Merry Christmas–2017

Or if you prefer Happy Holidays……

It is that time again……a time for family, friends and food.

I would like to thank all my regulars for their time and their comments and I hope all have a very merry Christmas.

We all have lofty desires for a Christmas gift and I am NO different.

Mine as a combat vet is that I want an end to wars…..I spend a lot of my time writing posts that point out the absurdness and obscenity of war…..I read an op-ed that sums it up nicely…..

All I want for Christmas is for the US to only fight the wars it has to and to stay out of all the others. The lives of young Americans are too high a price to pay for wars driven by threat inflation, ego, or foolhardy social experiments.

First, we’re Americans. Enough of the hand-wringing. Islamist-inspired terrorists do not hide around every corner. Instead, we have been and continue to be quite safe. The threat from groups operating within failed states like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and so on pales in comparison to Hitler’s armies marching across Europe and our nuclear Cold War with the Soviet Union, despite President Trump’s attempts to equate the three.

May you have the peace and joy of the season…..and I hope all enjoys food, family and fun during this day of days……chuq