Is The U.S. Green Party Irrelevant?

A good question…..and the answer is yes….not because of the issues but rather because the media does not want to gum up the system with more than two parties……and because the 2 parties do not want to relinquish their strangle hold on the political system.

This piece covers the history and the directions of the two Green Parties, Germany and USA…..(a historical perspective and thank you)

In countries like Germany, the Green Party wields real power. But in America, not so much.

Many Americans value environmental protection and want to see more of it. But Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, is drawing only 1 to 3 percent in recent polls, even in an election where many voters dislike the major candidates and are looking for alternatives.

Stein certainly has worked to differentiate herself from the two major party candidates. In July she asserted that electing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton—probably the choice of most pro-environment voters—would “fan the flames of … right-wing extremism,” and be as bad as electing Donald Trump.

Source: Why Is the U.S. Green Party So Irrelevant? | New Republic

The media would have to actually report political news if there were more than the 2 parties…instead of driving the conversation and being used as a propaganda tool.

The system has kept the Green Party from its rightful place in American politics… must be done if we are to ever move past the domination of the wealthy in our politics….

Nothing irrelevant about the Green Party…..just worthless diatribes and recriminations by the political elites……

Do the country a favor and at least check out the party before you vote.  The US deserves a party of the common people….Dems have long since relinquished that mantle……why not the Green Party-US?

Do NOT believe the hype…the Green Party is relevant and much needed.


48 thoughts on “Is The U.S. Green Party Irrelevant?

  1. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    OOooo I’m having a bad Thursday but really EVERYTHING is irrelevant depending on which side of what line you chose or happen to just BE just by chance standing on. I just “unsubscribed” (REALLY is that a word?) from my Bernie’s site….i mean who much money can i give?

    The saddest words in my lexicon of lyrics ( the constabulary of a person) are:


      1. Love to reblog you, some of your euriditness seems to wear off. Your teaching credentials are showing. Pull down your skirt.

        (Said often to me by educators and never by boyz) ~~dru~~

  2. It pisses me off to no end that we can’t get past this stupid Electoral College and “winner takes all” system. A small compromise would be to award electoral votes on an apportioned basis (I’m blanking where I read that yesterday). Germany has, when compared to the U.S., a more ideal form of a democracy; that is if you can call what the U.S. has right now an actual democracy. It’s more of a meritocracy or plutocracy. We’re seriously in trouble….

  3. Petra Kelly and I were classmates at American University. She co-founded the Greens in Germany, if you recall. It was not a party of elites. The Green Party in the US was founded by wannabe elites and out of power elites who would, it turned out, never try to organize a grassroots party going house to house to elect local officials and gain local support. Not a whole lot different than many past 3rd parties in US. Feet on the street build strength and support, not coffees, teas, or wine tastings among out of influence old elites or wannabe elites. End of rant. Last successful 3rd party in US, the original Republicans of 1850s – RIP 1968.

  4. Fear Nothing! If things continue on the way they have been going here in The United States the day will surely come when we have a hundred different political parties all fighting amongst themselves.

      1. And look what we have….lawsuits because coffee is hot…..that seems to be the solution to every problem…..sue the bastards…

      1. By “busy” I mean the eyes have too much to distract it from the content…keep in mind I am old fashion and like books…the printed page….so I may not be the best to ask….

  5. Here’s what I notice as the key difference between the biggest third parties like the Green Party and the two big parties: county organizations. You literally have to have chapters in every county of this country in order to be competitive in not just ballot access and the popular vote, but also the Electoral College. The Greens and Libertarians have enough state and county chapters to be persistent and relevant between presidential-year news cycles, but not enough to break over that 1% popular vote share like Nader 2000 and Perot 1992 did.

    The Dems and GOP built their organizations over a multitude of generations since the mid-1800s, building their parties from the ground up and meaning different ideologies to different regions in order to stay in power. The Greens and Libertarians have built theirs up, and the next four years offer an opportunity to build themselves up even more in every county of the country.

    1. Thanx for the visit and the comment…always a pleasure to have new visitors…..the 2 party system has made the alternatives very expensive in some states like mine….to reister a party there needs to be a “filing” fee of $5000…not so if I ran as a Dem or a Repub…eliminate that obstacle and I think 3rd parties could prosper….chuq

      1. Yes, and there has long been collusion between Dems and the GOP to keep this high barrier. It’s high where I live in Georgia, and a Facebook friend who is co-chair of the Georgia Green Party found it difficult to get enough valid signatures to get Jill Stein on the ballot by the deadline. A lot of this dates back to when the Dems were the conservative, segregationist party who dominated the politics of the South.

        But if the critical mass of supportive members were there, the money would be less of an issue.

      2. I think that this past election may go a long way in helping 3rd parties…that is if the people are truly as “angry” as we are lead to believe….chuq

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