Death Of A Working Class Hero

I apologize this post was suppose to be posted yesterday but I got all sidetracked with medical stuff…..

37 years ago on this day, 08 December, John Lennon was shot and killed……I have chosen his best work in my opinion as a tribute to the man and the musician…

This one song tells more about society than a wealth of philosophers……

His talent has been sorely missed……chuq

Newest Body Shaming Technique

Saturday breaks and I am suffering from a doctor’s visit……..he says the foot is healing well but will know more on 02 January….hurry up and wait.

Now a days there is always something to shame a young girls body… started off with something simple like “muffin tops” then it moved to boobs, labias and now it has turned to that “Arm vagina”……..say what the Hell is an arm vagina……?

It all started with the muffin top, that telltale spillage of flesh over the top of a tight waistband. Then came the bingo wing, the supposedly shaming droop of flesh beneath middle-aged arms; or maybe it was the cankle (chubby ankle), or the saggy knee. I forget now.

It’s hard for women to keep track of which specific body part is currently being shamed to death, when it seems to be open season on all of them. But even by the demented standards of female self-flagellation, the emergence of “arm vagina” – aka the slight fold of flesh created where the average arm meets the average body – is a low point.

If you’re reading this in a public place and unable immediately to check whether you have arm vagina, then let me help; you almost certainly do. Everyone does. It’s basically a normal human armpit, which tends to involve some spare capacity in the flesh department, what with it being difficult to raise your arm otherwise.

Why cannot these people just be happy with themselves and not want to change their appearance……with ever new fad.

Too darn cold for the garden…….stay warm……I ill be back tomorrow…..peace out……chuq