Is The UN Ineffective?

Of course it is….but there is a reason why it seems ineffective.

I know that there will be those that will condemn the UN for everything it attempts…..these are the people that fear the “New World Order”…..they fear the UN because they are told to fear them.

The United Nations….its first incarnation was the League Of Nations…..a post World War 1 attempt to bring the world together and prevent the barbarity of war.  It was the brain child of American president Woodrow Wilson…it failed in its prime purpose the prevention of war…..for 20 years after the attempt the world descended into World War 2.

After the last world war another attempt was made to help the world to try and avoid another World War….it was now called the United Nations.  since its beginning there have been countless “little wars but nothing to compare to the World wars of the past….

There are many that claim that the UN is ineffective…..ineffective in everything they attempt….but is this true?

There are some that would accuse the United Nations of being ineffective or—as researcher Scott Pauls puts it—simply “a witness of changing policy preferences” in the world. But that’s far from the case, according to a study of 65 years of UN voting records published in Physica A. Those records show the UN successfully reduces the chance of war. “The evidence demonstrates that the UN is more effective at achieving its mandate of avoiding wars than many experts think,” researcher Skyler Cranmer says in a press release.

The researchers from Dartmouth College and Ohio State University looked at voting alliances in the UN—both large and small, long-term and short-term—called “affinity communities.” Pauls says such voting alliances served to “reduce the probability of conflict” during the past 65 years. “There is more nuance in voting records than was previously thought,” Cranmer adds. The study also looked at the UN’s effectiveness in spreading democracy and building defensive alliances.

Personally, I like the idea of the UN…..and yes they have been stifled on many occasions for things they attempted…..but that can be blamed on the idea that 5 countries can control the fate of all.

The Security Council in the UN are controlled by permanent members….US, UK, France, Russia and China…all others sit on the council in a rotation scheme…these 5 members can control the issues that come before the council….the UN could truly become a governing body but only when ALL countries enter into this thing as equals.

Until then the UN will continue to appear as if being ineffective.  If it is ineffective you can blame the “Big 5” as the reason for failure.


9 thoughts on “Is The UN Ineffective?

  1. You cite the reason that the UN is flawed. The Security Council, and their veto. As long as that remains in place, I can’t really see how the organisation can be regarded as either effective, or equal.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Security Council can remain just make it more equitable….everyone gets a shot at a seat there should be no permanent members….chuq

  2. Most of my life there’s been the naysayers saying the UN is just a waste of time. Well, there are some UN-based programs that have been of great value… then there’s the WHO… but I think the most important value the UN has is that it’s a place when nations can talk and vent and state their case to the world. It’s also a place where ambassadors can meet behind the scenes. Is it a body of action? Not usually. But its value is necessary as a forum in helping to keep the world balanced.
    Now.. the third world countries are a different story. Governments change.. dictators don’t give a damn about the UN (i.e. North Korea, Syria, etc.)

  3. Passing on this; already sick of thinking about human political activity; if I spoke Farsi, I’d call it all a big pile of ‘kosseh sher’…. & I’ve sullied my mind on this twice today…. Need to go wash up first….


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