Closing Thought–21Dec17

We hear a lot these days about the impeachment of Trump….there are people calling for this all over social media and even some media outlets.  But here is something to think about…..

If Trump leaves office we will get the next person in line for ascension, VP Mike Pence, a theocrat…….

I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.” – Mike Pence, Speech to Republican National Convention, 2017

When (and if) Donald J. Trump leaves office – via impeachment, criminal indictment and conviction, resignation, or the 25th amendment – Mike Pence, his Vice President will become President. Mike Pence does not have a secret agenda – he is all out there: “My Christian faith is at the very heart of who I am,” he said during one of the vice presidential debates. And he means that. Welcome to Christian Theocracy.

But what if he is implicated when the investigations are complete and also resigns…that would leave Speaker Ryan next inline…a proven coward…..

Personally, I would rather Ryan than Pence…..Pence is a theocrat and will rein from under a Bible…..something that our founders did not want.

Just a little something to think about during this joyous season.

Until the morrow my friends….chuq

Bullies Of A Feather Play Together

I see that our clueless ambassador to the UN has taken a page from the bullying manual written by her ruler, Trump.

Recently the US vetoed a UN Security Council resolution on the the situation of Jerusalem…..Amb. Haley has threatened the world…..

Consider it a not-so-veiled threat. The UN General Assembly votes Thursday on whether to reject President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and US Ambassador Nikki Haley is warning that the US will be paying very close attention. “When we make a decision, at the will of the American ppl, abt where to locate OUR embassy, we don’t expect those we’ve helped to target us,” she tweeted. “On Thurs there’ll be a vote criticizing our choice. The US will be taking names.” In a letter circulated to other countries, Haley reiterates the point, reports the Guardian. “As you consider your vote, I encourage you to know the president and the US take this vote personally,” she writes, adding that she’ll be reporting back to Trump on the nay votes.

It’s unclear whether the US pressure will work. When the Security Council voted on a similar measure Monday, the other 14 members of the council voted against the US. However, because the US has veto power on the council, the measure failed anyway. No such vetoes are in play during the General Assembly vote, which is being held at the request of Arab and Muslim states, reports the BBC. A draft of the non-binding resolution asks the General Assembly to declare the American move “null and void,” and Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour predicts victory: “The General Assembly will say, without the fear of the veto, that the international community is refusing to accept the unilateral position of the United States.”

The American Conservative has touched on this attempt at a Trumpian bully……

Haley’s petty, threatening remarks compound the embarrassment of the U.S. veto she cast earlier this week. Having lost the Security Council vote 14-1, an effective diplomat would at least be seeking to conciliate and appeal to governments that might be willing to abstain instead of voting against the U.S. position. A smart one would be recommending that the president rethink his position. Instead, Haley directly challenges every member of the U.N. and makes an implicit threat that they will pay a penalty if they don’t vote as the U.S. wants. That will make it very easy for Haley to keep track of the names of all governments that vote against the administration’s position, since it will be almost every single member state.

This person, Haley, is a clueless diplomat, if you can use that term to describe her, this arrogance will do NOTHING but make her look foolish and a dumb-ass like her employer.

If she makes good on these threats then she will open the door for China and Russia to step into the void where the US use to occupy to gain more influence around the world.

None of this will “Make America Great Again”…another promise broke but who’s counting?

ISIS Update

Once the noise of the tax cuts bill calm down and after the holidays maybe the country will wonder what the Hell happened to ISIS……you remember them, right?

What’s going on with them?  Are they defeated?  Will they come back elsewhere?

Awhile back I wrote about the US giving ISIS fighters a free ride out of a besieged Syrian town…..but has the US been negotiating with ISIS?

On January 28, 2017, months after then-candidate Donald Trump vowed to wipe the Islamic State off the face of the earth and bomb the group into smithereens, the businessman-turned-president issued a presidential memorandum ordering Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, in consultation with other national security cabinet members, to submit to the White House a comprehensive war plan within thirty days. The president’s memo was as clear as a glass house: “It is the policy of the United States that ISIS be defeated.” It was the Pentagon’s duty to report back with a strategy that would accelerate the military campaign and bring the United States closer to that objective. While the memorandum was overshadowed a day later by Trump’s first travel ban, the January 27 executive order was nonetheless a public communication to the American people that the forty-fifth President of the United States would provide whatever resources the commanders needed to win the war.

For months there has been a conspiracy theory flying around social media that the US had been arming terrorists….how true could this be?

While the mainstream media opted to protect the United States government by treating anyone who dared to question the government’s role in the rise of ISIS as crazy conspiracy theorists, a new report is forcing the MSM to admit that those “conspiracies” were true all along.

Now, mainstream media outlets such as Reuters and USA Today are suddenly reporting that the United States and its close ally, Saudi Arabia, were instrumental in supplying weapons and ammunition to ISIS. Both reports cite an investigation conducted by Conflict Armament Research (CAR), which looked at 40,000 items recovered from Islamic State militants between July 2014 and November 2017.

Remember all those stories of the “foreign fighters” that were flocking to join ISIS?  Well, what happened to all those fighters?

An estimated 40,000 people traveled from around the world to take up arms for the Islamic State group as it occupied territory in Syria and Iraq and declared a caliphate in 2014.

A few hundred are believed to still be fighting as IS struggles to survive, having lost most of its territory to campaigns by Western-backed Syrian and Iraqi coalition armies.

But what happened to the rest?

On a closing note:  A report on the leader of ISIS al-Baghdadi…..

