How the U.S. Military Can Save $1 Trillion

On January 20th Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of these United States….and shortly after that he will face the yearly challenge of the budget….there ought to be lots of back and forth and accusations will fly…..

Only days left before the best comedy in town….the budget debate……

Our biggest budget will be that of the Pentagon with all its glory and secrets

The National Interest magazine has a suggestion for the Trump-ites and others to consider when decided what will be best for the Pentagon…..

Cut the U.S. military’s size, but retain its technical edge.

The United States could reduce Pentagon spending by over a trillion dollars in the next decade—spending $5.2 trillion rather than the currently planned $6.3 trillion— by adopting strategy of military restraint. That’s the bottom line of a study I produced along with several colleagues as part of “Developing Alternative Defense Strategies 2016,” an exercise organized by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, where groups from five think tanks used CSBA’s “Strategic Choices” software to reimagine the U.S. military budget.

The others all increased military spending. The teams from the Center for New American Security and the Center for Strategic and International Studies added a few percent—tens of billions a year for the decade. CSBA’s team added about ten percent, and the American Enterprise Institute’s twenty.

Source: How the U.S. Military Can Save $1 Trillion | The National Interest

But then I am NOT sure that the country wants to save money…they prefer to reduce tax revenue and then spend their asses off so they can piss and moan about the deficit next election……so they can cut revenue… is all so predictable.

My suggestion is crap on the F-35 and that worthless ship that the Navy cannot afford the ammo for its guns….this would be a good start…..then proceed from there….


14 thoughts on “How the U.S. Military Can Save $1 Trillion

  1. How about pull our troops off the ground in any country that doesn’t want us there? My having not served in the military, I’m unsure if this is a good recommendation or a stupid recommendation.

    I see it like this, your house is a country, a neighbor walks in and takes over the downstairs to install a garage. You ask them to leave, they say they’re helping you because you didn’t know you needed a garage. You end up fighting with the basement (rebel faction supporting your garage building neighbor) while trying to remove the neighbor from your main floor so you can have your house back. All sides end up blowing up the house. The neighbor brings his friends and rebuilds the house better than before so that you no longer can afford to live in the house that was rightfully yours before any of this happened.

    1. A good idea…the problem is whatever treaty was signed…..we may have an obligation to defend this or that…this is where someone with conflict management and resolution would be a good idea….chuq

    2. Or……… you enlist the aid of the neighbor on the other side to fight the basement rebels while you concentrate on evicting the other neighbor from the main floor. In the meantime, in all the commotion, your family members pack up and leave the house entirely and seek refuge with the friendly neighbor assisting you with those basement rebels. Your helpful neighbor can’t afford to fight the basement rebels at the same time as helping your family members, thus causing the helpful neighbor’s relatives to bitch, piss, and moan that the bathroom is always taken. The helpful neighbors can’t be helpful anymore in the fight against the basement rebels and leave you to fight the main floor battle and the basement rebels alone.

      In the meantime, your family members are tired of sleeping on the floor at your formerly helpful neighbor’s house and feel persecuted. Your family members rise up and take over your friendly neighbor’s house, killing everyone in line for the bathroom. They invite you to come there so you stop fighting in the destroyed home and re-locate to the newly captured home of your former helpful neighbor.

      Life is good.

  2. This article is very important but I am afraid it is a little too complex for my level of understanding.These issues are best left to the military planners and the budget experts. The technical aspects of what this article embraces are far too many in number and too complex in nature for me.Nevertheless, for those with the academic prowress to understand these things it is (IMHO) a wonderfully-thought-out and professionally prepared presentation.

  3. There is another side to this. Scientific development and research for military applications many times ends up contributing to the economy and certain tech growth industries and new products. Space program is a perfect example. We got far more return on our investment to reach the moon than we spent to get there. Damn near every piece of hi-tech electronics came from the space program…. or Star Trek. 🙂

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