Early Wine Making

Saturday and a very cool day here……Sun and the garden make it a good day to sit and enjoy some cheese and nuts….but again doctor says NO wine….I think he is a masochist…LOL

The day before New Years Eve and lots of celebrating to be done and quantities of wine will be drunk by those doing the celebrating……

Speaking of wine…..a new discovery has changed the dates of the earliest known wine makers……

A series of excavations in Georgia has uncovered evidence of the world’s earliest winemaking, in the form of telltale traces within clay pottery dating back to 6,000BC – suggesting that the practice of making grape wine began hundreds of years earlier than previously believed.

While there are thousands of cultivars of wine around the world, almost all derive from just one species of grape, with the Eurasian grape the only species ever domesticated.

Until now, the oldest jars known to have contained wine dated from 7,000 years ago, with six vessels containing the chemical calling cards of the drink discovered in the Zagros mountains in northern Iran in 1968.


Yes, it is a torture to talk about wine and not be able to enjoy a glass or two…..so if you have any enjoy it for me….thanx my friends.

That is it for me for today…..I will be back Monday morn with more great stuff…..see you then my friends…..peace and love…..chuq