What Happened to Frodo?

Another day of rest and relaxation….and a rant about the whole “One ring to bring them all…..” and the whole Hobbit thingy….this collection of stories has thrilled the likes of every Dungeon and Dragon geek for decades…..but what if Tolkien was not making any of it up?

That’s right my geeky friends….it is possible that Hobbits were real……

New research suggests it’s possible ancient humans are responsible for killing off Indonesia’s hobbits (an urge no doubt felt by modern humans who sat through the extended edition of The Hobbit). Starting in 2003 when their remains were first discovered on the island of Flores, scientists believed Homo floresiensis—who averaged 3.5 feet tall and 75 pounds—lived until as recently as 12,000 years ago, National Geographic reports. But a new study published this week in Nature found they actually died off sometime between 60,000 and 50,000 years ago—right around the time humans showed up in the area. “The exact cause of the demise of the hominids … is not yet understood, but in my view, may be related to the appearance in the area of the most aggressive of all hominin species, Homo sapiens, modern humans,” one expert tells Discovery.

Discovery calls the timing of the hobbits’ disappearance “suspicious,” but the study found no proof they were wiped out by humans, and further excavations on Flores are needed. Other possible causes for the extinction of Homo floresiensis include volcanoes, overhunting of pygmy elephants, and climate change. But it’s not just their death that is mysterious. Scientists still don’t know why these real-life hobbits were so small, how they got to Flores, or if they’re even a different species. Some experts have posited they are actually humans suffering from dwarfism or Down syndrome. (Meanwhile, ancient humans having sex with Neanderthals may be why we have allergies.)

Go figure…..

What’s next?  Will remains of the Tooth Fairy be located?

31 thoughts on “What Happened to Frodo?

  1. The worst possible scenario would be a headline in international news media stating that “Scientists now believe the remains of Jesus of Nazareth have been unearthed and identified by DNA in a forgotten grave in a former Nicene enclave.”

    1. For a good examination of exactly such a scenario, see the novel, “Another Roadside Attraction”, by the same author who wrote, “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues”, Tom Robbins, in which two slackers discover the corpse in a cellar at the Vatican (where else?)…. great treatment of the idea…


      1. Now someone needs to write an article about what might be hidden in the walls of the same location. In my younger days I heard some old Nuns talk about what might be hidden inside the walls of that place but I am not going to talk about it right now because of all the hassels it might cause. Use your imagination and then review their doctrinal position on abortion.

      2. Without either requiring or needing direct evidence, I think it’s clear there are likely a LOT of pieces of historical evidence of the Catholic Church’s foundation of lies hidden in the catacombs and tombs under that building. They, along with every other Christian church, have been fostering the delusional material upon which they base their lives for over 2000 years, a long time to maintain so many illusions without active interference in historical realities. There are probably many pieces of “miracle” evidence hidden, which would, if seen, blow their boat out of the water…

        And, if they want to come talk to me about that, they’re welcome, any time. I suggest they bring a lot of BIG friends; as well as the keys to the tombs….they’ll need them.

        gigoid, the dubious

      3. Solipsism is mis-applied here because Solipsism demands adherence to a theory that “Self” is all that is known to exist and in my opinion “Self” is ilolusory too, exists by the will and power of the Universal Mind but is only an image produced by that mind and has no foundation in tangibility at all. Even the awareness that Self claims is not really true but part of the imagery produced by the action of the Universal synapses.

      4. Though I enjoy cross-commenting, this is getting too deep to address without consuming more time than it warrants, so, I’ll just say, okay….

        See ya next time…


      5. I did, as well… BTW…Though I appreciate the sentiment, gigoid is never capitalized, except by computer programs who don’t understand me when I tell them… I do that to keep as much ego out of it as possible….


      6. I am getting to the age where I forget things now … so I will try … incidentally I have added your blog to my recommended list because …. your writing has substance and soul. I plan to flee to it when things get too tough to bear.

