Tanden In Trouble

Biden’s pick to lead the Office of Budget and Management, Neera Tanden, is in trouble…..it seems that she had a few mean spirited Tweets that the GOP and couple of GOP wannabes in the Dem side did not appreciate…..but what did she write?

Glad you asked.

In November, GOP Sen. John Cornyn said there was “zero chance” that Neera Tanden, President Biden’s nominee for director of the Office of Management and Budget, would be confirmed. He may have been right. Moderate Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Mitt Romney said Monday that they would oppose Tanden, Politico reports. Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin said Friday that he will vote against her confirmation, meaning the nomination will fail if she can’t get at least one Republican vote. All three senators cited Tanden’s history of mean tweets, one of which described Collins as “the worst,” reports the Guardian.

Manchin said he believed Tanden’s “overtly partisan statements will have a toxic and detrimental impact on the important working relationship” between Congress and the office, which has a major role in overseeing agency budgets. Collins said Tanden’s decision to delete more than 1,000 tweets after the election “raises concerns about her commitment to transparency,” while a Romney spokesperson said it would be “hard to return to comity and respect with a nominee who has issued a thousand mean tweets.” Tanden is now likely to be the first Biden nominee to fail, though the White House is standing by her. “Looking ahead to the committee votes this week and continuing to work toward her confirmation,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted Monday.


After four years of constant mean Tweets by a president and this is what they want to use to disqualify her from the post?  And yet they championed many of the mean Tweets by Donald the Orange.


There is so much more that should disqualify her….

Tanden positions: – Cut SS, Medicare & Medicaid – Deny Palestinian human rights – Opposes $15/hr min. wage – Supports wars to steal resources from developing nations

I believe that those would disqualify her….but I am not a partisan hack…..so real life means more than some silly social media BS.

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Biden’s CIA

I would like to leave behind now the moronic action of 06 January and return to the scrutiny of Biden’s Cabinet picks.

He has made his choice to lead the spy agency, the CIA…..

President-elect Joe Biden announced Monday he has chosen veteran diplomat William Burns to be his CIA director. A former ambassador to Russia and Jordan, Burns, 64, had a 33-year career at the State Department under both Republican and Democratic presidents. He rose through the ranks of the diplomatic corps to become deputy secretary of state before retiring in 2014 to run the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace. Amid tumult in the State Department after President Trump took office in 2017, Burns held his tongue until last year when he began writing highly critical pieces of the Trump administration’s policies in Foreign Affairs and other publications, reports the AP. Burns has been a staunch advocate of rebuilding and restructuring the foreign service, positions Biden has aligned himself with.

In an opinion piece on the pick for the Washington Post, David Ignatius frames the choice: “What’s likely to have appealed to Biden … is [Burns’] reputation as a nonpartisan figure who served in hard places—Russia and the Middle East—and over the years developed close relationships with the countries that are the CIA’s key liaison partners. His biggest challenge will be dealing with a quirky, cliquey CIA culture that is often resistant to change. CIA operatives have been masterful over the years at bending new directors to their priorities.” And from Biden himself: “Bill Burns is an exemplary diplomat with decades of experience on the world stage keeping our people and our country safe and secure. The American people will sleep soundly with him as our next CIA director.”

There you have the fluff piece on the new nominee….a person I am not convinced is the best choice to run the agency…..because he will eventually be consumed by the culture.

In nominating former Deputy Secretary of State William Burns to be CIA director, President-elect Joe Biden has chosen a highly experienced diplomat to lead a hydra-headed agency.

But, if past is precedent, the highest hydras who head calcified fiefdoms at CIA can be expected to resist any real control from the top. They are more likely to try to co-opt top management or make end runs around it. This is not new.

Most senior CIA operations officers, in particular, have never been comfortable with meaningful supervision, lest it lead to reining them in or impinging on their ample budgets. With secrecy always in play (including strict application of the “need-to-know” principle), Burns will need a good deputy – preferably a strong outsider – to avoid being blind-sided – or diddled.

Burns lacks proven experience managing organizations as large and variegated as the agency, so the jury is out on whether he will be able to do it.

