Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season–2019

Today is 01 June a Saturday and more important it is the time that most Coastians dread the beginning of the hurricane season….we on the Gulf Coast start getting our emergency supplies together to make sure we are not caught with our drawers down.

NOAA has issued their report on the 2019 season…..

The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season may see fewer storms and hurricanes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be less dangerous, according to a newly released outlook from the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project.

There is no strong correlation between the number of storms or hurricanes and U.S. landfalls in any given season. One or more of the 13 named storms predicted to develop this season could hit the U.S. or none at all. Therefore, residents of the coastal United States should prepare each year no matter the forecast.

We hold our breath and pray that it will be a quiet one this time……but we also keep an eye on the weather daily…..and we plan for the inevitable.

So if I am off-line for awhile it is because the hurricane has eliminated my wifi…bear with me and I will return as soon as possible….

Now a musical interlude from Jimmy Buffet……

Onward and upward!
May your weekend be filled with joy…….and thanx for the visits….I appreciate your time.

Closing Thought–17Apr19

Fire has destroyed a cultural icon….Notre Dame and the world has pledged to have it rebuilt…..

“Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral went up in flames on Monday evening, a blaze that devastated the landmark, destroying its wooden-beamed roof and collapsing the iconic spire in a searing loss for Paris and France,” Reuters reports.

“President Emmanuel Macron pledged to rebuild the Gothic masterpiece, and within the first 24 hours after the fire began, tycoons, companies and local authorities stepped forward with large donations,” Reuters reports. “French billionaire businessman Bernard Arnault’s family and his LVMH luxury goods group said they would donate 200 million euros to help repair the cathedral.”

“French luxury and cosmetics group L’Oreal, along with the Bettencourt Meyer family and the Bettencourt Schueller foundation, will donate 200 million euros in total,” Reuters reports. “CEO Tim Cook said on Twitter Apple would donate an unspecified sum to rebuilding efforts.”

At the exact time that Notre Dame was burning so was the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem….has anyone stepped forward to offer help?

How about those black churches in Louisiana?

Fires that destroyed three predominantly black Baptist churches in St. Landry Parish in the last 10 days are “suspicious,” the state’s top fire investigator said Thursday, adding that they’ve discovered several “patterns” at the three crime scenes.

But it’s too soon to classify the fires as arson, State Fire Marshal Butch Browning said at a press conference, walking a tight line without actually linking the three blazes.

“There certainly is a commonality,” he said. “Whether that leads to a person or persons or groups, we just don’t know. And that’s not unusual for us not to know at this point.”

The fact that it is three black Baptist churches in the same parish is obviously a pattern. “And there are several other patterns,” Browning added.

Has Apple stepped forward to help in these reconstruction efforts?

What makes Notre Dame more important than al-Aqsa or the churches in Louisiana?  All are houses of worship none more important than the others.

Looks like Apple goes where they can get the most PR bang for their bucks….I was considering an Ipad but now Apple can…….. kiss my ass!

Enough said!

People have steeped up for the churches in Louisiana……

Less than 24 hours elapsed between President Macron’s call for donations to rebuild Notre Dame and nearly $1 billion being pledged, reports Time. In comparison, a nearly week-old campaign seeking funds to rebuild three historically black churches destroyed by arson in Louisiana within the last month had raised only $93,000 as of Tuesday morning, reports the New York Times. A day later, that number has skyrocketed to more than $1.1 million thanks to social media promotion from journalists, pro athletes, and politicians, including Hillary Clinton, reports the Hill. “As we hold Paris in our thoughts today, let’s also send some love to our neighbors in Louisiana,” Clinton tweeted alongside a link to the GoFundMe campaign from the Seventh District Baptist Association, which includes the three Baptist churches gutted in fires on March 26, April 2, and April 4.

More than 21,000 people have donated as of this writing, with funds to be split evenly between the churches in St. Landry Parish, each more than 100 years old. “It’s a total, complete loss at all three sites,” association president Freddie Jack tells the Times. Mount Pleasant Baptist in Opelousas fared best, but at St. Mary Baptist in Port Barre and Opelousas’ Greater Union Baptist Church—which had taken out a mortgage to cover a recent renovation—”all you see is charcoal.” The fund seeks $1.8 million total; Jack notes insurance coverage is limited and strict building codes have been put in place since Hurricane Katrina. The money raised so far is “a blessing,” Rev. Gerald Toussaint of Mount Pleasant Baptist tells CNN. “What the devil meant for bad, God’s going to turn it into something good.”

