I realize that there are some that will refute stuff about Trump….they will come to his rescue whenever something negative is written or uttered.

But put hero worship aside and one will see clearly the creeping authoritarianism 0f the Trump admin……

Below is a long piece but it does track all the moves made by the Trump admin….bears reading in full…..

Is Donald Trump a threat to democracy? From his executive orders targeting immigrants to his personal attacks on federal judges and his demonization of the media as the “enemy of the American people,” the 45th president’s actions and behavior have alarmed political observers of allstripes. Below is a running timeline (in reverse chronological order) tracking Trump’s numerous displays of authoritarian tendencies, beginning from the day he was sworn in. Check back regularly for updates.

Source: Trumpocracy: Tracking the Creeping Authoritarianism of the 45th President – Mother Jones

I am not positive that American will be great again under this administration……so far everything done has been for the benefit of the Trump empire and not this country.

8 thoughts on “Trumpocracy

  1. One thing good about Trump is his name. Not only is it a polite term for farting in the UK, (as in, I have trumped, sorry) it also lends itself to new words, like your Trumpocracy. I also use ‘Trumpian’, ‘Trumpellian’, ‘Trumpish’, ‘Trumpassic’, and ‘Trumpoon’. For his wife, I use ‘Trumpella’, and the kids are referred to as ‘Trumpettes’.
    Best wishes, Pete..

  2. What do newly-honed Dictators do? They replace the previous generals with their loyalist ones!

    Donald Trump prefers to confide only in a very small group of confidantes. Unfortunately, once I get beyond Ivanka and Jared, who else is there? But now, as John Kelly becomes Chief-of-Staff, Trump has three generals on his Cabinet. (Yes, I realize that McMaster and Kelly are technically not IN the Cabinet; however, they are part of his Formal Group of Advisors.

    Back in 1998, H. R. McMaster (the current National Security Advisor) wrote “Dereliction of Duty”, about the run-up to war in Vietnam (1963-65), President Lyndon Johnson preferred dealing with a very small group of his Civilian Advisors, and thus allowed SecDef Robert S. McNamara to leave the Joint Chiefs of Staff out of the equation.

    Over the past week, when Trump tweeted that no transgenders would be allowed to serve in the Military, he cited having conferred with “His Generals”. With SecDef Mattis on vacation, perhaps it was a convenient time to try to slip one by. The Chairman of the JCS stated, however, that the Pentagon doesn’t act on Tweets, and that it would await guidance from the SecDef. Apparently, the Generals knew nothing about it!

    So, Donald appears to be using “His Generals” as a charade, thus insulating him from the Pentagon. And, I personally question how much he even confides in the Generals, or anyone else in his Cabinet, unless they are telling him what he wants to hear.

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