What, No Retirement Party?

My last post of the day is a personal one……and not something I usually pay much attention to on any given day….but this story got me to bitching!

I served in the US Army from 1967-1971…..in a war that was just sucky……and in that time when I traveled I wore my Army dress greens (and I did cut quite a dashing figure if I do say so)…….But I got some sad news over the weekend……

I am and was proud to wear my green uniform…..it will always be the ONLY dress uniform for the US Army, in my opinion.

Without much fan fare and probably means very little to anyone that did not wear the uniform….the Army is retiring the uniform that made me a dashing figure when worn……

The dark green Army service uniforms—the standard for soldiers and generals alike from the Vietnam War to the war in Iraq—received their dishonorable discharge Thursday, the Army Times reports. The “Green Class As” were increasingly unpopular with the troops, not least because they were made of stiff polyester that had gone unchanged since the 1970s. But don’t worry; the Army isn’t shaking things up too much. Blue uniforms, which became standard issue in 2010, will now permanently replace the greens.

The Green Class As—dark green jacket and pants, light gray undershirt, black tie—were introduced in 1954 to give the Army a “sharp, classic, and dignified look” following WWII, the Army Times reports. The dark green color was a recommendation from scientists and fashion experts. The Army hoped the new uniforms would return “dignity and prestige” to the military after every Tom, Dick, and Harry started wearing the previous olive and tan uniforms in the years after WWII. The new blue uniforms are a callback to those worn by the Army between the Revolutionary War and the Spanish American War.

This sucks……awhile back the Army took the black beret a way from the Rangers and made them wear a tan one instead….as a past Ranger (but default not by choice) I think it sucked!

Now they will replace another Army icon with a sub standard replacement…..a blue uniform?  The Air Force wears blue…NOT THE ARMY!

Why does the Army have to give up its traditions?  Make the ones that do not do the heavy lifting make a change.



13 thoughts on “What, No Retirement Party?

    1. Blue? No Army wants to wear blue….if there was a prob with the material….change the material…..a lot cheaper and more logical….

    2. Only the Tory Party wear Blue…..
      Coz ya see it means Stability …..Solidity…..Trust us.
      At least on a subliminal level…so they say..
      Funny how people get ‘Taken’
      Hey, Chuq,I am sure you are still a dashing figure!
      Anyway, I like you without the uniform….

      1. Just a little heavier is okay….weight on joints as you get older is painful! Walkabout is good as is Yoga/Pilates…(great for joints and injuries)never say die and learn something new every day! 😉

  1. I thought the switch from baseball caps to berets for everyone (except the 7th Cav., which went back to the 19th Century Stetsons and look silly to me…!) to berets was a pointless change that diminished the exclusivity of the Green Berets. I do agree the blue isn’t generally associated with the US Army and makes no sense to me either. I was in the US Army from 1969-1972 so wore the same Class A uniform you did, only without the infantry accoutrement since I was in the Signal Corps as a motion picture photographer.

    1. There should be only 3 berets….green-SF, Maroon, paratroopers and black-Rangers….Thanx for the comment….mine enlistment was 1967-1971……the good times….LOL

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