Why Trump Won

This will be my last couple of days to post on trying to explain the Trump victory….the American people have spoken…well the electoral college has spoken….I will focus on my forte…international relations and conflict management……that is unless something spectacular comes to light and then I will have to weigh in……after all I am an opinionated SOB.

The dream is DEAD!  This was the closest a woman will get to the White House in my lifetime…..of course I reserve the right to contradict myself…..it is the American way…..

There are millions of people waking up this day and scratching their heads at the loss of the election by Clinton and many are asking one simple question……what happened?

Complicated? Americans just elected to the presidency a candidate who the vast majority don’t like and consider dishonest, lacking the temperament and the experience to lead the country. They chose him even as broad majorities oppose his signature policies from building a wall to mass deportations to tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Complicated doesn’t begin to describe it. Here are some common-sense reflections on this political tsunami.

Source: Why Trump Won | The Nation

Personally, I seldom underestimate the capable voter to demand change…..but the change they demand is seldom real change….just change at the top…..as far as society goes it is never about that…..

The Dems have to an “autopsy” on party politics…apparently what they are doing now is not working……I mean they have lost all control in the states….if they have an agenda then it is not what the American people want….time to buck up and do the right thing……ask the people what is important…..not Wall Street.

Another thing to watch is the GOP…..will they fall in-line with the Trump vision or will they work against him…..my guess is they are cowards and will forgo their principles for the cushy crap offered by Trump.

My major concern is Pence……as a VP he has some power…he is a theocratic politician and I see some religious rights being stepped on…..


How politicians, pollsters and media missed Trump’s groundswell

Once again the pollsters and the pundits got it wrong.  In 2012 they had the election a toss up and Obama screamed through to victory and in 2016 they were solidly behind a Clinton win….

Guess what?  They were wrong……….they were slapped down…..again!

They were wrong about all the so-called “battleground” states….Trump swept them…..NO one understood the anger of the American people…..Can you hear them now?

The failure of pollsters, politicians and media to recognize the Trump groundswell was on the level of Dewey defeats Truman.

That is one of the most significant lessons of the 2016 presidential election, in which Donald Trump overcame the doubts of a majority of reporters, pollsters and political scientists who believed Hillary Clinton was headed for a decisive victory.

Source: How politicians, pollsters and media missed Trump’s groundswell – Nov. 9, 2016

This should do nothing to instill confidence in the media……and the Dems they had better find a way to connect with the American people or they will be ripe for failure onto of failure……

Have they learned their lesson?

We shall see…….

2016: We Have A Winner!

Is this crap over?  Is the long journey into darkness coming to an end?

The electoral college has spoken and Donald Trump will be the 45th prez of the US of A…..

The AP declared Donald Trump the next president of the United States in the early morning hours Wednesday, and Hillary Clinton called him to concede. That concession came soon after aide John Podesta said not to expect one because some states remained too close to call. In fact, NBC News held off calling the race for some time over uncertainty about Pennsylvania, but it eventually put the state in the Trump column and declared him the overall winner with a still-incomplete electoral tally of 278-218. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and others also called it for Trump. The only states still not decided are Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, and New Hampshire.

Donald Trump is now president-elect of the United States—and after his stunning victory, he promises to be president “for all Americans.” In a victory speech at his campaign headquarters in New York that the Washington Post describes as “subdued and humble,” he said it is “time for America to bind the wounds of division” and “time for us to come together as one,” the AP reports. “For those who have chosen not to support me in the past, I am reaching out to you so we can unify our great country,” he said. Trump told supporters that Hillary Clinton had called him to concede. He said she is owed “a major debt of gratitude” for her service and he “congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign.”

Trump went on to thank supporters and family members including his late parents and brother, and to tell the world that while “we will always put America’s interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone, with everyone,” Vox reports. “While the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning,” Trump said. “We’re going to get to work immediately for the American people and we’re going to be doing a job that hopefully you will be so proud of your president. You will be so proud. Again, it’s my honor.”

Congrats!  Job well done……time to get to work….promises to keep….

