Could Donald Be The Next Mikhail

If you read my “Tags” you will see it has USSR and being the way things are these days one might think that this post is about Russia-gate…..but sorry to disappoint….it is not about that at all.

It is a comparison by The American Conservative between Donald Trump and Mikhail Gorbachev….

Back in the waning days of the USSR the leader Gorbachev tried to change things in his country the tired old orthodoxies into a new way of thinking…..some could say this is what Fearless Leader is trying to do…..only with less real humpf behind the try….

TAC’s own Rod Dreher recently highlighted an American professor’s exchange with an African diplomat, who compared Donald Trump to Mikhail Gorbachev. Just as the last Soviet premier unwittingly became “the man who destroyed a superpower,” Trump in this view is recklessly squandering the United States’ global position. But upon reflection, the analogy holds for another reason: Whatever Trump’s own mixture of “irritable mental gestures,” Trumpism—as articulated by Steve Bannon, Laura Ingraham, Michael Anton & Company—can be read as a sort of perestroika for the American Right.

A reader may naturally look warily at the comparison. Can one discern a link between the rhetoric of Breitbart and Gorbachev’s exhortation, “to reject obedience to any dogma, to think independently, to submit one’s thoughts and plans of action to the test of morality”? However reaching, the comparison may allow us to discern why debates over immigration and trade now capture the conservative imagination in a way not reducible to “white identity politics” or reflexive loyalty to the president.

Hopefully the US does not suffer the way Russia did after the fall…..I can see no good coming out of a Trump presidency……sorry for that……


I realize that there are some that will refute stuff about Trump….they will come to his rescue whenever something negative is written or uttered.

But put hero worship aside and one will see clearly the creeping authoritarianism 0f the Trump admin……

Below is a long piece but it does track all the moves made by the Trump admin….bears reading in full…..

Is Donald Trump a threat to democracy? From his executive orders targeting immigrants to his personal attacks on federal judges and his demonization of the media as the “enemy of the American people,” the 45th president’s actions and behavior have alarmed political observers of allstripes. Below is a running timeline (in reverse chronological order) tracking Trump’s numerous displays of authoritarian tendencies, beginning from the day he was sworn in. Check back regularly for updates.

Source: Trumpocracy: Tracking the Creeping Authoritarianism of the 45th President – Mother Jones

I am not positive that American will be great again under this administration……so far everything done has been for the benefit of the Trump empire and not this country.

You Really Want Change?

Every election the news is that the people of this country are looking for change in DC…..and yet they vote for the same tired people that do nothing of value in governing….

In the early days of this blog….well it was titled “Studies and Observations” back in those days…..I was writing a lot about politics and elections….I even wrote about what I saw as the need for a successful third party……(from 2006)

The US there has been lots of third parties and candidates, but most have been unsuccessful because many reason. The following is, in my opinion, a recipe for a third party to be used if it wants to be successful in its endeavors. For years these parties have been plagued by a one issue platform, or a weak leader or other problems that have help it be defeated in the polls.

Source: Successful Third Party – In Saner Thought

So far the necessities have not been met for a successful third party… I thought I would approach it from a different slant….

Most Americans want change….can we agree on that?

Then maybe a little research into our past would give us an idea how to achieve that change.

Maybe a good place to begin would be the election of 1912……

The 1912 presidential election showcased four impressive candidates who engaged in a remarkable debate about the future of American politics. Besides William Howard Taft, the incumbent Republican president, the campaign was joined by Eugene Debs, the labor leader from Indiana, who ran on the Socialist Party ticket; the irrepressible Theodore Roosevelt, who bolted from the GOP and ran as the champion of the Progressive Party; and Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic governor of New Jersey, who was elected president. All four candidates acknowledged that fundamental changes were occurring in the American political landscape, and each attempted to define the Progressive Era’s answer to the questions raised by the new industrial order that had grown up within the American constitutional system.

Source: Why the Election of 1912 Changed America

If you read the above reference then you will see that all candidates saw the changes coming in this country…..and changes are occurring in this country again……

What we need is more independents winning elections…..if they could get into the Senate and deny a 50 majority then there would be room for compromise…all it would take is 5  true independents…..then the House…..25 or 30 independents could make a difference in the voting and this could possibly break this damnable cycle of partisanship.

A third party would make a difference but since that is a far-fetched plan….why not just run as an independent?  I am not talking about some party member that got beat in a primary….I am talking about a true independent….a person that can see the good in liberal ideas as well as conserv ones.

