Clarion Ledger. Now 64 and in poor health, he’s written a book he hopes will change the minds of “narrow minded” people who “think that we’re the only planet in the solar system that has life on it,” per WLOX. It describes three humanoids with crablike claws floating the men onto a football-shaped craft where they underwent physical examinations.

“I think they injected us with something to calm us down,” Parker tells the Clarion Ledger. “I was kind of numb and went along with the program.” Once returned to the riverbank, however, Parker became terrified. “He was scared to death and literally begging Charles not to talk to us,” now-retired Jackson County Deputy Glenn Ryder tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, adding the men passed polygraph tests and were secretly recorded discussing the encounter. “I’ve never seen nothin’ like that before in my life,” Parker says on the tape, per LADbible. “[People] better wake up and start believin’.” Almost a half-century later, Parker wonders about the alleged aliens, including “where they came from … and why they had to get me,” per the Clarion Ledger. He adds, per WLOX: “I had rather not have it happened.”

My question is….why did this take 40 years to come about?  Could it be the interests that this sort of thing generates thanks to the popularity of the “Ancient Aliens” meme?  He will be a featured speaker at the next AlienCon…..

As long as I am on the subject of ET………

The German government says it has made no preparations for the possibility that aliens might land in the European country, the AP reports. In a response to questions from opposition Green Party lawmaker Dieter Janecek, the government says “there are no protocols or plans for a possible first contact with alien life.” Justifying that stance, the government added it believes “a first contact on German territory is extremely unlikely, based on today’s scientific knowledge.” Deutsche Welle quotes the government as adding, “Concrete cases that could have been the subject of bilateral or multilateral talks with other states are not known.”

That said, more than half of Germans polled in a recent survey say they believe extra-terrestrials are real, per Deutsche Welle. “The reason for believing is a mix of hope and fear,” says a senior consultant with YouGov, which conducted the survey of 1,171 people. “It’s hard for humans to imagine that we are this special and singular in a universe whose end we don’t even know, but it’s also not easy to picture sharing the special status of intelligent life. So I expected an outcome of around fifty-fifty.”

That is my Sunday and the heat is here to stay, at least for a couple more months….

Have a day my friends… well, be safe……chuq


7 thoughts on “Sunday, 19Aug18

  1. Those stories of abduction were rife in the 1970s, and I recall quite a few, though it mostly only seemed to happen in the US. Given the work of S.E.T. I., Area 51, and other ‘secret’ experiments, that always seemed plausible to me.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. This guy and his buddy both made the rounds on talk TV….even made it to David Frost I believe…..but they have been silent for about 40 years and now he wants to relive the experience…I smell self-promotion….chuq

  2. Unlike Americans, Germans are smart. They know there’s no point whatsoever in resisting alien invasion. They will squash us like bugs…or French surrender-monkeys.

    I saw a show where the late, great, Stephen Hawking who said (I’m paraphrasing) “There is no way that aliens arriving on our planet ends well for us. So, we really need to stop broadcasting evidence of our existence to the entire universe.” (TV & radio communications, satellites with laser disks, etc.)

    If they come to us, the BEST case scenario is that it’s their version of stupid, drunken, teenagers driving into the intergalactic countryside to do some “cow-tipping” with people. This won’t be no Vulcan First Contact like that feel-good bullshit in Star Trek. This will be more like To Serve Man from The Twilight Zone. With the eager assistance of the 1%, they almost instantly take over. They will enslave us, take our resources and experiment on us like Dr Joseph Mengele did with his “patients”. And if we taste good to them, Earth will become a feed lot in no time. And for any aliens with any moral qualms about it, a brief examination of human history will put those qualms to rest.

    But as we all know, David Icke has told us the truth; that the 80’s mini-series “V” is for real. Cold blooded, reptilian, aliens from another planet have been here for some time. They’ve been posing as humans and make up a decent chunk of our global elites. For example, Loserbook is run by one.

    1. Th UN resolution on aliens…..chuq

  3. I don’t think that we humans will ever have contact with extraterrestrials. Because they are searching for INTELLIGENT spezies. I think that extraterrestrials are making a wide arc around earth since many years. 😉

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