Can William Burns Change the CIA?

All in all….it will be “same as it ever was”…..

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Why Do You Dislike The SecDef Nominee So Much?

President-elect Joe Biden has designated Michele Flournoy as the new Secretary of Defense…..and I have not agree with his choice….my earlier thoughts…..https://lobotero.com/2020/11/19/will-michele-be-the-new-secdef/

I am a what use to be called a pecae-nik….I abhor war in all its forms…and Flournoy is the very best example of a warmonger….

“Flournoy was wrong about Iraq, as Biden has acknowledged he was. But she was then also wrong about Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Libya,” Ellsberg said in a statement released by RootsAction.org, part of a coalition of progressive advocacy groups pressuring the former vice president to pick a defense secretary committed to peace and without ties to the military-industrial complex.

“She is wrong right now in opposing the congressional ban on all arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and in planning to maintain Minuteman-type land-based ICBMs, the hair-trigger to the Doomsday Machine,” Ellsberg continued. “Her unquestioned intelligence and competence have long been in service to her serious interventionist misjudgments and to her own involvement in a revolving-door military-industrial complex.”

To the chagrin of progressives leading the charge against Flournoy, the former Pentagon official has gained the support of some prominent organizations, including the Ploughshares Fund and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Other anti-war groups have yet to speak out publicly about Flournoy, who is still considered the Biden team’s frontrunner for defense secretary.


I guess if you have been interested enough to pay attention to the past then Flournoy is perfect fit with Biden….for he was for all our wars before he was against them.

If confirmed then we will continue our endless wars….putting our people in danger and wasting valuable time and money on unwinnable bullshit.

Flournoy like Biden decisions are made from politics not conviction….and that is what gets Americans killed for no damn reason other than to keep profits coming in.

Does that help explain why I dislike his choice for SecDef?

If not then you are thick!

Sadly all my work to show why she would not be the best choice was for naught…..Biden nominated another M-IC hardliner as SecDef…..

President-elect Joe Biden will nominate retired four-star Army general Lloyd J. Austin to be secretary of defense, according to four people familiar with the decision who spoke to the AP. If confirmed by the Senate, Austin would be the first Black leader of the Pentagon. Biden selected Austin over the longtime front-runner candidate, Michele Flournoy, a former senior Pentagon official and Biden supporter who would have been the first woman to serve as defense secretary. Biden also had considered Jeh Johnson, a former Pentagon general counsel and former secretary of homeland defense. Biden offered and Austin accepted the post on Sunday, according to a person familiar with the process. Three sources who spoke to Politico say a formal announcement could come as soon as Tuesday. Austin’s nomination, however, is already proving controversial.

As a career military officer, the 67-year-old Austin is likely to face opposition from some in Congress and in the defense establishment who believe in drawing a clear line between civilian and military leadership of the Pentagon. Although many previous defense secretaries have served briefly in the military, only two—George C. Marshall and James Mattis—have been career officers. Marshall also served as secretary of state. Like Mattis, Austin would need to obtain a congressional waiver to serve as defense secretary since he has not been retired for the necessary seven years. Congress intended civilian control of the military when it created the position of secretary of defense in 1947 and prohibited a recently retired military officer from holding the position. Austin is a 1975 graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and served 41 years in uniform. He retired from the Army in 2016.

If you cannot get a bureaucratic warmonger then you go to the M-IC and the revolving door of retired generals for your pick.

No change here…..just do the favor for your high dollar donors.

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Obama Redux?

Our new president-elect is set about putting a cabinet together to run this country and so far he has done nothing that would have me believe he wants his own mark on the presidency.

Why would I say that?

So far he has nominated people from the Obama admin….so is he trying to make the Obama years to extend another 4 years?

Foreign policy–Obama…..

President-elect Joe Biden’s latest picks for upcoming national security and foreign policy posts have received mixed reviews from progressives, as leaders and activists express concern, as well as hesitant approval, over the administration’s exclusively Obama-era transition team. 

Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Monday announced their nominations for some top policy posts, including secretary of state; secretary of homeland security; director of national intelligence; national security advisor; and US ambassador to the United Nations, among others. 

While progressive congressional leaders have largely stayed away from harsh criticisms, progressives activists, who last week largely condemned Biden’s choice of Pentagon advisers, are accusing the incoming president of going with nominations that will extend US interventionist policies.


Because he cannot get past the M-IC there will be little difference between Obama and Biden admin….foreign policy and national security…..

Joe Biden has named a group of Obama-era officials for top foreign policy and national security positions in his prospective administration.

The former vice president intends to nominate Tony Blinken, who was deputy secretary of state under former President Barack Obama from 2015 to 2017, as secretary of state.

Alejandro Mayorkas, deputy secretary of homeland security from 2013 to 2016, is Biden’s choice for secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Mayorkas would be the first Hispanic to serve in the position if confirmed by the U.S. Senate.


I see nothing changing in these endless wars and the massive corruption and influence of the M-IC on our government.

Is this what you wanted for your vote?

I have said many times before and after the election that nothing will change….only the fool on the Hill….this is what you get when you vote against a person and not for policies or values.

And a poll that gets little attention bares out what I keep saying….

Bolstering calls for President-elect Joe Biden to keep business insiders and industry lobbyists out of his Cabinet, new survey results reveal that 68% of Americans want members of the U.S. Senate to reject any corporate-linked nominees proposed by the incoming president.

The Data for Progress poll, sponsored by Demand Progress and first reported Tuesday by The Daily Poster, found that a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents across all documented demographics agree about how the Senate should respond to such nominees.

The majority of likely voters surveyed believe that if Biden tries to install corporate executives and lobbyists in top positions of his administration, senators should vote against confirming them and urge the president-elect to “instead put forth nominees who have worked to forward the interests of everyday Americans.


I know…..polls are usually wrong….is that your choice of attack?

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Biden’s Minister Of Propaganda

Closing Thought–18Nov20

We all are well aware just how much lying the president and his butt boys can do…..I have labelled it propaganda……and yet Biden has hired a dude that is proud of his propagandizing….

Richard Stengel, the top state media appointee for US President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team, has enthusiastically defended the use of propaganda against Americans.

“My old job at the State Department was what people used to joke as the chief propagandist,” Stengel said in 2018. “I’m not against propaganda. Every country does it, and they have to do it to their own population. And I don’t necessarily think it’s that awful.”

Richard “Rick” Stengel was the longest serving under-secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs in US history.

At the State Department under President Barack Obama, Stengel boasted that he “started the only entity in government, non-classified entity, that combated Russian disinformation.” That institution was known as the Global Engagement Center, and it amounted to a massive vehicle for advancing US government propaganda around the world.

A committed crusader in what he openly describes as a global “information war,” Stengel has proudly proclaimed his dedication to the carefully management of the public’s access to information.

Biden state media appointee advocated using propaganda against Americans and ‘rethinking’ First Amendment

Do not trust someone because they are tied to Obama in some way.

I have tried to help my reader understand and identify propaganda in all they see and hear…..



The 24 hour news cycle and social media have turned propaganda into something”noble”…..that is where I draw the line…propaganda is lies used to persuade…..PERIOD!

Now we have a dude that thinks propaganda is a ‘good thing’…..that is not better than the fools in the outgoing administration.

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Dear Democrats–Great Idea But Laughable

I have often stated that I think Dems have great ideas they just suck at politics…..and a recent attempt by Progressives if Biden is elected is another of those great ideas I speak of but it is also goddam hilarious.

The Progressive want Biden to pledge to deny lobbyists and other sycophants places in the cabinet….

A group of progressive lawmakers, candidates, and organizations have collectively signed a letter urging Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to eschew appointing corporate executives and lobbyists to his administration if he is elected, Politico reported Friday. 

According to Politico, signatories to the letter include Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.), Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), and New York congressional candidate Jamaal Bowman.

Groups that signed include Public Citizen, Communications Workers of America, Greenpeace USA, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee—which is closely associated with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and Our Revolution, founded by supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“One of the most important lessons of the Trump administration is the need to stop putting corporate officers and lobbyists in charge of our government,” the letter, which was delivered to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Friday morning, states.