If enough independents are elected in both the House and the Senate then they could control both houses….if an agenda needs to be passed then there would have to be working together….compromise would once again be in the line-up…..thus returning this country back to sanity.

The “Fearsome” Return

The 20th century gave rise to a wealth of democratic movements….but in the last couple decades it appears that it is waning… first just a bit…but it seems to be getting stronger every year…..

In his brief time in the White House, US President Donald J. Trump has made a point of bestowing praise on the world’s leading autocrats. He repeatedly called Vladimir Putin a “strong leader,” described Xi Jinping as “a very good man,” said Egypt’s Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was doing a “fantastic job,” and lauded Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his triumph in a referendum that greatly expanded his presidential powers.

Trump’s new friends represent a rogues’ gallery of modern authoritarians.  These 21st-century strongmen are responsible for introducing an arsenal of new tactics to use against their domestic opponents, and have gone on the offensive in an effort to subvert and replace the liberal international order.

Source: Surging Autocrats, Wavering Democrats

As democratic movements wane the authoritarian movements gain strength…..and with that new found power the tactics must be fought to preserve democracy wherever it exists…..

After the spread of democracy at the end of the 20th century, authoritarianism is now rolling back democracy around the globe. In the US, supporters of democracy disarmed themselves by imagining an “end of history” in which nothing but their own ideas were possible. Authoritarians, meanwhile, keep practicing their old tactics and devising new ones.

It is time for those who support democracy to remember what activists from around the world have paid a price to learn: how to win.

Source: Authoritarianism is making a comeback. Here’s the time-tested way to defeat it | Maria J Stephan and Timothy Snyder | Opinion | The Guardian

We must attack authoritarianism where it exists……democracy must prevail.

Closing Thought–21Apr17

The Left Shall Rise Again!

Since the last election there has been a new wild swing of young Americans looking into the “Left” of days gone by….

Social media seems to be the meeting place for these “newcomers”……

From Axios:

NewsWhip spokesman Liam Corcoran says general news sites don’t always post about political news, which lowers their average, but when they do, the uptick in engagement is significant. CNN, for example, saw an increase of over 68% in Facebook engagement year over year due to a higher volume of politically-related posts.

Facebook is a good tool for observing the rise of political movements: And its role in activism will only grow bigger. New tools, like call-to-action buttons, fundraising buttons and buttons to contact elected officials, combined with traditional tools, like mass-event invitations, make it easy for political groups to form and spread on Facebook. For example, The Women’s Marches that made national headlines all over the country in January were organized by one woman on Facebook and according to a University of Maryland study cited by CNN, 70% of people who attended the march in Washington heard about the event on Facebook.

It does this old radical’s heart good to see the interests in Left politics…..some further reading on this phenom……

Source: The Millennial Generation Is a Perfect Fit for Socialism | Alternet

Source: More Americans joining socialist groups under Trump | USA | Al Jazeera

Source: Socialism’s Return | The Nation

I feel this is a good thing….because that would give us a truly accurate political system….as it is now we have a one party system with slightly different views on issues…..there is NO opposition other than the silly theatrics of our Congress.

I be finished for the day…..I be weary and must relax and unwind…I shall return tomorrow to begin my weekend and my cleansing of the mind….thanx everyone for all your visits and comments for the past week……I appreciate each and every one of you……chuq

Long Live The Oligarchy

Whenever I write about the failing of our democratic principles there will always be someone who, without an argument, wants to remind me that we are a republic not a democracy.

Yes we are a republic so then maybe we ALL should stop using the term “democracy” all together…..and stop saying we are promoting “democracy” around the world….apparently we are not.

I have had many conversations here on IST about the possibility that we are not a democracy but rather an oligarchy….


Oligarchy (Greek Ὀλιγαρχία, Oligarkhía, from óligon, “few,” and arkho, “rule” ) is a form of government in which political power effectively rests with a small, elite segment of society. The term was used by Aristotle to refer to despotic power exercised by a small and privileged group for often corrupt or selfish purposes. In most classic oligarchies, governing elites were recruited exclusively from a hereditary ruling caste, whose members tended to exercise power in the interests of their own class.

