Jews On First

Morning all….the weekend begins and I will be busy these days….I have a garden working with tomatoes, radishes, asparagus, onions and chard….I will also be doing some work in the orchard with the tangerines, limes, satsumas, plums, pears and peaches and a few figs…….damn….forgot the grapes…….it is a lot of work but well worth it.

I am old enough that I remember a routine by Abbott and Costello, the “Who’s on first” routine….it was brilliant….back in the 80’s I was a fan of the Wayans and “In Living Color”….some excellent humor and they did an update of the Abbott and Costello routine only theirs was called “Jews On First”……it has Sharpton and Farrakhan as the talkers…….

Hope you guys appreciate how well these guys did this piece……

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