Let me reiterate….a great idea….but laughable.

Does anyone really think that Biden will ignore all those big dollar donors after he is elected?  Again damn laughable!

A great idea that is more theatrics than actual policy desires…..

I am all for getting “fat cats” out of the government but it is just a dream that they will ever be eliminated from the reins of power…..after all they do want something for all that cash they spread about like so much fertilizer.

Money is why you will never be in government….that is unless you sell what is left of your soul to the soulless….it is never about the service but rather the money and the influence.

I have let it be known what I think we should do with these sycophants…..https://lobotero.com/2020/09/22/arrest-the-lot-of-them/

Dems please stop cracking wise and focus on an actual Progressive agenda that will benefit the people….all the people.

Be Smart!

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Trump’s SCOTUS Lotto Is Done

I try to avoid the silliness of the nation on weekends….but sometimes there is news that truly needs to be reported…….

Looks like Donald the Orange has made his much awaited decision on who he would nominate to replace Ginsburg on SCOTUS…….and the winner is…..Amy Coney Barrett.

It appears that President Trump has his new Supreme Court nominee. The Washington Post, Politico, the New York Times, and Axios all report that sources are pointing to federal appeals court judge Amy Coney Barrett as Trump’s pick to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a move that would significantly push the Supreme Court even further to the right, with a 6-3 conservative majority. The 48-year-old Barrett, who has served on the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit since 2017, would be the third relatively young conservative justice appointed by Trump to the high court, joining Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, both in their 50s, on the bench.

Barrett, whom the Times calls a “polar opposite” to Ginsburg, was in the running to replace Justice Anthony M. Kennedy when he retired in 2018. Trump, however, was said to be “saving” the devout Catholic, known for her deeply conservative views on such topics as abortion and LGBT issues, for when Ginsburg’s slot opened up. A caveat from the Times, though, on Trump’s supposed nominee: “As they often do, aides cautioned that Mr. Trump sometimes upends his own plans.” On Friday night, in response to questions from reporters on his pick, Trump would only say he’s made his pick “in my own mind, yes,” and that “I haven’t said it was [Barrett], but she is outstanding,” per Politico.

There is so much more……this pick is polar opposite to Ginsburg…..but what can we expect when we allow ideologues make the picks for the president.

The 48-year-old Barrett was appointed by Trump to the appeals court in 2017, and was also reportedly a finalist for Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat in 2018. She has been portrayed as a favorite of social conservatives seeking to push against the Supreme Court’s abortion jurisprudence. She is unusual, compared especially to famously (and perhaps strategically) tight-lipped recent nominees like Brett Kavanaugh and Elena Kagan, for her extensive paper trail on questions of constitutional law. As a legal academic, she’s written extensively on what obedience to the original meaning of the Constitution requires of judges and members of Congress; how to reconcile the importance of precedent with allegiance to the Constitution’s original meaning; and how precedent can be used to mediate deep disagreements about the law.

As a result, we know more about her jurisprudential beliefs than we’ll know about those of any SCOTUS nominee since, perhaps, Ginsburg. We know she identifies as an originalist who believes that the original public meaning of the Constitution is binding law. But we also know that she is skeptical of the radical libertarian originalist idea that economic regulation is presumptively unconstitutional, and that she believes some Supreme Court decisions that originalists may conclude are incorrectly decided nonetheless stand as “superprecedents” that the Court can abide by.

Her legal writing has also prompted heated reactions from detractors. One piece (with fellow law professor John Garvey) on when Catholic judges might be obligated to recuse themselves from death penalty cases, prompted criticism from Senate Democrats during her appeals court confirmation hearings, who suggested Barrett was unable to separate her faith from her jurisprudence (a charge she strongly rejected).

(Read More)


Read and weep……this is what our “impartial referee” of the Constitution has become a plaything of ideologues.

30+ days until the election and now the Dems have something else to bitch about…..which they need to focus on the vote and let this minor irritant go for the more they bitch and whine the more they turn people off.

