Nate Came And Went

Hurricane Nate has hit land with a slight anger….the normal stuff with a storm….flooding, power gone, WiFi gone, wind and tree limbs……

Compared to the 3 we had just days ago it was not much to write home about….not as powerful as they were predicting…..

The only thing I have to bitch about is the reporting on the storm….the reports stated that on this course it will make landfall somewhere between New Orleans and Mobile……well this unnamed region actually has a name…it is called the Mississippi Gulf Coast….but for some reason they do not seem to want to use its “official” name…..I guess we are not as important as New Orleans or Mobile.

My Wifi is back and I thought I would fire off another post before I go silent again… is notoriously unreliable since Katrina….wind has died down….rain is spotty….looking good for my part of this storm to be over.

Like I said…we came through his storm as well as could be expected…..I would like to thank all my readers that offered up their well wishes…..

Hopefully all is over for now…..have a good day my friends….chuq


12 thoughts on “Nate Came And Went

  1. No WiFi??? Oh my i-God, we need to organize a telethon immediately!

    “Just think of all the poor starving orphans who have to live without food, water, shelter…and, worst of all, no Kardashian side boob pics, or the ability to post selfies eating their…er…invisible lunches. So, please donate now!”

    Don’t worry, the next one will get you. The vast liberal conspiracy behind these storms is making them more dangerous and more frequent all the time. Just like they’re coming for all your guns, they’re coming for all your limbs! He-he (Sorry, but I’ve got months of pent-up asshole in me.)

      1. From what I understand, you’ve been a bit of a man-of-the-world, traveller, type. Why the fuck would you ever decide to settle down in one of the poorest, reddest, most ignorant, states that’s destined to be pummelled by storms ever-more frequently? Death wish?

        Was Miami real estate too expensive? (Twenty years from now, Miami real estate agents will give snorkel tours of homes for sale.)

  2. Maybe your region – Mississippi Gulf Coast – has not been mentioned in the reports because the US-president would not be able due to his often proven lack in geographic knowledge to tell where it is. :mrgreen:

  3. Different but related topic: Now, only six percent of Puerto Ricans have electric power! Instead of gearing-up, today (Sunday Oct 8), the Administrator of FEMA announced that it has filtered-out the Mayor of San Juan. How dare they: she’s the only leader with a microphone who has called Donald Trump, and his Regime, out for what they are–incompetent, uncaring and totally narcissistic!

    1. In all fairness, the Mayor of San Juan and the Governor seem to be playing Good Cop–Bad Cop. He keeps thine lines of communication open for what little Trump and the GOP is willing to provide, while she is calling Trump and the GOPsters out for what they truly are!

      An interesting historical point–following the Spanish-American War, at the turn of the 20th century–the U. S. took possession of the Philippine Islands and Puerto rico, among other territories. Approximately four years ago, following a Cat 5 Cyclone, which devastated an extremely poor island of some 100, 000, the
      U. S. had a Hospital Ship and a carrier there in a couple of days. Medical care, tons of supplies, thousands of sailors and Marines and the ability to desalinate tens of thousands of gallons of freshwater daily. A number of other nations sent help, as well! Filipinos are not U. S. Citizens!

      When one considers the Federal Response to Andrew, Katrina, Wilma, Harvey, Irma, etc., why the Lack thereof for Maria? I saw photos of National Guard troops today, pre-positioned in Biloxi, to help-out in any Nate relief. Where were similar Military, FEMA, Home Depot, which could have been deployed from numerous air bases in South Floria–and New York?

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