Is There News The MSM Will Not Report?

The Western media makes damn sure that we know when a Palestinian man goes on the rampage a stabs an Israeli…..or when someone does berserk I rams something with a car….. there are many stories over the years like this…..violence committed against poor Israelis by “crazed” Palestinians…..

But yet are unsurprisingly silent when Israelis go on the war path to local Palestinian villagers…..

Source: Palestinians targeted by ‘surge’ of settler violence – Al Jazeera English

I try to point out these incidents as I am made aware of them… one of the most recent occurrences……

The Palestinian teen was shot in cold blood by Israeli police while settlers cheered, his family says.

Source: The controversial killing of Fadi Alloun – Al Jazeera English

The Western media will never post anything that would put Israel in a negative light… matter how horrendous the acts may be……and if for some reason that happen to report on a touchy situation….it will be immediately followed by some Holocaust reference….

Israel has the protection of the US mainstream media……

And that is the truth of it all!

8 thoughts on “Is There News The MSM Will Not Report?

      1. Very!
        Thank god for investigative journalism I say….:)
        You contribute to that which I respect.

      2. I dunno Chuq it is the ones who do not read your blog that concern me! Coz most of them are zombies……as gigoid would say….sigh…..;(

  1. So, so many things that happen in Israel and the Occupied Territories that we don’t hear about here. Very disappointing and a prime example of how crappy and biased the media actually is.

    1. So very true….that is why I try to point out the stories that Israel and the MSM does not want the American people to see or hear….

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