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Joe’s Our Man

How many of you think that Joe Biden was the nominee of the Dems? Well he was the presumptive nominee but now it is official (as if we needed this now)……

After primaries and caucuses in 42 states and the District of Columbia, Joe Biden won the last few delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination for president late Friday, per the AP. Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island were among the eight states holding elections Tuesday, but a huge increase in vote-by-mail ballots meant election officials were still counting ballots Friday. As the states that voted Tuesday updated their results, a team of analysts at the Associated Press parsed the votes into the correct congressional districts so the delegates could be allocated between Biden and Bernie Sanders. The former vice president now has a total of 1,993 delegates—it takes 1,991 delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot at the Democratic National Convention.

Biden became the party’s presumptive nominee two months ago, following decisive wins over Sanders in several March primaries and in Wisconsin on April 7. The Vermont senator, the final major challenger in the race, dropped out the next day. Biden would have wrapped up the Democratic nomination much earlier, if not for the coronavirus pandemic—15 states, along with Guam and Puerto Rico, postponed their nominating contests due to the outbreak. Still, it’s not unusual for a Democratic nominee to clinch the party’s nomination in early June. That’s when Barack Obama in 2008 and Clinton in 2016 reached the milestone.

Seems kinda subdued for he, Joe, has been acting like the crowned king of the DNC since the start of the pandemic.

So for me it is official…..I need to start looking harder for a candidate that I can actually support.

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Be Well….Be Safe….

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We Have A New Judge

This post is for those intelligent beings that put this court thingy on hold so they could enjoy their weekend……On this day 08Oct18 we have a new star rising in the cesspool that we call the Supreme Court.

The vote is in and the Supreme Court has a new judge….a political, partisan, hard drinking perv is on the court for life…..a partisan d/bag will take his seat just in time for a ruling on a case that could involve the president….you will be watching…..

It all took place Friday and over the weekend…the confirmation that is……and if you found the whole process putrid but still would like to know what happened then tune in to IST…I can help with you education…..

The smart money now says Brett Kavanaugh will be the next Supreme Court justice. That became evident Friday afternoon when the Democrats’ last big hope, Republican Susan Collins, announced that she would vote yes on confirmation, reports the Washington Post. After her announcement, Democrat Joe Manchin, another swing vote, said he would do the same. The math now looks hopeless for Democrats ahead of Saturday’s expected vote, even with Republican Susan Collins voting against Kavanaugh. All this comes after Friday morning’s decision to end debate and move toward a final vote. Details and developments:

  • The math: Kavanaugh supporters won Friday’s procedural vote by a narrow 51-49 margin, and Democrats would need to flip two of those yes votes into no’s in order to stop the nomination. A tie wouldn’t cut it for Democrats because VP Mike Pence is the tie-breaker. That put the focus on the swing votes of Collins, Murkowski, and Jeff Flake, all Republicans, along with Democrat Manchin.
  • Flake: The Arizona Republican voted yes on Friday’s procedural matter, and he says he plans to vote in favor of Kavanaugh on Saturday “unless something big changed,” reports Politico. But, he added, “I don’t see what would.”

Collins: She gave a 45-minute speech from the Senate floor in which she talked about the Kavanaugh allegations and the confirmation process. “I do not believe that these charges can fairly prevent Judge Kavanaugh from serving on the court,” Collins said, per Politico. “I will vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.”

