Closing Thought–27Jul17

There has been a wealth of Tweets from our president about his disappointment with his AG, Sessions…..some seem to think that he is making a case to fire Sessions.

That is where we pick up a report……Jeff Sessions was a Senator before he was AG and there will soon be an election to decide who will return to DC as the Senator from Alabama….

There is a plan afoot to return Sessions to DC…….if he gets the raw deal from Trump that many expect.

In a strong rebuke to President Trump for ripping Attorney General Jeff Sessions over and over and over, Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL), who is running for Sessions’ seat vacated when he became Attorney General, created a resolution asking the challengers hoping to succeed Sessions to withdraw as candidates so Sessions could be reinstated in his Senate seat. Luther Strange now serves as a placeholder in the seat until the November 2017 election.

Brooks has described Trump’s treatment of Sessions as a “public waterboarding.”

If all Republican candidates collectively agree to simultaneously withdraw from this race, then we clear the way for the Republican Party of Alabama to nominate Jeff Sessions to be the Republican nominee for the December 12, 2017 general election. He can return to the Senate where he has served us so well. President can then appoint whomever he wants as Attorney General.

read the rest of the resolution……

Source: Alabama Congressman Running For Sessions’ Senate Seat Says All Candidates Should Bow Out So Sessions Can Go Back To Senate | Daily Wire

That could be a real drama if Sessions is fired and then returned to DC as a Senator… you think Trump would have a friend from Alabama in the Senate?

Revenge is a dish best served in your face.

Gone for the day…..see you guys tomorrow….chuq

18 thoughts on “Closing Thought–27Jul17

      1. You don’t have your website on your Gravatar, so I had to google you to find you. I don’t know why I lost you in my follow list…WP! grr.

  1. I don’t feel competent to comment here, since I’ve boycotted the news, and Twitter, and mostly ALL media for several weeks now… but, I can say, none of it surprises me. It only reinforces my feeling that the boycott is absolutely justifiable….

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. The funny thing is I think Trump is just telling Sessions to do is job. Trump may fire him, but Sessions never should have recused himself. That was dumb.

    Lately, Sessions has been pushing this crap that allows the police to seize your property if they think you used it in a drug crime. They can do this BEFORE you are tried and convicted. That’s constitutional? Only in the mind of Attorney Generals and such.

    Is it a good idea prosecute drug crimes? Perhaps, and if so it is obvious the Obama administration was deficient. However, even a stopped clock is occasionally correct. This is one case where the Obama administration got it right. =>

    The police are not suppose to be the judge and jury too.

    1. I believe that under protocol he had to recuse himself…….the DoJ should be non-partisan it should be about the laws of the country not a party or person….chuq

      1. Protocol? Perhaps, but the Russia thing is the purest partisan nonsense. Sessions yielded to pressure from the news media. Because the news media would not pressure them that much, no Democrat would have done it.

        The Special Prosecutor is the most insane thing. The guy effectively answers to no one, and once he has his appointment he can investigate anything.

        Look at what happened to Bill Clinton. He was impeached, but the charge had nothing to do with why the special prosecutor was appointed. As much as I detested Clinton’s presidency — as crooked as he and Hillary may be — that use of the law was abusive.

        We cannot elect angels. Setting hounds after the people we elect just because we don’t like them just makes it more difficult to get anyone decent to take the job.

      2. I really think the the Russia thing would not be so much in the news if not for so many conflicting reports and Tweets……this would slide if everyone involved would just let the scenario play out….besides all this juggling but the WH makes them look like they are up to something….chuq

      3. There is a deliberate effort to drive the Russia thing by people who know it is not true. Blaming the victim for not managing a hostile press better is just absurd.

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