Closing Thought–20Dec17

I have written several posts about the deaths of special ops troopers in the West African country of Niger and there has been a story around the death of Green Beret La David Johnson….there has been so many theories around why his body was not found with his comrades and found 2 days after the others…..there has been an update to the story…..

An American soldier killed during an ambush in Niger with three comrades wasn’t captured alive by the enemy or executed at close range, the AP has learned. A military investigation found evidence he apparently fought to the end. Dispelling a swirl of rumors about how Sgt. La David T Johnson, 25, of Florida, died, the report has determined that he was killed by enemy gunfire from an offshoot of the Islamic State group. A 12-member Army special forces unit was accompanying 30 Nigerien forces when they were ambushed in a densely wooded area by as many as 50 militants carrying small arms and rocket-propelled grenade launchers. Officials familiar with the investigation say Johnson was hit as many as 18 times by a volley of machine gun rounds and that he was returning fire.

The bodies of three US Green Berets who died during the firefight were located on the day of the attack, but Johnson’s remains were found two days later. The gap in time led to questions about whether Johnson was taken away by the enemy. The report found there were no indications he was shot at close range or had been bound or taken prisoner, as several media reports have suggested. Officials say that during the attack, Johnson and two Nigerien soldiers became separated with the others as they tried to get to a vehicle to escape. The report concluded that Johnson, who was athletic and a runner, was in the lead and got the farthest away, seeking cover in the brush. Officials say there were a number of enemy shells around Johnson, and evidence that he appeared to fight to the end.

Hopefully this will be all there is to this…I am sure that his wife and family want an end to this drama so that he may rest in peace…..

I must be off for now….I will be back later with more stuff….have a good evening my friends…..chuq

We Were Under Attack

In case you have been glued top the TV on this train wreck….no an actual train wreck not the Trump White House…..the world was under attack, a cyber attack, and according to the US it was North Korea that attacked……

It’s official, according to Trump aide Thomas Bossert: The US publicly blames the massive “WannaCry” ransomware attack earlier this year on North Korea. “We do not make this allegation lightly. It is based on evidence,” Bossert writes in the Wall Street Journal. He accuses Pyongyang of being “directly responsible” for the “cowardly, costly, and careless” attack that hit hundreds of thousands of computers in more than 100 countries. “We are not alone with our findings, either. Other governments and private companies agree,” Bossert writes. “The United Kingdom attributes the attack to North Korea, and Microsoft traced the attack to cyber affiliates of the North Korean government.”

“North Korea has acted especially badly, largely unchecked, for more than a decade, and its malicious behavior is growing more egregious,” writes Bossert, who says Pyongyang must be held accountable. The May attack froze computers around the world. Users were asked to pay a ransom to unlock them, but those who paid up didn’t have their data restored. A senior administration source tells Reuters that the US government has determined with a “very high level of confidence” that the Pyongyang-linked Lazarus Group was behind the attack and that the White House will make a more formal statement Tuesday.

I know that the US wants to blame North Korea for everything that goes wrong…but in case this accusation is true I have just one question……(Replace Russia with North Korea and eliminate the word election)……

Answer that one question if you please………justify your existence.

Is She A Russian Stooge?

It was fun watching Clintonians go about character assassination of the Green Party’s Jill Stein….and when we thought it was all over Stein is once again in the news…..this time as part of the Russian meddling investigation….

In her first comments to the press, former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said she will cooperate fully with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into “collusion with the Russians” during the 2016 campaign, and is currently searching for relevant documents. Stein denies holding any substantive communications with the Russian government or RT, its state-owned media property.

Stein says her involvement in the inquiry, first reported by BuzzFeed News, came as a surprise when they were first contacted last month. After a subsequent dialogue between attorneys representing Stein and lawyers from the Senate Intelligence Committee, the ex-candidate received a formal request for cooperation. Although she says the possibility of testifying before Congress has not yet been broached, Stein says she would be “happy to do so” if asked.

