Closing Thought–16Nov16

This is a moot point because we already have a new prez….but at least give me this…..I am gloating a bit at those dyed in the wool establishment Dems.

You guys lost not because of some superior message by another candidate…you lost because you hand picked the worst candidate possible.

Just to rub your noses in the pile here……

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would have beaten Donald Trump by a historic margin if he had been the Democratic nominee, according to a private pre-election poll provided to The Huffington Post.

The national survey of more than 1,600 registered voters, conducted by Gravis Marketing two days before the general election, found that Sanders would have received 56 percent of the vote while Trump would have won 44 percent

Crucially, independent voters, who made up nearly one-third of the general election voters this year, favored Sanders over Trump, 55 percent to 45 percent, the poll found. Hillary Clinton, by contrast, lost independents 48 percent to 42 percent, according to exitpolls.

I know polls are notoriously wrong….but I still like the sound of this one…..because, and please check my archives to confirm, I was dead set against this Clinton from the start and I never wavered from that stand…..unlike so many others……

The Dems did this to themselves….all the back stabbing, underhanded tactics and the lies gave you a candidate that had NO chance of winning……

Congrats!  You f*cked yourselves….

Like I said at the start….this is a moot point but it felt good to tell the dumbass Dems…”I TOLD YOU SO”!


12 thoughts on “Closing Thought–16Nov16

  1. Thanks to a completely inadequate & unreliable service provided by a massive monopolistic cable/media conglomerate (and my inherent laziness which has been enhanced over time by using the Internet)….I have been disconnected from the Internet and the “entire world” for about 4 months now…..

    So, did I miss anything?

    1. Glad to see you back…you have been missed….did you miss anything?

      Nope same stupidity as when you departed….Singer Leonard Cohen died….that is about it….

      1. Lenny? Dead? Fuck!!! Well, if that’s the biggest thing that happened while I was gone, then maybe being on the Internet isn’t is nearly as vital to life as everyone claims it is.

        Wait…Leonard Cohen’s a Canuckistanian entertainment legend and I didn’t hear about his death? Nah, that must be one of those “Gordon Lightfoot Is Dead” Internet hoaxes. (Twice now, he’s been publicly declared dead. Yet he was on the front page of my newspaper giving an Interview this week.)

  2. Well fuck me with a fork …on both fronts.

    As for Trump, I haven’t done any Internet “research” yet, but from the best I can gather, he won exactly the way I said he could win. That is to say, other than racism…

    1) Using the Broad Street Bullies (70’s Philadelphia Flyers) approach I explained here 5-ish months ago. They used brawling as a tactic to get the opposition off its game and playing their game instead. (See Hillary’s negative TV campaigns) The Flyers routinely beat teams better than themselves.
    Even if you won against the Flyers, you still got beat to a pulp. The Democrats, infamous for being gutless punching bags, refused to play their toughest player (Sanders) who could go toe-to-toe with Trump. But then idiotically decided to take the fight-bait anyway. In doing so, they lost what was an un-loseable game to an otherwise completely hopeless Republican team.

    2) Winning the only states that actually mattered (Rust Belt & Florida) by collecting the votes of people Democrats (& Republicans) have been ignoring for 25+ years, who’ve taken it up the ass & have largely given up. They were just excited to see somebody was actually pretending to give a fuck about them.

    I’ve been saying for over 15 years that fighting over the 5-ish% of voters that inexplicably haven’t made a “till death” pledge to one of the two political tribes is far less effective than getting 5% of the 50% that don’t vote to take a chance on you. “None of the Above” wins every single election by about 25 points while 2nd & 3rd fight over table scraps. At this point at least, I think Trump did just that.

    1. white people made his difference….he won Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida…all states that were a “lock” for Clinton…oops….somebody got it wrong….will be fun to see what trhe Dems do now that they do not control anything in DC….no House….no Senate….no presidency…they are so screwed…time to formulate a new plan…me thinks….chuq

      1. Yeah a “new plan”. No doubt it will be as “effective” in changing their party for the better as the Republican’s post-election soul searching was. Their “new direction” was such a refreshing change their past.

        Here’s a radical plan. Democrats should stop ignoring (if not outright attacking) the very people they need to win. Then again…30% of Latinos inexplicably voted for Trump.

      2. There is lots of ideas for the Dems these days…most are trying to excuse away their loss….I have written about some of it….

        On a side note…is everything okay? I was a bit concerned with your absence….just checking….chuq

      3. Thanks for the concern. By Internet standards, your level of concern is impressive…and yet somehow depressing at the same time. (I’m just some anon asshole venting on somebody else’s blog. Hell, I may not even be a real person, just a chat-bot program.) Although, I suppose being absent from a blog for 4 months is a lot more noticeable on a -er- “prolific” blog like yours. I expect the last comment I posted was about 1,947 topics ago. I honestly have enough trouble keeping pace around here on days I’m on-line all day. Never mind going 4 months without ANY Internet connection. (I can feel the Earthquake induced by all the Millennials shuddering in pants-wetting unison at the mere thought of going without the Internet for just 4 seconds.)

        No, apart from being forced to give both my dogs “The Big Needle” (dogs who despite being Canadian- born, now deceased, dogs are STILL more qualified & capable of being the US President than unfortunately still-alive, Canadian born, rabid dog, Ted Cruz )…Apart from that, the only trauma I’ve suffered is having to be alive in the year 2016. Mind you, at the rate things are going, I may indeed blow my brains out. However, given that I’m Canadian, I wasn’t born with a gun in my hand. And given I’m such a procrastinator that it took 4 months to just make a friggin’ phone call (see below), I probably won’t get around to blowing my brains out for at least another decade. By then, I’m sure things the world will be filled Care Bears & unicorns, so I won’t have any reason to.

        No, the only trauma was to my Internet connection. My service (Read: Disservice) by a monolithic media corporation ground to a complete halt 4 months ago. It took me this long to overcome the dread of dealing with these monopolistic media motherfuckers in order to get it functional again. It’s working. But despite “the most modern equipment on the market”, my Internet connection is still as shitty and totally unreliable as it ever was…if not worse…And as a bonus, it’s a few bucks more expensive too!

        But not to get all Sammy Maudlin Show on you….honestly, other than missing the chance to look up inane TV trivia and exchange death threats with thousands of ignorant hillbillies….I didn’t miss the Internet AT ALL! (and I’ve been an Internet user since about 1986)

      4. Glad to see that all is straight now…or at least for awhile….I show the same concern for all my regular commenters….welcome back…chuq

  3. *smile*

    The voters, of all affiliations, have been studiously and consistently fucking themselves over due to ignorance of the nature of our culture for, oh, about a hundred years or so now. This year was merely a summarization of the previous 25 elections, demonstrating every form of corruption and perversion of democracy that has evolved over that time.

    All the damn cats are out of the bag, and I don’t think we should be terribly surprised.

    gigoid, the dubious

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