Those Sex Dolls

I have been writing this blog daily since 2006 my most popular posts have been ones about sex….the post that has the most hits of all times is the one I wrote entitled “Watermelon Makes You Horny” (I just wish some of my more serious posts were that popular)….and since it is the weekend and I must post something that has nothing to do with a trial or a “tell all” book or some sand box pissing contest….I will go to an old reliable…..SEX!

It seems that there may be a problem brewing for Japan when it comes to sex………

As Japanese birth rates plummet amid a generational fertility crisis, experts have fingered an explosion in sex dolls as an emerging threat to the country’s already-dire population problem – with some even saying they will lead to the “extinction” of the Japanese race.

According to the RT documentary “Substitutes,” industry insiders say that around 2,000 life-like sex dolls – with adjustable fingers, removable head and customizable genitals are sold annually in Japan. Assuming costs come down and the Japanese workforce continues to put in 14-hour days, there could be tens of thousands of sex dolls floating around the island nation within a decade. Maybe don’t look in random closets when visiting friends in Japan.

Will this post become as popular as “Watermelon Makes You Horny”?

My day will be limited by strong Summer afternoon thunder showers…..but at least the weather will cool down a bit after the rain….it may go from 100 to 95……

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and thank you for your visits this past week and I hope to see everyone in the coming week……

Peace Out my friends!


25 thoughts on “Those Sex Dolls

  1. I can write volumes on all this.. and, no, not from direct experience, but in human sexuality and the merging of technology. I had a website for 10 years with a theme of human sexuality and fantasy feelings.. and it was amazing all the communications I received over the years.. a couple police profilers on cases, a number of people reluctant to share their names or much of their personal life for fear I might recognize them as public figures… my website was featured in a Hustler article a zillion years ago.. and I did a couple web radio interviews… and someone even sent me a pic of my website page on a BBC program.

    There is so much more to this sex doll thing than just what some folks might think is mostly old lonely guys in Japan who lost their wives. What is going to replace sex dolls will be virtual reality and that will truly make an impact. Just think “Total Recall” with a sexual theme. There’s something to be said for slapping on some headgear and convincing your brain that you are living out your most intimate sexual fantasy. And when I say “convincing your brain” I mean exactly that… when it’s over and you take off the headgear you literally, physiologically feel as if you just had sex.
    Toss into your “sex program” some artificial intelligence.. and now you have the possibility of a relationship response with the characters in your program.

    It’s gonna be a brave new world on the sexual horizon very shortly. Imagine the fun us old farts can still have in spite of our ages!

      1. And think about less sex crimes! Deviates (a misnomer, btw), pedo pervs, sicko rapists, horny Catholic priests, etc. can program any fantasy they wish and not harm real people.

      2. Well… hookers are still human beings.. and they bleed and get broken bones… and can die if abused physically for pleasure. So legalizing hookers will never eliminate sexual crimes.

      3. But at the same time, it “normalizes” the activity. One need only to look at Agent Orange in the White House to see how fast even the most abhorrent behaviours can become “normalized”. And the more convincing those sex robots are, the less of a differentiation there is between robot & non-robot victims.

        One need only watch HBO’s Westworld to see what happens when those sex robots start becoming sentient and realize how they’ve been treated. And that kind of shit is definitely in our future.

      4. Well, jeepers.. thanks so much for bursting my balloon (um.. figuratively, of course). Guess I’ll go crawl back into my self-imposed personal rest home for the aging and senile.

      5. Sorry, to burst your bubble man…But these days, silly fantasies get turned into dangerous realities. (See: White House)

        But hey, you still got 2 functioning hands and an imagination, don’t you? Problem solved!

  2. I’m not sure I am ready for Doug’s VR fantasies just yet, but they would definitely be preferable to a rubber doll; no matter how well-made, or supposedly ‘realistic’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete. (68 F and cloudy here)

    1. Well, Pete, you’re into the arts.. just imagine a like minded.. um.. virtual reality lady of your choice sharing some classical interlude fantasy. (heading up to 100 F here, and thanks to chuq, it’s getting warmer now.)

  3. When do the robots come out. The ones in the movie West World. Those seemed real. Brain fantasies from being hooked up to some wires. Bains are prey pretty easy to fool. Maybe that will work but does not sound like it to me.

  4. We’re not just talking about silicon sex dolls here. If only! Those things are “so-ten-years-ago”. We’re talking about sex robots. Fuck objects that can move and talk…and will soon think…at least as well as a QAnon follower.

    These things are getting more realistic by the hour. They’re also delving into AI, which is THE most concerning part of all. One company is really pressing this angle. They’ve already built a model that you can have texting “conversations” with while at work, via your stupid-phone. Because apparently, there aren’t already enough distractions in life. You’ve also got to get into petty arguments with your nagging sex-robot while (allegedly) working. But this just goes to show you the complete fallacy of the argument that all these incessant devices are about human interaction/connection. It’s not really about the human at the other end. It’s about you and your device…and now your device at the other end. If you can’t tell, or don’t even care, if that’s a human is at the other end…it ain’t about human interaction any more. It’s basically masturbation.

    To me, the entire purpose of a sex-robot is to avoid all the stupid bullshit that comes with real humans! “Drop trousers. Get ‘er done! Problem solved.” Anything else is a very expensive waste of time. And something else to think about….these expensive, Interweb-connected, horizontal devices will almost certainly compile all kinds of data on you and send it back to their corporate HQ to be monetized and used by the ever-growing mind control industry.

    There’s a race going on among companies to crank out the most realistic, human replacements. Sure, pigs that we are, the first impulse is “Hey, something new to fuck!” But that’s just the beginning. As seen in the AMC show Humans the second they’re functional, these motherfuckers will instantly replace humans. For the annual salary of one human, you can legally purchase a slave. You don’t have to pay them, feed them, or even whip them. But if they got AI and are hooked into the Webspipes, Robo-Nat Turner will inevitably start a revolt.

    This is absolutely HBO’s Westworld series. Except Westworld was a sealed-off, self-contained, theme park and they had decades of development before putting the robots in that sealed-off environment. In our world, our rushed-to-market robots will walk freely amongst us. They will almost certainly be connected via the Interwebs and exposed other AI’s & hackers. To ask the least asked question of the New Millenium….”What could possibly go wrong?”

    Because they’re smarter, faster, more durable, interconnected…and will have every reason to want to see us dead…Shit will be almost over before we humans even know it’s happening.

      1. Bingo. We (males) want human perfection as “we” (males) define the need for ourselves, in our partners. Relationship without complexities; love without conditions (not unconditional love); companionship on all levels without having to communicate our boundaries. The desire to engage and share without fear of it coming back to haunt you 5 years from now during a heated exchange. Oh, did I mention.. no heated exchanges with a robot?
        Yep.. give me a Trekian holodeck any day. “Computah… end progrum.”

      2. Doug, I say “Computer; end program” about 50-60 times a day now, just in the desperate hope that it will. Unfortunately, that function has ceased to work and I remain stuck in this hellhole.

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