I have written about this person a lot…..

And now another story……

US forces have captured ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and he’s now held at one of the US bases in Syria, the conservative Turkish daily Yeni Şafak claimed on Sunday.

According to the report, al-Baghdadi was captured in Iraq, then transfered to the US base in Syria’s Ras al-Ayn and then to the US base in Rmeilan. Additionally, US forces allegedly captured and transfered 7 high-profile members of ISIS. One of these 7 terrorists was an Iraqi citizens, others were foreigners.

The report provides no additional details on the issue.

This dude has more lives than your local alley cat…..

Wish I had something clever to add….ISIS lost the battle fir the Levant (Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon) but the war is far from over…..much like the War on Terror.

Can “True” Conservatives Survive?

In this eras of Trump real conservatives, if you listen to Bannon they are RINOs, are trying desperately to hang onto their beliefs and their base…..but they are losing their grip the minions in Congress are making it difficult for a conservative to embrace the GOP.

The GOP for a couple of decades could depend on the blue collar worker for support but that support is sliding…..

Our news feeds this year have been saturated with dispatches from Donald Trump’s America. Media outlets deployed journalists to regions besieged by rapid globalization, technological advances, and demographic change, where they attempted to explain the anger that inspired voters to embrace a figure like Trump. Their written pieces created a kind of niche journalism, presenting stories of what our nation failed to address with its transitioning economy. A number of these articles were accurate and empathetic portrayals of struggling communities, but too many of them patronized their subjects and reeked of condescension.

Then there are the Christian conservatives some are solidly embracing Trumpism which is giving the GOP some concern…….(key word in that sentence is “some”)…….but will they continue to support the GOP?

Republican nominee Roy Moore lost the vote in Alabama on Tuesday. To many, that defeat was comforting: Moore’s troubling background included lawlessness, extremism, and allegations of child molestation. He may not have lost by much—but with a tenfold increase in write-ins and a drop-off of 800,000 voters, it appears that Moore was too much for principled conservatives in Alabama.

Indeed, after crunching the numbers, economist Lyman Stone suggested that Moore had the lowest white evangelical support of any Alabama Republican in the 21st century:

To be honest I do not see the GOP turning their backs on Trumpism right now….they are getting what they have desired for 30 years…a tax cut for the wealthy and the promise of attacks on Social Security and Medicare to start….Congress is thumping their chest with pride now….

Now will that support remain next year?  Damn good question.  I would say that it will depend on the events that are forming as I type.

Will the US continue to be a conservative state and maker no mistake matters not who is elected we are a conservative state….but a good question if you know what is meant by a conservative state……let me offer you some help…..

Over the last several years, amidst the swirls of overt corruption, immigrant “hordes,” rising “national security” concerns, police militarization, bloated empire, and the so-called deepening of the “deep state,” conservatives and libertarians of all stripes have pondered the meaning of the modern state. Most recently, Paul Moreno has brilliantly considered the rise of The Bureaucratic Kings, Alex Salter has wisely questioned the relationship of anarchy (the Bohemian, Nockian variety) to conservatism, and, though I have yet to read what the always thoughtful Jason Kuznicki of Cato recommends, there is also James C. Scott’s Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States. Believe me, I am intrigued.  Each of these authors and recommenders, of course, owes an immense debt to the pioneering work of Robert Higgs’s magnum opus, Crisis and Leviathan (1987), and Higgs, in turn, had followed in the footsteps of such 20th century greats as Christopher Dawson, Robert Nisbet, Friedrich Hayek, and Joseph Schumpeter.

A lot to take in but if you consider yourself a conservative then I think you need to read and understand…..

Peace out

Will Grenada Be A Deja Vu Moment?

Does anyone remember 1983?  My daughter was 12 years old and I had returned from working in the Middle East……what else was there?

The US invades the tiny island of Grenada……

The situation on Grenada had been of concern to American officials since 1979, when the leftist Maurice Bishop seized power and began to develop close relations with Cuba. In 1983, another Marxist, Bernard Coard, had Bishop assassinated and took control of the government. Protesters clashed with the new government and violence escalated. Citing the danger to the U.S. citizens in Grenada, Reagan ordered nearly 2,000 U.S. troops into the island, where they soon found themselves facing opposition from Grenadan armed forces and groups of Cuban military engineers, in Grenada to repair and expand the island’s airport. Matters were not helped by the fact that U.S. forces had to rely on minimal intelligence about the situation. (The maps used by many of them were, in fact, old tourist maps of the island.) Reagan ordered in more troops, and by the time the fighting was done, nearly 6,000 U.S. troops were in Grenada. Nearly 20 of these troops were killed and over a hundred wounded; over 60 Grenadan and Cuban troops were killed. Coard’s government collapsed and was replaced by one acceptable to the United States.


Some say that the invasion was a distraction from the bombing in Beirut….why is this important to recall?

China is helping the government of Grenada prepare a national development plan 34 years after the Caribbean island nation was invaded by US-led forces due to concerns in Washington that its government was too close to the Soviet and Cuban communist regimes.

The country is best known for its spices and beaches, but if the Grenadian government accepts the multibillion US dollar plan it would become the first in the world to opt for the wholesale adoption of a Chinese development blueprint – increasing Beijing’s influence in the region.

WE have another Repub president….one that is a war hawk….one who has already thrown down the gauntlet to China…..will he invoke the Monroe Doctrine (considering he knows what it is and what it means)?

Could this become another distraction moment for Americans?