Sue The Bastards!

Let’s take a break from the news of the day…..Syria and Russian airstrikes…..

My regular readers will know that I have no love for the Saudi regime….I think that are as bad and as barbaric as ISIS.

I have also pointed out that several of the conspiracies about 9/11 involve the Saudis and their complicity with the hijackers that destroyed the World Trade Center……

So to say I am not a fan would be an understatement…..

But I did see some promising news….I have waited for the media to pick up on it but so far they are silent… let me be the first to report this situation……

Saudi Arabia, homeland of 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers, can’t be sued by families of victims for its alleged role in the attacks, a federal judge decided on Tuesday. US District Judge George Daniels ruled that the evidence—including “20th hijacker” Zacarias Moussaoui’s claim that Saudi royals funded al-Qaeda—wasn’t enough to remove the “sovereign immunity” that shields other countries from lawsuits, meaning Saudi Arabia couldn’t be named as a defendant in the long-running case, the AP reports. Daniels said allowing new evidence would be “futile” because “the additional allegations do not strip defendants of sovereign immunity,” reports Reuters.

The lawsuit, which seeks billions of dollars in damages began in 2002. Saudi Arabia was removed as a defendant in 2005 because of sovereign immunity, but the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated it in 2013, pointing to a similar case involving Afghanistan, Reuters notes. A lawyer for the plaintiffs says an appeal is planned and blames the ruling on the government’s decision to keep material that could help the plaintiffs’ cause classified, the AP reports. A lawyer for Saudi Arabia says the case is based on “innuendo and supposition,” reports the Wall Street Journal, which notes that the number of defendants being sued used to be in the hundreds but now stands at around a dozen.

Since the House of Saud is such “good” friends with the government……how long will it be before they intervene and protect their friend?

All I can say is….Screw ’em……SUE THE BASTARDS!

There are reasons ALL Americans should oppose the Saudi monarchy…….read them for yourself…….

Source: Ten Reasons to Oppose the Saudi Monarchy « Blog

The Saudis stand for everything in opposition of a true democracy……how can a country that represents the very soul of democracy support and defend the essence of evil?

3 thoughts on “Sue The Bastards!

  1. RE: ” . . .My regular readers will know that I have no love for the Saudi regime….I think that are as bad and as barbaric as ISIS. . .”

    Surely we are not holding the entire group accountable for the actions of a few radicals are we?

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