News From Afghanistan–2 American Deaths

I know this close to the election and everyone is on the edge of their chairs hoping that their candidate will pull out the win….

But for those that actually care…..two more American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan fighting the Taleban…..and unlike the media I will NOT put the troops on the back shelf for any reason……

Two US service members were killed Thursday battling Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan alongside local troops, reports the AP, rare combat deaths for American forces who largely handed over securing the nation to Afghan troops some two years ago. NATO described the Americans killed and two other Americans wounded in the assault as being part of “a train, advise, and assist mission” in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province. They have not been identified. Kunduz officials later said they were investigating claims that local civilians also were killed in the fighting, possibly in a retaliatory airstrike.

Taliban fighters briefly overran the city of Kunduz in early October, a show of strength by the insurgents that also highlighted the troubles facing local Afghan forces 15 years after the US-led invasion of the country. The Taliban captured and held parts of Kunduz a year earlier as well before the city was fully liberated weeks later with the help of US airstrikes. Though US combat operations are officially over, thousands of US troops remain in Afghanistan, and special forces routinely accompany Afghan forces on missions, notes Reuters.

IST wishes to give our heart felt sympathy to the families of these slain soldiers……

With the deaths of these two brings up the subject of money spent and results accomplished in Afghanistan……after 15 years…..

If there is one thing that is certain in this tumultuous presidential election, it is this: Whoever replaces Obama will have to deal with the mess in Afghanistan that he leaves behind – the one he inherited from George W. Bush almost eight years ago and was unable to clean up.

Billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars have been spent trying to build up an Afghan army and instill Western values in a hard-bitten land of warlords and tribal hostilities that has never been successfully controlled or changed by a foreign power.

Now a new report by the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR) that points to a resurgent Taliban and failing social programs – including improving the plight of Afghan women — begs the question, “Why are we still there?”

In a story Monday, the Times says that the Taliban has stolen a page from ISIS and is actively using social media as a propaganda vehicle to trumpet its victories and taunt the government. One video, for example, showed Taliban fighters cruising around the outskirts of Lashkar Gar, the capital of a southern province, in a captured American Humvee; the government has said there were no insurgents near there. In recent days, the Times said, the Taliban released video footage – shot from cameras mounted on a drone — of a suicide-bomb attack in Helmand Province.

A bumper crop of opium poppies this year is helping to fuel the Taliban resurgence. The SIGAR report says that since 2002, the U.S. has spent $8.5 billion on counter-narcotic efforts “yet this year saw a 43% increase in opium production, according to the United Nations. Eradication results are the lowest in a decade because of security challenges, namely in Helmand Province.”

(yahoo news)

In case you are interested….we have spent $780 billion….that is just over 3/4 of a trillion dollars that is trillion with a “T”……

What part of this sounds like a success?


10 thoughts on “News From Afghanistan–2 American Deaths

  1. So 2 American soldiers lost their lives … very sad. To me, their lives are no more important that the innocent civilian lives taken by American soldiers. It is time to stop overlooking the collateral damage of war.


    So if i get this and believe me i think i do get this……<2% of money received…note i didn't actually say income or revenue….reporting on Amer'cn deaths that are already established as inevitable in regards to $2000 trillion (i made that up) in billings regarding talking about some Kardashians' butt ….I mean really? Who would choose what? SHOW ME THE MONEY! That is okay and everything else is just about numbers, percentages, and more what not.

    I dated a pseudo editor once and he had such fitz of foam regarding "product" placement in editorial content; i just couldn't help but listen…didn't hurt I once dabbled in the idea of journalism but recognized meself's own lazziness and bias….or in his case….splendor; i just tuned out. Still can't say I didn't agree….just saying i'm tired and he was a puttz.

    So what did "Maid" say previously in regards to numbers…my answers as it appears to me, is that her answer is that numbers is numbers and ethics, moral, and gawd forbid calling upon "Right" just doesn't compare to "Right as just believing in one based on one's own and concept". After all numbers don't lie.

    My numbers are so large that your numbers are therefore little and therefore of no significance is just another bull shit statement that I'm not throwing myself on Joan's pyre for. Just cuz, after all the numbers might indicate justice or injustice does not mean is YOU should not just sit back and NOT argue.

    Now before you go off and send arrows of justice to me, let me further explain….2, maybe 3, maybe 4, maybe even more does NOT MAKE even 1 of the others ok. I just feel we should be discussing morals, ethics, issues and deploring ANY number from ANY site. WHATEVA'H. and then perhaps if it is at all possible, thinking towards progress.

    Sorry chuq about the soldiers…and the unfortunate inevitably more to come no matter what happens…my answer is to climb in a bottle and envision "Maid" as the savior of my sad sorry world. Not working out so well, sorry Maid.


    Tell me something i don't know~ ~~dru~~

    1. That was supposed to be the possessive, belonging to who ever it affects, who’s; ..i think i got it wrong again…WHo sez only Trumpies are bad with languageies? AND TeaBonics…courtesy of my late brother… are just too fun for word…especially cuz they write them on placards and not blog their stupidies most of the time. No me boss….oh no not me…. I digress (been DX’d with some such stupid disorder…in my records and everything…but seems to be that I just talk too much… .

      Just try to get the point and if you do, come and get me out of bed tomorrow cuz “me coverz they callz”
      ~~dru the not at all definitely not magnificent…but let me use that once just for fun….pleeeze.”

    2. And an other aside note, yayheah I probably would jump off a bridge cuz someone dared me to; actually done one or two small metaphoric bridges in my time…..(but my father has a lot to answer for however we never killed ourselves – or for that matters others – (well in the dares anyway) and we never said no one ever “said it had worked before, so whatta ‘ell?”…but i’m easily manipulated and not a role model for anyone and my father could just push my buttons…No SEXUAL innuendo implied…we were two little kids in a grown up world that had some really good times….Can’t help to this day calling some market number (getting harder to find as our tech grows larger) “Do you have Prince Albert in a Can?”

      My father got “what me worry” inserted in as a portrait in his high-school year book section and you know what? I still laugh after all these years.

      My father was a noncombat and received a lot of medical knowledge from his service….not to mention a LOT of shrapnel but a man who maintained the worst possible funniest that could have ever existed…and a large admiration of Tolstoy and Dorthy Parker, and my self……and kept saying over and over at the end of his life “Where did I go wrong?? and me kept replying you got some money,(through very hard work but I never gave that up) And because you forgot to save your money and pass it on to your undeserving and really noxious, off spring. Got yourself a hoard of Democrats instead of Republicans…. REMEMBER YOU OREGON TILLE MONK CHEESE MEN; milking cows is an honorable profession, kicking your sister down the stairs (after they drop a bottomed soaked with drying wax, brown paper bag one your hear)…HaH think i didn’t see that?, Finding D.Parker under your old bed and havng Violet not Mil actually explain that to me. TAG you’re it!

      1. Not until I have more caffeine….but my father was never there for me he was a career soldier and decided that being away was far better than being home…I wqas raised by my mother and I could not ask for a better role model….worked her butt off providing for me…..she died way too soon and I miss her everyday…now it is coffee time…LOL

  3. May our heroes rest in peace, and may their families find some comfort. It has been a complete failure from the outset. Thank you for your blog; those sacrifices will never be forgotten.

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