Oligarchies have sometimes been synonymous with aristocracies, which were ruled by members of a noble class, or with plutocracies, ruled by the wealthy members of a community. However, neither wealth nor noble birth are necessary conditions for belonging to the privileged group which rules an oligarchy. Historically, there have been organized oligarchies, and unofficial oligarchies in which a group of “advisers” dictated the policies of an official ruler. In practice, almost all governments, whatever their form, are run by a small minority of members of society, and it is necessary to further examine the ways in which these individuals acquire and retain power in order to correctly understand whether a system of government is a oligarchy.

A couple of years ago this supposition was covered by the New Yorker…..

From the Dept. of Academics Confirming Something You Already Suspected comes a new study concluding that rich people and organizations representing business interests have a powerful grip on U.S. government policy. After examining differences in public opinion across income groups on a wide variety of issues, the political scientists Martin Gilens, of Princeton, and Benjamin Page, of Northwestern, found that the preferences of rich people had a much bigger impact on subsequent policy decisions than the views of middle-income and poor Americans. Indeed, the opinions of lower-income groups, and the interest groups that represent them, appear to have little or no independent impact on policy.

Source: Is America an Oligarchy? – The New Yorker

Now a new study as confirmed our greatest fear…..IT is official!

The U.S. government does not represent the interests of the majority of the country’s citizens, but is instead ruled by those of the rich and powerful, a new study from Princeton and Northwestern universities has concluded.

The report, “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens” (PDF)

After sifting through nearly 1,800 U.S. policies enacted in that period and comparing them to the expressed preferences of average Americans (50th percentile of income), affluent Americans (90th percentile), and large special interests groups, researchers concluded that the U.S. is dominated by its economic elite.

Source: Major Study Finds The US Is An Oligarchy – Business Insider

You can sleep well tonight in knowing that our country is now in the hands of the oligarchy.

Independents, The Lie That Just Keeps Giving

Opinion from the frustrated mind of Chuq

The election is just around the corner….so do you support Trump?  Maybe Clinton?  Does that make you an independent?  Nope.  A “populist”?  More accurate than independent….

Source:42% of Americans Ditch Two-Party System, Say Government is Biggest Problem – The Anti-Media

Here in the US we have this magical group…..a group that can make marvelous things happen……(a pipe dream of the media’s invention)…..they are the “independents”.

It is an election….this time it is for 2016…..and there will be poll after poll after poll after……it is endless……and the media will once again set off selling that there are a large group that does not approve of either party and they will be labelled as “independent”……and that is a snow job!

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The independents that will make the difference in this election as they have in the past (according to the MSM) are not independents.  These people are more like a centrist than independent.  Even “undecided” would be more accurate.

What makes me say such a thing?

If they were truly independent then they would be looking for political answers outside the prevalent 2 parties that control the American election process.  In other words third parties would be more popular in our process… case you have missed it….they are NOT!

To call oneself an independent would imply that the person is open to different ideas for solving problems….that would be a lie also.  Most “independents” have set ideas in their head and NO amount of rational argument will ever change those closed minds.

Most of the so-called independents are nothing more than disgruntled Repubs or Dems…….and when it comes time to vote they will inevitable cast their vote for the Dems or the GOP…..what part of that is independent?

These people are fooling themselves to seem to be more pragmatic….but in reality they are nothing more than a Repub or a Dem…..plain and simple.

Last national election I attempted to raise this subject, 27 June 2011 post…….

Source: Centrist Vs Independent | In Saner Thought

To me those that claim to be independent are people that are not happy with their party of choice…..most are one issue voters who grasp at a single situation to define their political ideology or join the echo chamber of the daily headlines.

The only alternative these people ever consider is which party best describes their issues……once again…….always within the 2 party system…..they seldom ever consider a true alternative.  For all their bitching and moaning and they cannot get past one party or the other……the sound of a fury that signifies nothing!

Why the popularity of the term “independent”?  The media!

The media has the American voter believing they are independent if they go against their party line……it is a con job!

And then there are those that strut around proud to be an “independent”….yet when someone disagrees with them they are bleeding hearts or deniers or ….well you get the idea…..what part of that is independent thinking…..sounds more like the batcrap crazies they quote…..not an independent.  These are the same bottom feeders that troll the scum of the news and look for stories that can feed their hatred and bigotry…..makes no difference that most of these stories are out of context or just plain made up…..but as long as it feeds their brain it is truth and NO amount of logic or rationale will change that for them.

There are few TRUE independents in American politics…..just people that lie to themselves to convince themselves that they are truly the change the country needs… reality they are the same as they ever were……just are gullible toads and afraid to admit it.


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