Since I could not support Clinton and I would hate myself if I voted for Trump Stein was the most logical vote for me…..with that said….if there was any collusion between the Green Party and Russia or any form of meddling in the election then I damn well want to know.  Unlike Trump supporters I refuse to look the other way at these accusations.  I want to know.

The Speaker Speaks–Dec. 2017

Some may say that I am a prick.  And they are probably right.  Why would I say this?

The tax bill that passed in Dec 2017 is nothing but a boost for the wealthy….the middle class gets a boost for a couple of years then it disappears but the wealthy gets to keep all their benefits….it will create jobs…horseshit!

All that aside….I have the Speakers words and his promises on vid and in print and I will be sure to play this for the conservs whenever they try to run in my district…..

The “Swamp” just got richer…..

The Tax Vote

The GOP has NO shame….how can they stand before the nation and lie and lie and lie……

Can we move the f*ck on?

Did you hear the Speaker go on and on….all of it lies….tax reform did not happen tax cuts for the wealthy did…..they stole the future and did not need a weapon to do so…..

Most Americans do not understand a word of economics why else do you think they can lie and get away with it…..but Vox has made it simple for everyone to understand the whole picture……a  fellow blogger Gronda Morin posted it on his site and I wanted to let my readers see what the truth of the matter…….

VOX Graphs To Explain Economy/ US Congress Needs To Learn the Basics

If you study the graphs it makes it painfully clear just how bad the f*cking of the American people will be…..this bill does NOTHING to change any of the math…..

The GOP has been foaming at the mouth since January to do what they have wanted to do to the American people for 30 years.

After all the glowing promises of the GOP…..after all the talking points were spread around…….

OOPS!…….. they’ll have to do it again on Wednesday because of a legislative hiccup. Tuesday’s vote, largely along party lines, was 227-203 and capped a GOP sprint to deliver a major legislative accomplishment to President Trump. In a last-minute glitch, however, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that three provisions in the bill, including one that would allow parents to use college savings accounts for home-schooling expenses for young children, violate Senate budget rules. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the House would vote on the package again on Wednesday, after the Senate removes the problematic provisions and passes the bill, per the AP.

Next year they will come for everyone’s Social Security and Medicare…..wait for it.

Honey Is Better Than Vinegar

That was an old saying that my grandmother was fond of……she would use it at every opportunity…..maybe Fearless Fosdick should pull his head out of his ass (if that is possible) and look at the world with a reality glance (if that is possible).

Everyone that has listened to the mindless ramblings of Fearless Fosdick then they will know just what he has in mind for countries like North Korea…..his answer is to go to war…..

But China seems to have a different approach than that of the US……

Despite Pyongyang’s recent ballistic missile and nuclear activity and threats, Beijing continues to resist US requests to apply greater economic pressure on North Korea. This measured response aside, nuanced but highly significant changes in China’s thinking on North Korea are clear. China may now be willing to envision both a future in which North Korea is not a sovereign state and a greater role for the Chinese military in any contingency. This Peace Brief reviews this thinking as well as potential Chinese motivations to intervene militarily in a Korea contingency and the implications for US policy.

China is capable of finding a way around war…..something the US seems to not have an interest in doing at this point.

Then thee is Iran which is more than likely the next victim of the US war machismo…..China has found another way of handling Iran than has eluded Fearless Fosdick……

Freed from crippling nuclear sanctions two years ago, Iran is drawing unprecedented Chinese funding for everything from railways to hospitals, they said.

State-owned investment arm CITIC Group recently established a US$10 billion credit line and China Development Bank is considering lending US$15 billion more.

“They [Western firms] had better come quickly to Iran otherwise China will take over,” said Ferial Mostofi, head of the Iran Chamber of Commerce’s investment commission, speaking on the sidelines of an Iran-Italy investment meeting in Rome.

The Chinese funding, by far the largest statement of investment intent of any country in Iran, is in stark contrast with the drought facing Western investors since US President Donald Trump disavowed the 2015 pact agreed by major powers, raising the threat sanctions could be reimposed.

For once granma’s idea may be the better idea…Honey is better than vinegar.