The Ghost Of Bin Laden

That would be OSAMA with an “S”…just in case there are any Breibart trolls in hiding.

The day is 02May2011….Obama (with a “B”) announced the news that Osama bin Laden, head of Al-Qaeda, has been killed in Pakistan….and the country went into a euphoric celebration….vengeance has been ours.

Since that day all AQ communications has come through the new leader of the group, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, that is until now…..the ghost of Ossama has spoken through his son, Hamza……

The son of al-Qaeda’s slain founder Osama bin Laden has urged Saudis to “overthrow” the kingdom’s “oppressive and tyrannical” rulers to free themselves of US influence.

In an audio message released by the militants’ media outlet, Hamza bin Laden urged the Saudi tribes to join the Yemen-based al-Qaeda franchise to “gain the necessary experience” to “wage jihad” against the House of Saud.

“There must be an uprising against the American agents, [true] Islamic law ruling the land and the overthrow of the criminal ruling family, which has turned the Land of the Two Holy Mosques into a kingdom of [the West and Iran],” bin Laden said.

Source: Bin Laden’s son calls for uprising against Saudi king

The apple does not fall from the tree….now does it?

53 thoughts on “The Ghost Of Bin Laden

      1. The good thing about conspiracies is that where there is smoke there is usually fire and as we all know the lame streamers cover crap up and hide things from the American People.

      2. And too much is made up to give an illusion of something….and they blow a lot of smoke and it will eventually come to a blaze….but I could be that damn accurate….but I refuse make shit up to gain readers…

      3. Damn! Don’t know if we have time to answer that…I mean I only have about 20 years or so before I take a dirt nap….LOL

      4. Okay I will be serious….personally I think that the population has got to start thinking like a country again and get away from the us versus them mentality…

      5. It was actually a kidney stone which has long since passed now and all those tests that had me so worried came back as some things to watch every 6 months but nothing to tackle aggressively right at the present moment. I am much relieved. Thank you for asking. It is good to have someone care.

  1. I want to see this kid’s birth certificate before I will believe a thing. Anybody can claim to have been born heir to the Osama Legend. I think he might be some lone wolf acting out on some stuff he studied on the internet or something. How do we know he is authentic?

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