Donald Trump is now America’s president-elect and many commentators are calling it “unthinkable”—but they also admit it is a possibility they should have probably have thought a lot more about. Some early reactions to the historic victory:

  • Trump’s “astonishing” victory “is the greatest upset in the modern history of American elections—convulsing the nation’s political order in ways so profound and disruptive its impact can’t even be guessed at,” writes Glenn Thrush at Politico. He was able to defeat “a better-funded, better-organized Hillary Clinton by surfing a tsunami of working-class white rage that her army of numbers crunchers somehow missed,” Thrush writes.
  • What Trump “has done is nothing short of cataclysmic,” writes Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post. “He has fundamentally reshaped the political map. He has broken the Republican Party into pieces—and its shards still remain scattered everywhere. He has proven that the political polling and punditry industries need a deep re-examination.” But beyond that, Cillizza writes, the victory shows that “many of the assumptions that people have long made about who we are as a country and what we want out of our politicians, our political system and each other are, frankly, wrong.”
  • Conor Friedersdorf at the Atlantic says that he hopes Trump will “rise to the occasion”—but to be on the safe side, people should start thinking now about how to thwart Trump “misbehavior.” “The most important project in American politics for the next four years is safeguarding the rights conferred by the Constitution and the norms of a liberal society,” he writes. “The effort expended by ordinary citizens will determine the odds of that project’s success.”
  • Jim Rutenberg at the New York Times sees the media’s failure to see what was happening leading of to the Trump win as not just a failure of polling, but a failure “to capture the boiling anger of a large portion of the American electorate that feels left behind by a selective recovery, betrayed by trade deals that they see as threats to their jobs and disrespected by establishment Washington, Wall Street and the mainstream media.”
  • Trump didn’t just “vanquish” Clinton, writes Gerald F. Seib at the Wall Street Journal. He “instantly remade the Republican party in his own image. He rewrote some of the GOP’s most dearly held policy and philosophical positions.” Trump has sent the capital into a “zone of uncertainty the likes of which it hasn’t experienced at least since Ronald Reagan’s conservative revolution in 1980,” and is about to become “the most unconventional president in modern American history,” Seib writes.


Now the bitching, whining and crying……after that…..but the one lesson taken from this election……polls suck!  They were wrong in 2012 and they were dead wrong in 2016……

The big question now is….what will the Trump cabinet look like?  That should be telling……going to be a fascinating few months….

And the peasants dance…….

Who Will Weed Out the Warmongers?

The 2016 election has been the most pro-war election that I have witnessed in my many years (that’s right I am an old fart)…….regardless who wins this stupid thing the US is poised for a generation more of war and wars…..

If we cannot vote for a person to be president that could end all this lame ass interventionism then how can we fight against the war hawks and their handlers, the M-IC?

If Hillary Clinton hangs on to win the presidency, liberal Democrats have vowed to block her appointment of Wall Street-friendly officials to key Cabinet and sub-Cabinet jobs. But there has been little organized resistance to her choosing hawkish foreign policy advisers.

Indeed, Washington’s foreign policy establishment has purged almost anyone who isn’t part of the neoconservative/liberal-interventionist “group think.” That’s why pretty much everyone who “matters” agrees about the need to push around Russia, China, Syria, Iran, etc.

Reflecting that attitude, Sunday’s lead editorial in the neocon Washington Post hailed the broad consensus within the Establishment for more warlike actions once President Obama is gone, taking with him what the Post calls Obama’s “self-defeating passivity.”

Source: Who Will Weed Out the Warmongers? – Consortiumnews

One idea is to defeat the neocons at home….sweep this sort of interventionism from the halls of Congress……

The American Conservative has taken this question to task……

Back in June, I identified five incumbent senators with very hawkish foreign policy records that faced difficult re-election bids or had announced an intention to retire. Of the five I named, four are trailing their challengers or in very competitive races: Mark Kirk of Illinois, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, and Marco Rubio of Florida. The four Republicans were elected to the Senate in the 2010 wave year, and they were all elected in purple or blue states. Even if Trump weren’t the nominee, they would still have been facing a larger electorate in a presidential year in states that are more likely than not to vote for the Democratic nominee for president. Rubio has the best chance of those four to win, and that follows his decision to renege on his earlier pledge not to seek re-election. The fifth senator I mentioned was John McCain, who seemed to be struggling earlier in the year but has since opened up a substantial lead over his challenger. Unlike the other four, McCain isn’t seeking re-election for the first time, and `he is running a traditionally much more Republican state. While Kirk and Johnson appear to be heading to defeat next week, McCain seems to be safe. The other two are close enough that it’s hard to say what will happen.

Source: Endangered Hawk Watch | The American Conservative

It is time for the American voter to remove their heads from whatever candidate’s ass…..and start considering the money and man power that is being wasted on conflicts that have NO value to the population of this country.

Time to vote anyone with the war hawk mentality out of government and look for people that will put the country first and the M-IC second.