  • Murkowski: She was the only Republican to break ranks Friday and vote against moving Kavanaugh’s nomination forward. “I believe that Brett Kavanaugh is a good man,” but perhaps “not the right man for the court at this time,” the Alaska Republican told reporters, per NBC News. The comments suggest Murkowski is a firm “no” on Saturday, though the New York Times reports that Republicans were pressuring her to change her mind. Now it likely won’t be necessary.
  • Manchin: He’s the only Democrat who voted yes on Kavanaugh Friday, and fellow Democrats hoped to change his mind on Saturday. But Manchin announced Friday afternoon that he would vote for the “qualified jurist,” reports the AP. Even if he flips and votes no, that would lead only to a 50-50 tie, which Pence would break in favor of Kavanaugh. As the Washington Post notes, Manchin serves red-state West Virginia, and he’s in a tough re-election race.
  • Palin to Murkowski: “Hey @LisaMurkowski — I can see 2022 from my house,” tweeted the former Alaska governor in regard to the Alaska senator’s “no” vote on Kavanaugh. Palin urged Alaskans to make Murkowski pay for the decision when she’s up for re-election.
  • Bad timing: GOP Sen. Steve Daines of Montana has a big conflict on Saturday: He has to walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding in Montana. Republicans could hold the vote open for Daines if his vote is needed to push Kavanaugh over the top, but the senator tells the AP that he will fly back to DC by private jet if he’s needed. Daines says Montana congressman Greg Gianforte, a fellow Republican, has offered up his plane.
  • The tea leaves: “It’s theoretically possible that some combination of Collins, Flake, and Manchin could still change their mind between now and the final vote,” observes Josh Voorhees at Slate. But “the writing is on the wall.”
  • A suggestion: An op-ed in the Hill says the Kavanaugh drama illustrates one thing that should be evident to both parties: It’s time to amend the Constitution and institute term limits for Supreme Court justices, writes law professor Alan Morrison of George Washington University. He suggests 18-year terms.

Maybe the markets did not see his confirmation as a good thing….. U.S. stocks closed lower as a three-day surge in government bond yields has investors worrying about rising interest rates, the AP reports. The Labor Department said the economy continues to add jobs at a strong pace. Investors sold bonds, sending their prices lower. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note rose to 3.24%, its highest since mid-2011. The S&P 500 fell a further 16 points, or 0.6%, to 2,885. On Thursday it took its largest loss since June. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 180 points, or 0.7%, to 26,447. The Nasdaq composite fell 91 points, or 1.2%, to 7,788. The Nasdaq fell more than 3% this week, its worst in six months.

In case you are not sure about the judiciary let me help with that….

Personally I was NOT impressed by all the the theatrics around this appointment……Repubs being the butt boy of the president and disregarding the Constitution and the Dems for using this as try outs for the next presidential election.

The Founders would be ashamed of the dramatics around this important appointment.

Arm yourself with facts and you can never lose.

Did I help?

This last part is just FYI……

Brett Needs To Go Away

The SCOTUS is suppose to be a neutral arena for the decisions on laws in this country…..granted all judges have a partisan side but they keep it to themselves because of the rulings they will be asked to hand down…….Kavanaugh has taken the step that will taint every decision he gives…..

He made sure that he let it been known that these were his words and no one influenced his composition of statement….

Brett Kavanaugh admits he “might have been too emotional at times” when he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week—but he says he will be an impartial judge if confirmed to the Supreme Court. “I was very emotional last Thursday, more so than I have ever been,” he writes in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. “I know that my tone was sharp, and I said a few things I should not have said,” Kavanaugh writes, explaining that he was “forceful and passionate” because of his “overwhelming frustration at being wrongly accused … of horrible conduct completely contrary to my record and character” and at the “unfairness” of how the sexual assault allegations had been handled.

Kavanaugh, who was criticized for the partisan tone of his testimony and his angry responses to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, among others, says he will be continue to be “hardworking, even-keeled, open-minded, independent, and dedicated to the Constitution and the public good.” As a judge, he says, “I have always treated colleagues and litigants with the utmost respect.” The Supreme Court “must never be viewed as a partisan institution,” he writes, promising to “strive to be a team player” if confirmed. “I revere the Constitution,” he writes. “I believe that an independent and impartial judiciary is essential to our constitutional republic.” (More than 1,000 law professors signed a letter to the Senate saying Kavanaugh lacks “judicial temperament.”)

Playing to the lowest denominator Brett has proven that he is not fit to be a judge appointed for life.  He is a partisan hack…..not judicial quality.

The accusations be damn……the reality of his temperament shows that he is a petty person that does not belong on the highest court in the land.

If confirmed then a possible impeachment should be considered.  PERIOD!