Back Away Slowly

Do you know how many Trump supporters gave me grief over my opinion that the rhetoric will not match the candidate if he were to win the big enchilada?

Many!  They told me that everything would change when was elected…..but will it?

His biggest draw was that he was an outsider and that is what is needed to break the strangle hold of the “elitist” the DC insiders on the levers of power.,….

Well that is a lie….why?  Look who is his chief of staff……one of the biggest insiders……

President-elect Trump has named Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus as his chief of staff, NBC reports. The choice was widely believed to be between Priebus and Steve Bannon, Trump’s campaign CEO and executive chairman of Breitbart News. In the end, both will stay on board. While Priebus won the big job, Politico reports that Bannon will be Trump’s chief strategist. “I am thrilled to have my very successful team continue with me in leading our country,” Trump said in a statement. “Steve and Reince are highly qualified leaders who worked well together on our campaign and led us to a historic victory.”

Bannon and Priebus represent two camps expected to be fighting for influence over the Trump presidency: Priebus is an establishment Republican with years of experience in politics, while Bannon is a fiery ideologue whose conservative media powerhouse, Breitbart News, is described as a “must-read for antiestablishment conservatives” by the Wall Street Journal. Other establishment Republicans may find some comfort knowing Priebus will play such a central role in the Trump White House, CNN reports. Priebus, who has led the Republican Party since 2011, is widely viewed as a moderating influence who may be able to forge alliances with Republicans like Paul Ryan.

Word is that it will NOT stop there…….

Donald Trump has only been president-elect of the United States for a few days but some of his biggest campaign promises are already looking shaky—including his promise to repeal ObamaCare. Failure to deliver on pledges like the border wall could alienate some of his “most fervent supporters,” though Trump has previously backed away from hardline positions only to return to them later, the Washington Post reports. A round-up of coverage:

  • Prominent Trump aide Newt Gingrich told reporters Thursday Trump’s promise to have Mexico pay for a border wall may have been just a “campaign talk.” “He’ll spend a lot of time controlling the border,” said Gingrich, who is expected to have a senior role in Trump’s White House. “He may not spend very much time trying to get Mexico to pay for it, but it was a great campaign device.”
  • Trump, whose supporters chanted “Lock her up” at campaign rallies, has softened his tone on Hillary Clinton considerably, the Guardian reports. In a 60 Minutes interview that will air Sunday, he described his former rival as a “very strong and very smart” woman who conceded in a “lovely” phone call. “She couldn’t have been nicer. She just said ‘congratulations Donald, well done,'” said Trump. He said Bill Clinton also called, and he “couldn’t have been more gracious.” In a Wall Street Journal interview, Trump said he hadn’t given a lot of thought to his promise to have a special prosecutor investigate Hillary Clinton.
  • The Times of Israel reports that Trump foreign policy adviser Walid Phares cast doubt on several Trump policies in an interview with BBC radio, saying that Trump might not move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem without “consensus,” and that “ripping it up” might be too strong a term for what Trump plans to do with the Iran nuclear deal. He “will take the agreement, review it, send it to Congress, demand from the Iranians to restore a few issues or change a few issues, and there will be a discussion,” Phares said.
  • Politico looks at the Trump team’s efforts to vet Cabinet nominees and plan for his first 100 days, and finds that the man who pledged to “drain the swamp” is assembling a team full of GOP insiders, lobbyists, and people with close ties to Wall Street. Some top members of the Trump transition team served in both Bush administrations.
  • CNN notes that Trump’s suggestion that he will keep parts of ObamaCare goes against his pledge to immediately repeal and replace the law, but much earlier in the campaign, he expressed support for keeping popular parts of the law—and even suggested he would be open to universal health care. “Everybody’s got to be covered. This is an un-Republican thing for me to say,” he told CBS last year. “I am going to take care of everybody. I don’t care if it costs me votes or not. Everybody’s going to be taken care of much better than they’re taken care of now.”
  • Trump hasn’t provided many concrete policy details since his win, but he’s still promising great things. “This will prove to be a great time in the lives of ALL Americans. We will unite and we will win, win, win!” he tweeted Saturday.

So far the appointees that are being named right now is terrible for an “outsider”….Trump is wading into the stagnant water of Washington…and few seem to care….funny that is not what they said during the process….but I guess when you have NO principles a lot of things are acceptable.

It will be some enjoyment to watch all those rabid, insulting supporters trying to justify being lied to in the process….

Let me say again….a LIE is still a LIE no matter what you try to do to justify…..but I guess some people like being lied to…..

It is fascinating to see everyone furiously attempt to read the tea leaves to try figure out what is inside the mysterious early Christmas present (that over half of American voters didn’t want) which we were all given last Tuesday. I think we have it narrowed down to Donald Trump as president will be most like… Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama, Jessie Ventura, or Adolf Hitler.  (Personally, I do not like using the AH reference and that makes me better than about half of the Trump supporters who do not hesitate to make such analogies)

Regardless, it will be so exciting to find out what we got in exchange for debasing our entire political process for at least the next generation!

Source: Trump’s Base of Supporters Clearly Doesn’t Care That He’s Already Broken Campaign Promises | Mediaite

11 thoughts on “Back Away Slowly

  1. Apparently to properly “drain the swamp” you need people who helped fill it in the first place, you know, so the draining can be as expeditious and efficient as possible. My enthusiasm for him possibly surprising me and not “being Trump” in the next four years is quickly diminishing.

  2. Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™ and commented:
    Trump, like all POTUS candidates, said what appealed to his voter base, caucasian males, now that his campaign rhetoric is past and now Trump must follow the path the real power behind the Presidency has laid out for him.

  3. I’l like to say this is my very last comment on the US election/erection, but I don’t make political promises. Give it a year. By then most Americans will deny ever voting for Trump and his die hard supporters will be thinking about moving to DC and erecting a wall around it. “Wake up, MarriKKKa, your Hunger Games are coming.” Ah, what am I saying: they’ve been going on in the Middle East since the first invasion of Iraq.

  4. And oh by the way — that “Turmoil” you hear about over at Trump Tower is The Donald cutting a lot the insiders and the lobbyists loose. Besides, he had nothing except insiders to work with or to choose from in the beginning because that is all there is in Washington. And I certainly do not want to see Ma Perkins from Hootin’ Holler being appointed to the cabinet.

  5. Seems clear to me that the concept of “Reality TV”, which, of course, has nothing at all to do with Reality, has come to the halls of government, and we will be treated to four years of watching a series of parodies of actual political activity, one after the other….

    Oh, well. Makes me glad I stopped watching the damn thing altogether….

    gigoid, the dubious

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