      7. Thanks… I just saw the comment you left, & I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. You’re welcome any time, to read, or join in the discussion, which I do try to keep up with, without always being successful… It keeps me sane, & hopefully, stimulates some thinking among the Gentle Readers…

        I know what you mean about the forgetting, though I like to pretend I’m not affected yet, in spite of my age, which, though not decrepit, is yet ‘getting on’ in total years… I’ve always believed memory is volitional, so, as long as I WANT to remember the important stuff, I will… The trick, I’ve found, to good memory is to make everything important, and want to remember it… we always remember what we feel is the most important…

        I’m babbling… my own age-related conundrum… lol

        See ya….

        gigoid, the dubious

      8. People who babble are always welcome to babble in my presence because babbling contasins some of the most precious gems of wisdom available to the perceived Human Consciousness. If you have problems believing that then go sit beside a small babbling brook somewhere in a pristine setting and listen to all the good things it has to say. Trees are great companions too because they listen to everything you have to say .. never argue back and are always applauding.

      9. Thanx you guys this what I hope for IST….an exchange even a debate….you guys did me proud…..chuq

      10. gigoid the dubious, I ain’t No gentle reader!

    2. Some antiques dealer has already tried to pass of a burial thingy of “James brother to Jesus…it was a fake…..give ’em time they will try anything…..

  2. The news of the find in Indonesia is extremely interesting, and tells me we have witnessed another way humans have rejected, for the most part, the spiritual side of life, to which we are connected, but, seldom acknowledge.

    In fact, spiritual connections to the universe exist in all of us, whether we are aware of them or not. I believe Tolkien merely listened to his inner voice, and allowed his imagination to tap into what MAY be a racial memory, of the days when the Hobbits, (homo florenis) and homo sapiens first encountered each other, back in the day, about 60,000 years ago, from the evidence.

    A blogger whose scientific knowledge is extensive (He is studying genetics) has posted a discussion of the newest findings, here: https://skeptilogicon.wordpress.com/2016/04/03/2851/….. I have yet to read it, but he is usually very thorough in his research…. I found it interesting to note the scientists at the site have opined it is possible that we, homo sapiens, are responsible for their extinction, according to the newest evidence…. which I find to be completely believable….

    It will be very interesting to see what else they find out about these ancestors of ours….

    And, yes, Tolkien was very wordy, which is trying at times, but, the scope of what he wrote almost demanded the degree of pedantry in which he wrote; it was an epic undertaking, to be sure….

    Great post!….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I am happily contented to understand that nothing is real except for the Divine Universal Mind and that myself and everything I perceive as material or physical all around me is nothing more or less than illusionary interpretations of that universal mental energy and that the only reason I perceive myself as actually existing is because that Divine Mind thought me up and I know that when the thought passes from that mind I will pass as well. Because of this everything is acceptable, everything is transient, everything is eternal, indestrictable … changing in form …. changing in perception … as the Mind Source wills it to be or apprehends it to be … so why struggle with anything? It is all beyond our control. Spirituality to me is that which is unseen but which exists and which has the power to transform myself into a substance like unto itself and that is its own essential reason for being … to give and to sustain being to all that is, was or ever shall be and to define the limits of whatever is as the limits of the greatest that is … The Divine Energy …. The Eternal Consciousness.

      1. Nice… don’t think I’ve ever been exposed to Universal Solipsism before… pretty cool… Since I agree consciousness in humans is both an illusion, and, a handicap, I have to say I admire the consistency of the philosophic structure you describe; it does bring to mind one question, which is, where does fear fit in there? It seems to provide a lot of room for fear to get in, without any clear defenses against it….

        But, then, that’s a long discussion, waiting to happen, and not appropriate for a comment section…

        Interesting discussion, though…making this post of chuq’s even more of a good one, for stimming the dialogue…


      2. Fear has it’s place but only in the inability to comprehend the nature of Truth so “Fear” becomes as illusory and transient as anything else in the greater scheme of things because emotions themselves are part and parcel of the illusion of being.

  3. It always seems to me, that fear is simply a response to survival, illusory or not, as the tiger licks his lips over my blood….

  4. I watched a pseudo documentary on these people and while probably not really Hobits, they certainly where adult/short. Probably just killed by bigger/adults but who knows. There is one theory they are still alive and hiding, probably with the spider/bug people. Wonder why that will be? I really do believe I am part Neanderthal! Achoo! And as for what the Nuns said were in the walls, read EJ Poe to for more info on that! dru

    1. There is suppose to be a tribe of these “shorties” in Hawaii…..maybe the Hobbits were real and Tolkien was the only one the knew it….naw not really….

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