Does War loom in the South Caucasus?

When I was in university I studied international relations especially war and conflict management…..and since my interests in war and its causes I have always looked for that linchpin that could cause the world to explode in an all out war …..a war to end all wars……

A couple of years ago I wrote a synopsis of a paper that I was working on about the linchpin theory….in my theory the South Caucuses would be the most likely region that could start this war of all wars……read for yourself…..

It appears that all my hard work has paid off…….there are growing tensions in the very region that I was writing about

A recent upsurge in fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh serves Russian interests and shows the dangers of war by accident.

Source: War looms in the South Caucasus – Al Jazeera English

This region should be watched closely….take our eyes off the prize and it could be very catastrophic…..

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