You “Cannot Fix Stupid”!

I close my day of posting with a situation from last week… illustrates the depths of ignorance…….it falls firmly in the category or “Can’t Fix Stupid!”

Most of us humans are always looking for a sign that God is listening and helping…..religions have sent missionaries all over the world to indoctrinate….ooops…… Sorry that should be teach the word of God to others…..but recently I saw a piece that tells of a massive airdrop of Bibles over a war torn country……and just how pathetic this attempt was…..

“We want peace in the Middle East,” said Mormon Church social media director Sam Woodfield. “And what better way to accomplish this than through religion and the heart and soul of our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

The Church (LDS) spent over $85 million dollars on ‘Operation Bible Drop.’ This cost included the Bibles, transportation, parachutes for each package, and permits to use the airspace. Each of the 6,000 packages included 100 Bibles with hopes that they would be distributed in villages and cities across Syria.

$85 million…..could that be a tax break for a charitable action?

“We have a great foothold in Africa and the Middle East is our next stage of expansion,” said Woodfield. “In a time of war and despair, it’s the best time to suck people into religion. We have a saying; ‘The more desperate, the more vulnerable people become for hope.’ Their God failed them, so there isn’t a better time to promote our true and only powerful God.”

It is the same GOD you moron….

Some have suggested that the money could have been better used to feed and clothe a million refugees for a year. Instead, they got books in a language that a majority of the population can’t read.

“Complete waste of money and is insulting,” said the director of the non-profit humanitarian organization, World Peace Now, Tim Seager. “The conversion rate on their plan is going to be zero percent. The whole thing is puzzling. The locals told us they were puzzled too, but said the books are good to burn at night for warmth, so that’s one positive thing to come from this. They were just very expensive fire pit logs.”

There were also reports of people getting injured after stacks of Bibles fell on people’s heads. The drop also caused stampedes when civilians thought a bombing air raid was beginning. When the dust had settled, 12 people died and thousands were injured in the ‘Bible Drop’ campaign.

Gives a whole new definition of “being hit over the head by the word of God”.

This was a pathetic show of ignorance….but what could I expect from the stupidity that arises from arrogance.

Is it possible that with the ceasefire holding in Syria that the Bibles killed more people than any action on this day?

20 thoughts on “You “Cannot Fix Stupid”!

  1. Great post, bro… I needed a smile after mini-ranting my way through your posts today, and this gave me a big one! I haven’t heard of, or seen, such a massive display of ignorance in some time, which, given the state of the news these days, is saying a lot….A stupid idea, stupidly thought out not at all, carried out with massive stupidity…. brilliant! And, I feel rather smug my first thought was, “oh, the locals will love them for kindling for the fire!”, which is exactly what happened…

    What a bunch of lusers!…. and, yes, I know it’s misspelled…. It’s a geek term, with implications far worse than mere losers….

    gigoid, the dubious

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