I am pleased to see that the money is helping but sad that it took the fire in Paris to start the wheels moving……


Closing Thought–16Apr19

The world has heard of the catastrophic fire in the cathedral of Notre Dame…..and this is what we know so far….

At 6:20 p.m on Monday, the first call to emergency services came in, but no fire was visible at that time, Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz said. The first call mentioned a fire in the attic, according to the fire brigade.20 minutes later, a second alert was called in, and the fire was visible at that point, the prosecutor said.Around 400 firefighters were deployed to the scene but were delayed slightly by rush hour traffic.

The media was fixated on Notre Dame…the third holiness sites of Islam was also aflame……

A fire broke out at the revered Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem just as flames ravaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Footage showing smoke and fire emerging from the roof of a structure known as the Marwani Prayer Room, or Solomon’s Stables, could be seen on social media. The Palestine News Agency, the official outlet of the Palestinian National Authority, cited a guard as saying Monday that “the fire broke out in the guard’s room outside the roof of the Marwani Prayer Room, and the fire brigade of the Islamic Waqf handled the matter successfully.”

No injuries or damage was reported during the short blaze.

All in all a bad day for holy sites……


More On North Korea

First there was the insults and then as quick as falling out of a chair we were making nice with each other and now there is a possibility that there could be peace between the three partners in this deal.

Could there be a reason for the quick turn around of North Korea….other the good intentions that we are claiming as the reason…..

Kim Jong Un on Saturday said nuclear tests would no longer be conducted at the underground Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Facility; a new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests the move may not be as benevolent as it appears. It flags an about-to-be-published study by Chinese researchers who say that much of the facility below Mount Mantap is actually useless following the country’s last detonation, which the seismologists say caused a partial cavity collapse. This isn’t exactly new news: Satellite images taken before and after the country’s sixth nuclear test on Sept. 3 show the 7,200-foot-tall Mount Mantap actually lost elevation. Reports at the time suggested “tired mountain syndrome,” which has previously been observed at other nuclear test sites in the US and Soviet Union, was at play.

It essentially means a mountain is under such stress that the collapse of cavities or tunnels is possible. The Journal reports the upcoming study and another published this month provide more evidence that such a collapse did occur. Using data captured by Chinese seismic monitoring stations, they arrived at the same conclusion: that a 6.3-magnitude quake caused by the test led to a collapse inside the mountain that caused a 4.1-magnitude temblor 8.5 minutes later. The second study didn’t comment on whether the facility is still usable, and a commentary at 38 North asserts “there is no basis to conclude” it isn’t. Yes, the “North Portal” might be damaged, but there are two portals “located in more pristine competent rock” that the site believes would be appropriate for testing.
Could this be the reason for the warm and fuzzies that North Korea has for the US?

Nate Came And Went

Hurricane Nate has hit land with a slight anger….the normal stuff with a storm….flooding, power gone, WiFi gone, wind and tree limbs……

Compared to the 3 we had just days ago it was not much to write home about….not as powerful as they were predicting…..

The only thing I have to bitch about is the reporting on the storm….the reports stated that on this course it will make landfall somewhere between New Orleans and Mobile……well this unnamed region actually has a name…it is called the Mississippi Gulf Coast….but for some reason they do not seem to want to use its “official” name…..I guess we are not as important as New Orleans or Mobile.

My Wifi is back and I thought I would fire off another post before I go silent again… is notoriously unreliable since Katrina….wind has died down….rain is spotty….looking good for my part of this storm to be over.

Like I said…we came through his storm as well as could be expected…..I would like to thank all my readers that offered up their well wishes…..

Hopefully all is over for now…..have a good day my friends….chuq

Closing Thought–05Oct17

Dammit!  I’m Hungry!

There has been many stories coming out of the 3 hurricanes that hit the United States this year….the loss of power, lack of potable water, the destruction, deaths and the biggie…..shortage of food.

This president has a lop-sided view of the ones that hit mainland US and the one the hit the territories….the latest the lack of food for those in Puerto Rico…there is cure for the mainland but not for the islands…..

The governor of Puerto Rico has claimed the Trump administration turned down a request that food stamps be made available for use in fast-food restaurants and in other places that serve prepared hot meals, amid power cuts and food shortages on the island.

Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria several weeks ago, leaving many of its inhabitants without running water or electricity—making it extremely difficult to prepare meals.

