God in the White House

Today’s posts will be generic….nothing in Breaking News……I have a full day of tests for my doctors so I will be a bit missing for most of the day….I apologize.

This is a FYI piece…it is not intended to influence anyone one way or the other…..purely informational……and in no way should be seen as an endorsement.

Every election we will see an ad or a speech or something about the candidates belief in God almighty….which is fine but it is not a deal maker with me.

I personally do not care what religion the candidate is or what his personal beliefs are….I do not make my decision based on religion.

I would prefer that we keep religion out of the voting process all together.

But that aside we hear a lot about this president or that and their belief in the deity we call God and how it influenced their tenure as president….but are these claims accurate?

Let’s look at the presidents down through the years……

The religious beliefs of the first president of the United States of America have been the subject of debate since he held office.

Washington’s faith has been categorized at times as evangelical Christianity, deist, Free Masonry and mainline Protestant Christianity. Washington himself was raised in, married in and became a vestryman in the Episcopal Church (the U.S. branch of the Anglican Communion). However, he rarely took communion and attended church sporadically.

(read on……)

Source: God In America: God in the White House | PBS

There is your look at our presidents and their religious thoughts……


12 thoughts on “God in the White House

  1. Since I’m also one who believes religion has no place in government (actually, IMHO, it has no place in human culture… which is a tale for another time & place), I didn’t read the historical perspective. I’m sincerely disinterested in examining the depths of the delusional thinking that has characterized those who end up getting elected… but, would also comment it could go a long way to explaining exactly WHY things are so fucked up, from any reasoned POV… mixing politics & religion NEVER comes to a good end, and THAT is a historical fact, no longer subject to debate….

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. London, England went along with this vein of thinking and look at what they ended up with!

      1. More Muslims than they know what to do with. Like Belgium and The Netherlands they will soon have no original national identity left at all.

      2. Whatever the case I believe the whole Island will soon become Londonistan.

      3. They would not have a problem if they did not segregate the people from the society…but that is another post for a later date

      4. I am more inclined to believe that there is no intentional segregation of the people from the society but rather that the people settling there from other countries (I am being nice now) refuse to assimilate and have absolutely no intention of ever assimilating. They are there like they are everywhere with one thing in mind …. over-run the native population with numbers, take over the government and raise their flag over all the national capitols.

      5. That is the case here but no so much in Europe…..immigrants were told where they could live it was a way to control the population….hard to explain easy to understand once you see the neighborhoods…

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