SCOTUS Failures

As we wait for the Congress to return after Labor Day and get to work (sound raucous laughter)…….

Oh goody….Our Dear Leader gets to nominate another ankle grabbing conserv for SCOTUS….but over the years there have been a few unsuccessful attempts to become a judge on the highest court of the land…..(side note:  It use to be a noble institution now it is nothing more than the politicians and business controlling the nation through rulings)

Most of us old farts remember Bork and that woman that GW Bush, Rosemary “something”, put up and then withdrew…..but how far back does this sort of thing go back in our nation’s history?

Surprise…..Surprise….it goes as far back as the very beginning….

Since it was established in 1789, presidents have nominated 162 people to the Supreme Court, but only 125 have been confirmed. Turns out, there’s a long history of fights over who gets on the bench, Ayers says.

“As you know, the two-party system is in turmoil. People … simply aren’t going to give the other guys a chance to make something,” he says. “And of course, we all know this is such outsize importance because it’s for life. And so, as ugly as other fights are, there’s nothing quite like a Supreme Court justice fight.”

There is the rub…..the nomination is more about ideology than it is independence of the Judiciary……it is who gets to do what…..the nation is seldom in the equation.

The fight for the confirmation is nothing new and the history of SCOTUS shows us that people failing to meet the requirements of the nomination process is nothing new.

Class dismissed!

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