Island officials had requested that the U.S. federal government permit food stamps—on which almost 40 percent of Puerto Rico’s population, (or 1.3 million people), relies—to be used to purchase hot meals or in fast-food restaurants; a request the island’s governor said on Tuesday had been denied.

Source: Hurricane Maria: USDA Waives Food Stamp Restriction in Puerto Rico, Spokesperson Says

I am sure this is an oversight by some mid-level bureaucrat…..but if true it is a despicable act….like I said….If True.

Is this what this country has become?  Classifying Americans?  Some get benefits others do not.  A New form of segregation?


Puerto Rico, Stop Whining!

Our president is on another road trip….this time he goes to Puerto Rico to address the citizens and the world on the relief efforts.

I am about at wits end when it comes to this person….he is more clueless today that he was on the day he took office…is that possible?

It is reported that he stated the Puerto Rico should be glad that it was not a Katrina type storm.  Trump tried to downplay the devastation by telling Puerto Ricans that their disaster wasn’t a real catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina.

The President said, “Every death is a horror, but if you look at a real catastrophe like Katrina, and you look at the tremendous — hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at what happened here, with really a storm that was just totally overpowering, nobody’s ever seen anything like this. What is your death count as of this moment? 17? 16 people certified, 16 people versus in the thousands.”

What kind of uneducated dolt makes statements like is?  Trying to make unbalanced comparisons does nothing to help the situation.  It is juvenile to make such a comparison.

I rode out Katrina in my home….and the devastation was horrendous but as devastating as Puerto Rico….at least we still had water and gas service in most regions.  It was stupid to make that comparison.

Then he had to go and try to make things worse by blaming Puerto Rico for any budgetary problems we may have….

“Every death is a horror,” President Trump said Tuesday while meeting with local and federal officials at Muniz Air National Guard Base in Puerto Rico, but other remarks he made weren’t quite so heavy. While discussing his administration’s response to the devastation on the island, he quipped, “I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack because we’ve spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico, and that’s fine.” The AP reports he was referencing the island’s $74 billion in debts and decade-old recession.

What a buffoon!  what about the money spent on Texas and Florida….these somehow were budget neutral?  What is Florida and Texas more of a citizenship thing?

BTW, Mississippi was in budgetary crisis during Katrina and no one blamed the state for the storm or the cost of the assistance………and relief was sent anyway.

If so will someone tell this bozo that the people of Puerto Rico are American citizens.  They may be brown and speak Spanish but Citizens nonetheless.

Maybe he should just stay at his golf club and try to keep his feet out of his mouth.  NOTHING he has said so far has done anything to make the recovery easier.

Closing Thought–02Oct17

And The Winner Is!

We all have been witnessing the tragedies of three hurricanes…..and the president has found a unique way to bring attention to the events….

Hours after slamming “politically motivated ingrates” for criticizing the federal response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, President Trump attended a golf tournament—and dedicated the US win in the Presidents Cup to hurricane victims. Trump presented the trophy to US captain Steve Stricker after the US team cruised to victory for the seventh year in a row. “On behalf of all of the people of Texas, and all of the people—if you look today and see what is happening, how horrible it is, but we have it under really great control—Puerto Rico and the people of Florida who have really suffered over this last short period of time with the hurricanes, I want to just remember them,” Trump said, per the Guardian.

“We’re doing really well on Puerto Rico,” he told reporters. “Tremendous progress being made. We’re getting the roads open, we’re getting a lot of things done—really at a record clip.” (On Saturday, Trump lashed out at San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and other Puerto Rican officials who “want everything to be done for them.”)

Seriously?  WTF?

What does this “coveted” award do for the people that have suffered thanx to the hurricanes?

How much of the prize money is earmarked for Puerto Rico or Florida or Texas?

Politicizing a tragedy.  Cannot get much lower than that… my book.

Give the victims a few weeks and they will clean off a spot for the trophy.

If someone would like to help out…in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Florida or Texas then maybe they should visit this site…..

Source: Support UNICEF USA’s Hurricane Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico | UNICEF USA

Time to settle down for the evening…..I shall return tomorrow with a bag full of stuff…..C Ya…chuq

Closing Thought–27Sep17

Get Your Priorities Straight, Dipstick!

IST Factoid:  Puerto Rico is a US territory….ergo its residents are US CITIZENS!

The factoid was inserted because there seem to be many that did not know….

