Neoliberalism against capitalism?

My regular readers have heard me rail against neoliberalism….I have, in the past, called it nothing more than a conservative ideology trying to hide among progressives…..

Neil Davidson on how the current neo-liberal project has been almost too successful as a ruling class strategy, creating a form of capitalism which endangers the long-term security of capital itself and edges society ever closer to barbarism.

Source: Neoliberalism against capitalism? – Neil Davidson

Neoliberal thought has done more damage to the nation than any other ideology that has been deemed dangerous to our way of life…..

24 thoughts on “Neoliberalism against capitalism?

  1. I beg to disagree because I have always looked at Neoconservatism in exactly the same way …. Neocons ala the Bush era … the era of the right wing radio talk show propaganda experts — the era of The patriot Act and the decimation of other rights and freedoms which are still under attack by a new “Con” — a “Con” I like to call “The Obamacon” soon to be replaced by the Clintoncon. It’s always some kind of “Con” coming out of Washington these days … a place that should be renamed, “Washingtoncon.”

    1. Neocons are war hawks…neolibs are cowards that want to control everything…I can deal with a neocon…neolibs are hiding in plain sight and Clinton is the flag bearer….

      1. Trump can do nothing on his own to stop it … and the powers that first constructed the scenario aren’t about to do anything to stop it … so we will have the coronation complete with very visual queen and somewhat subdued king … and all we will need then is a parliament and a copy of Big Ben and some idiots with muskets and red coats … and Americans can start paying their outrageous tea taxes again … to the pan-liberalist commisars … Maybe they will build their own summer palace … or their own city … who knows? I am too old to worry.

      2. There is already a Summer Palace and it is in Florida…..he could have tried a bit….like addressing issues….his stands are confusing and fleeting….

      3. So is this the beginning? Is this the high-priced way to make sure some people who can’t afford to pasy $250 for a domain name are going to find themselves suddenly in the sewers of the internet where people can’t find them anymore because the new more expensive domains are making the most noise and flashing the brightest lights? Is that what this is or is it something else? What’s wrong with the .com domain I already purchased?

  2. Neoliberal, neocon, war hawk… it’s all stupid is as stupid does to me. As long as humans depend on labeling each other to determine their feelings about anything, we’ll continue to wander the earth, killing each other for insane reasons, for the practice of labeling is, quite simply, an insane way to relate to reality. All there are are ‘people’ doing stupid shit, making us homo insanitus, on our road to homo suicidus….

    And, politics is one of the stupidest things we’ve come up with to torture each other….

    gigoid, the dubious, on the path to anarchy….

      1. While admitting to being human, I do try to be mindful of the process in my thinking. The more we depend on the labels we choose to use, the further from reality we go; calling a spade a spade seems to work better for me….

        It’s an ego-driven process, connected to our emotional content; if we aren’t mindful of how it can affect our thinking, (and most never think of it at all…) it always comes back to bite, and usually on a societal scale… I forget which philosopher said it, but, he was right when he noted that society views a man who resists being labeled much as they do a rabid dog, as unpredictable and dangerous….

        Thank goodness for that…


    1. Dear gigoid — you are correct in all that you have said. But Human Nature is not going to change until the detonation of all the nuclear devices Russia and China are building while we sit on our rear ends doing nothing — and after that cataclysmic disaster takes place the dna of the human race will be changed and perhaps future generations can see a little positive detour from what is now the norm.

  3. Add to the neo/con agenda a rather large 😦 large dose of global political ideology.. reference Shem & Ham….then go to the top of the pyramid. good luck ..u will need it…then u will understand just what we are up against. These people are truly anti-semitic…and will create wars/terrorist attacks just to further their agenda & they keep changing sides ….not a pretty picture….do not forget House of Saud relationship with Israel…born of time past…confusing…. You like history chuq…go read the old testament and link the pieces up to current day….it is complex.
    In the meantime do not believe anything… it is garbage….media waffle…nothing to do with nuclear devices….it is all a diversion from the real agenda….

      1. If U focus on one particular sect there lies ur answer to today’s current problems. Mostly I agree with with you…

  4. Thanks for your post. Neo-liberalism has been proclaimed by some as a modern version of laissez-faire or leaving everything to the ‘market’. But its application required a strong state to substantially weaken organised labour and shift the balance of political and economic power in favour of capital. So it is surely a strange mixture in practice politically. It has worked in a number of countries to restore the profitability of private enterprise but has not really led to a sustainable pattern of growth. Rather growth has been weaker than during the ‘Golden Age’ of the 1950s and 60s, and inequality has risen dramatically in countries such as the US and UK. It has needed a vast growth in private debt to sustain consumption, at least for a while. Some have gained but many have seen their living standards stagnate since the 1970s. Globalization in its neo-liberal form has also paradoxically been a creature of state intervention and promotion and may now have reached a crucial turning point. International trade is stagnating and the 2008-9 crisis is far from resolved. These are still desperate times for ordinary workers in many ways.

    1. THanx for the visit I appreciate your time….the intervention part is the part that I find the most repugnant….I think the workers would be much better off without it….

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