Should We Stick A Fork In The Taliban?

Since we went to Afghanistan in 2001 as a response to the attacks of 9/11…. we have been fighting AQ and the Taleban……we have fought them tooth and nail and still not much has happened to change things in Afghanistan….

The US and its allies have made head way only to lose that to the change of seasons… the winter months we take it to the max and then in Spring the Taleban returns as ferocious as before….it is a back and forth conflict….and neither side has been able to establish victory although many have predicted so…..not much would substantiate the claims….

And while we concentrate on stopping the Taleban AQ and ISIS factions are making in-roads into the country and its people……there have been some amazing Taleban victories in the north of the country this year… is far from over….

The Taleban almost look invincible….they appear to be able to survive no matter what we throw at them……but is that observation correct?

There is an opinion that the Taleban is on life support and that their end is near….Despite their recent military gain in Kunduz, the Taliban’s demise has already begun.

Source: The Taliban’s days are almost over – Al Jazeera English

Is this a fact or is it creative journalism?

Or maybe….just wishful thinking……..

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