Nearly half of all Americans aren’t aware that Puerto Ricans are citizens, according to a new Morning Consult poll.

While 54 percent of Americans know that Puerto Ricans are citizens, 47 percent do not know that, according to the poll, which was first reported by The New York Times. Among Americans with a bachelor’s degree, 72 percent are aware of citizenship for people on the island.

The poll found a connection between knowledge of Puerto Ricans’ citizenship and a willingness to send emergency aid.

According to the report, 8 in 10 Americans who know Puerto Ricans are citizens support sending aid, while among those who do not know, 4 in 10 support sending aid.

It has been a week since Hurricane Maria roared ashore in Puerto Rico and demolished the island in all ways….infrastructure too the biggest hit….60% of the island has NO potable water….there is only spotty electric power and food is running ever so short.

The Island is a wreck and instead to making sure that the country stays laser focused on Puerto Rico Trump spend his Twitter time trying to ramp up some new form of division among us Americans.

After starting the shit storm about the taking of a knee he did finally Tweet about Puerto Rico……

Here are the tweets, in case you missed them:

“Texas & Florida are doing great but Puerto Rico, which was already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt, is in deep trouble…It’s old electrical grid, which was in terrible shape, was devastated. Much of the Island was destroyed, with billions of dollars…owed to Wall Street and the banks which, sadly, must be dealt with. Food, water and medical are top priorities – and doing well. #FEMA”

Really?  All the compassion, empathy and concern for the people of Puerto Rico is just heart tugging….(complete sarcasm)……

I even saw a Tweet from a yahoo supporter of Trump addressed to some news anchor…..

“Trump is the president of the US….not Puerto Rico…..Move on”

The stupidity of these people is just amazing…..

Trump needs to MAN up and do more for Puerto Rico……why is the hospital ship. Comfort, NOT in Puerto Rico?  (word is leaking out the Comfort will be heading to Puerto Rice.  Why did it take so long?)

We have the perfect model for handling this disaster…..The 1948 Berlin Airlift….refresh your memory…..

Source: Berlin Airlift – Cold War –

There should be planes landing at regular intervals and it should have begun mere days after Maria pushed through.

The president keeps Tweeting out that people think the US is doing a good job…..does not look like it….but please give me the names of those deluded individuals.

So far talk is cheap…..but talk does not feed, quench or shelter the Americans on the island of Puerto Rico.

Dodged Another One!

My weekend begins and good news for my region….Irma has missed us but the people of Florida are not so lucky.

I was not going to say that my area was out of sight until I knew for sure….hurricanes are unpredictable and will give you a slap in the face if you drop your guard.

Current predictions show Hurricane Irma moving straight up Florida from the Keys to the Georgia border “like a giant buzzsaw,” USA Today reports. And that’s not normal and could be devastating. Historically, hurricanes have approached the state at an angle. And the two recorded Category 5 hurricanes to have hit Florida went through only part of the state. But according to ABC News, Irma is expected to make landfall near Miami between 5am and 7am Sunday with winds between 140mph and 145mph. From there it’s expected to make its way up the state, losing steam as it goes. By the time it hits Georgia, it should have weakened to a tropical storm.

USA Today was only able to find two hurricanes—both Category 4—that moved up through Florida as Irma is predicted to do. The “Homestead hurricane” in 1945 and Hurricane King in 1950. Those hurricanes killed four people each, but the population of the Miami metro area at the time was about one-twelfth what it is today. CNN notes the exact path of Hurricane Irma could still shift before it makes landfall. Meanwhile, researchers tell the AP Friday had the most hurricane activity in the history of the Atlantic region. With Irma and Hurricane Jose both Category 4 and Hurricane Katia on its way to Category 3, Friday had an accumulated Cyclone Energy of 16. That beats the old record of 14.3 set in 1961. The other two days in the top four were Thursday and Wednesday.

Most hurricanes last about 4-6 hours…Katrina was 14 hours and 37 minutes… Irma looks to be a 24+ storm……a lot of damage awaits Florida sad to say.

As a survivor of Katrina those in the path of Irma have my sympathy and my prayers…..

Irma is a bitch like Katrina….big and strong…..there will be lots of wind and water damage….the people of Florida will need all the help they can get….please if you can spare the change….help where ever you can.

Me?  I give to the Salvation Army and the ASPCA….plus any neighborhood drives that are started….help where I can.

To my Florida readers and followers…..I hope you guys are safe and warm and our prayers are with you…..chuq