Another Month…..More Deaths!

I am not going to go into great lengths about the most recent lunatic with a gun and a grudge……let’s just say….when is enough enough?

The media has given you all the info you need….from what the dog down the street does during his outside time to what pizza company this a/hole preferred……

All I want to do is remind my readers of all the gun deaths since 1991…..sorry that would take a lifetime……these are the mass shootings in that time period……

-Killeen, Texas, October 16, 1991: A man shoots dead 23 people in a restaurant and then kills himself.

– Littleton, Colorado, April 20, 1999: Two teenaged boys shoot and kill 12 fellow classmates and a teacher at Columbine High School before killing themselves.

– Atlanta, Georgia, July 29, 1999: A stock market trader goes on a day-long shooting rampage, killing 12 people, including his wife and two children, before taking his own life.

– Red Lake, Minnesota, March 21, 2005: A teenage boy kills two people at his grandfather’s home on an Indian reservation and then goes to his local high school where he kills seven others before committing suicide.

– Blacksburg, Virginia, April 16, 2007: A student goes on a rampage at Virginia Tech University, killing 32 people before committing suicide.

– Covina, California, December 24, 2008: A man dressed in a Santa Claus suit opens fire at a family party and then sets fire to the house. Nine people are killed. The gunman commits suicide.

– Binghamton, New York, April 3, 2009. A gunman shoots dead 13 people at a civic centre for immigrants.

– Fort Hood, Texas, November 5, 2009. US army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan opens fire at his military base, killing 13 people and wounding 42, before being overcome by police.

– Oikos, California, April 2, 2012: A male nursing student methodically kills seven people at a Christian university.

– Aurora, Colorado, July 20, 2012: A man kills 12 people when he opens fire at a movie theater showing a late-night premiere of a Batman film in a suburb of Denver.

– Oak Creek, Wisconsin, August 5, 2012: A white supremacist and US army veteran fatally shoots six people and wounds four others at a Sikh temple before taking his own life.

– Newtown, Connecticut, December 14 2012: A young man kills 26 people, including 20 children at Sandy Hook elementary school. He also fatally shoots his mother. He commits suicide.

– Miami, Florida, July 26, 2013: A gunman kills six people in a shooting rampage at an apartment building, taking two people hostage before being killed by police after a lengthy standoff.

– Washington, DC, September 16, 2013: A gunman fatally shoots 12 people at a naval base in the US capital. The gunman is killed by police.

– Charleston, South Carolina, June 17, 2015: A white gunman kills nine people at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

– Roseburg, Oregon, October 1, 2015: A gunman goes on a shooting rampage at a college in the western state of Oregon, killing 10 people and wounding seven before he died in a shootout with police.

Now there is something to be proud of….(sarcasm in case you missed it)……

The clock is ticking on the next incident……tic…..toc…..

6 thoughts on “Another Month…..More Deaths!

  1. Am I to understand that you blame an inanimate object and stand to call for indictment and prosecution of the instrument rather than call out and point to the animal behavior (in many cases) that subsequently leads to some bizzare mental thought of grandure or in many cases cited, phsycotrophic prescription medications were involved, though not one dope pusher with a prescription pad has every been indicted as complicit to activities of the patients involved.

  2. contemplating posting about this but i’m a little tipsy right now and i’m not sure if I should. it baffles me that most Americans haven’t connected the dots and realized that it’s lax gun laws that allow psychos to get guns and present a huge threat to the general populace.

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