Make America Good Again

Joy! Joy!  Yesterday was my doctor day and I am happy to report that I am here for at least another 2 months….some may dread my return and others rejoice….whichever is yours I want to thank you guys for all the time you spend with me here on IST…….

Let’s get busy!

How many times have you heard this from the conservs on the web?

They talk a mean game but not one of them has any idea how to do that …..without using military force.

It is a great slogan….and Trump-ster is using it as his campaign motto…..but so far the person using it has not giving one idea of how he will accomplish his promise.

I mean the net is crawling with people that write about what went wrong….usually it is all Obama’s fault….like so many other problems in this country…..but again they cannot point to the issues of Obama’s that has dragged the country down……other than “he is weak”…..and that is about as helpful as saying “the sky is blue”…..

Source: Make America Good Again by —

Sad that you judge the greatness of a country by its ability to kill……its ability to wage war……if anyone had ever tasted war first hand then they would tell you that there is NOTHING great about it.

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