The Donald Speaks–1998

As we all know the Donald was many admirers…..and the Donald speaks the truth….at least that is the common feeling among his supporters…..he is not afraid to open his mouth and tell the world what he thinks…..right?

Well in 1998 in People Magazine Trump told the world what he would do if he ever ran for president…..


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Don’t come down on me….I am just the messenger…..

Maybe he does speak to the truth….after all…..

11 thoughts on “The Donald Speaks–1998

  1. I think far too many people think this ship is unsinkable and will continue to play poker in the main salon even as the distress flares are fired into the midnight sky. Mr. Trump’s desperate cries of warning will probably go unheeded and so …. what else is new in this age of “Fundamental Transformation?” I, personally, have had my fill of “Hope and Change” and I don’t like the way things have changed and I hope the next change is a little different …. but knowing how politicians are, I am not holding my breath for too long a time. Americans are far too content with status-quo and comfort zones.

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