See What Happens When You Get Lazy?

Storm has come i am posting this from mobile…..still have cel service for now

Sunday and I will be honest…I have been preoccupied and did not find a good post for the day…..something tasteful yet not too damn political.

I will press IST’s most popular post……I wrote it back in 2008……Watermelon Makes You Horny”…..

The good news just keeps coming. First, coffee puts lead in your pencil and increases the endurance factor and now there is good news about another fav of mine. At my age, we look for all the help we can get.

Source: Watermelon Makes You Horny – In Saner Thought

I do not understand…..I am a pretty good analyst and have a unique style… what about this makes it worthy of the “most clicked on” post?  7000 hits in total.

You just cannot plan the direction your blog will go on any given day.  Just wish that some or my more academic posts were as popular.

Time for me to work on my broken toe…..and then cook a little chicken on the grill…..everyone enjoy your day….back tomorrow….chuq


8 thoughts on “See What Happens When You Get Lazy?

  1. I hope that’s it for the storm, and all is well. Enjoy that chicken.
    What makes the most-read post on any blog is something of an enigma. We just have to sit back, and enjoy the views.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The storm has moved on with little damage…..glad to say…..was not as powerful as they had predicted….but today will tell just how we fared….chuq

    1. Thank you my friend… was a bit of a paper tiger….not much damage here…..just the stuff that is more inconvenience than disastrous….chuq

  2. “Just wish that some or (of) my more academic posts were as popular.”

    Academic posts…popular? I think a wind-blown tree limb may have lodged iteself into your skull. Better get that checked out.

    Of course that’s going to be your story with the most clicks. Where have you been for the last 20 years? Not on the Web-pipes, that’s for sure. The overwhelming majority of people just sit around all day with their fucking stupid-phones taking pictures of themselves in an attempt to convince the world they’re not total losers. The rest of the time, they’re ordering sex like pizza, or surfing for porn. And not your grampa’s porn..kinky porn involving people in stuffed animal suits, donkey shows…and fruits & vegetables.

    This is our culture now. Nobody is remotely interested in improving their minds anymore.

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