Closing Thought–12Jul17

What’s Wrong With Your Nose?

I admit it….in my younger days I did snort a lot of things…..but NO where on the list was the latest fad…..

You can eat it and drink it, so why not inhale it? That’s the thinking behind Coco Loko, a new “snortable” chocolate powder billed as a legal way to get high, the Washington Post reports. The newfangled nose candy leaves snorters with a “euphoric” feeling “but also motivated to get things done,” per founder Nick Anderson. He likens the buzz, which lasts for 30 minutes to an hour, to that of an energy drink. The 29-year-old Anderson, who runs the company Legal Lean, says he got the idea for Coco Loko a few months ago after hearing about a “chocolate-snorting trend” in Europe. Jezebel reports the fad may go back to 2015, when a Belgian chocolate-maker hawked a device that shoots chocolate powder up your nose. “At first, I was like, ‘Is this a hoax?,'” Anderson tells the Post.

And then I tried it and it was like, OK, this is the future right here.” So Anderson pumped in $10,000 of his own cash into creating his own “raw cacao snuff.” A 10-serving tin of Coco Loko costs $19.99 on the company website. The product is also spiked with ginkgo biloba, taurine, and guarana, all common ingredients in energy drinks. The powder is not FDA approved, and doctors seem perplexed by it. “No one’s studied what happens if you inhale chocolate into your nose,” one doc tells the Post. ABC10 notes that stuffing foreign substances up your schnoz could hurt mucous membranes, which keep bacteria and particles from entering the nose, among other issues. So does it work? Reviews on message boards are all over the place, with one saying, “All I felt was drowsy,” per the Post.

I wish I had something to add….but….all I can do is shake my head in disbelief.

A “Fellatio Cafe” and now snorting chocolate…..I hate to see what is next.

That’s it for me today…..come back tomorrow for more stuff….chuq


11 thoughts on “Closing Thought–12Jul17

  1. I tried a lot of stuff back in the day, but I was never a ‘snorter’. I get allergic to lots of things that make me sneeze, so I would have wasted my cash. As far as chocolate goes, I don’t eat it much, but surely it’s all about the taste on the tongue?
    Hope the tests went well.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I got ahold of “High Times” magazine and decided to make myself some “Lettuce Opium” which was about as big a bust as trying to smoke dried banana leaves.

  3. Definitely worth a couple of sad head shakes, and a huge SIGH…. while I try not to despair for humanity….

    Hope the tests went…. well, or not, I figure, if they’re done, it’s all good….

    See ya, bro…

    gigoid, the dubious


  4. Chuq, when you eat or drink something, it goes down the esophagus, and into the stomach, where there are various digestive “juices” and other chemicals, which break it down. Ingesting something by snorting it, however, would go through the trachea, and into the lungs–with nothing to break it down, I don’t believe. I wonder whether that would end up being similar to what miners get–“Black Lung”–from breathing coal dust. That’s deadly!

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